Abigail Adams High School is a high school, which is the main setting for Season 3. It consists of grades 9-12.

Abigail Adams High Logo

Known Students

Known Faculty

Known Classes

  • World History
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • Health
  • Honor's Chemistry

Known School Teams And Organizations

  • Varsity Football Team
  • Cheerleader Squad
  • Society of Intellectual Advancement
  • Theater Department
  • JV Baseball Team
  • Nature Club
  • Ski Club

Known School Events

Abigail Adams High School Freshman Song

Oh, we have come to A-bi-gail,

With in-no-cence of soul,

And what we are is freshmen, so

We go into the hole.


  • In real-life New York City, Abigail Adams is an Elementary school (PS 131) in Queens.

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