Agent LaChance, sir, Secret Service.
I'm assigned to Senator Matthews' security detail.
—Agent LaChance introducing himself to Cory

Agent LaChance is a character in Girl Meets World. He first appears in the second season episode Girl Meets Semi-Formal, and is played by Phil Morris.


Season 2

Girl Meets Semi-Formal

Assigned to the security detail for newly elected Senator Eric Matthews, Agent LaChance follows his protectee to New York City.  However, upon introducing himself, Eric replies by asking for an order of hummus. For the next three days, all their interactions follow the same pattern. Finally, after trailing Eric to the residence of his brother, Cory, the agent manages to explain exactly who he is, although Eric still points out he has yet to receive his hummus, and has not eaten in three days.  Later, he accompanies the Senator to Topanga's, for a meeting with a representative of a company with a questionable environmental record, who ultimately turns out to be Eric's best friend from college, Jack Hunter. Agent LaChance subsequently, shadows the pair to the Semi-Formal Dance at John Quincy Adams Middle School, where Eric thanks his "niche" and her friends for supporting his campaign by arranging to have the band, Sheppard make a special performance.


I'm not room service, I'm Secret Service.
—Agent LaChance
Actually. he's the smartest senator I've ever worked with.
—Agent LaChance


  • Eric originally thought he was a waiter/stalker.
  • He considers Eric to be the smartest Senator he has worked with.
  • Eric believes he and LaChance can become great friends.
  • Phil Morris is best known to Disney Channel viewers as Dr. Curtis Blue, the father of Rocky & Ty, in Shake It Up.
  • Actors Phil Morris and Will Friedle are good friends in real life.
  • Phil Morris also played another government agent, Grant Collier, a member of the Impossible Missions Force in the second Mission: Impossible TV series of the late 1980's. 
  • Phil Morrris is currently the only actor to guest star in both Girl Meets World  and Fuller House.


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