Amy Matthews was a character in Girl Meets World. Amy was also a character in Boy Meets World.

Amy is portrayed by Betsy Randle.


Amy is the wife of Alan and mother of Cory, Eric, Morgan, and Joshua. She is the grandmother of Riley and Auggie.


Amy is the quintessential mother-in-law and mother, with a slightly sarcastic demeanor, especially when the men in her life are oblivious to facts. She is affectionate, but also tough.



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Eric Matthews

Main article: Eric Matthews

Eric is Amy's eldest son.

Cory Matthews

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Cory is Amy's second eldest son.

Morgan Matthews

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Morgan is Amy's only daughter and second youngest child.

Joshua Matthews

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Joshua is Amy's youngest son and youngest child.

Topanga Matthews (née Lawrence)

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Topanga is Amy's daughter-in-law.

Riley Matthews

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Riley is Amy's granddaughter.

Auggie Matthews

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Auggie is Amy's grandson.


Alan Matthews

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Alan is Amy's husband.


George Feeny

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George Feeny is Amy's neighbor and friend.


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Season 3


  • Had at least one other marriage proposal before agreeing to marry Alan.
  • Would often join Rhiannon Lawrence to take their newborn babies (Cory and Topanga) on strolls through their neighborhood.
  • She is probably the least pro sports fan in the Matthews household.
  • Shared a bowling league with Shawn's mother, Virna.
  • Worked as a real estate agent and for an art gallery.
  • She and Alan met Reginald Fairfeld while on a European tour after college.
  • Was a fan of Alan Matthews' band, The Tongues.
  • Her mother, Nana Boo Boo, was against her marrying Alan so young, and never gave them any financial support.
  • Her father, Poppy, died in prison.
  • She and Eric were Mathews Goofy Golf champions for at least six years running.
  • Took a creative writing class at Pennbrook along with her son, Eric.
  • She made the unilateral decision to purchase the Matthews' Wilderness Equipment store.
  • She and Alan danced to the song "My Girl" at their wedding.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • Her favorite food is spaghetti.
  • Was proud that Topanga made her butternut squash soup part of the Matthews holiday feast.
  • She is called "Ma," by her youngest son, Joshua Matthews.
  • Amy has appeared in 135 episodes of Boy Meets World.
  • She has disapproved of Cory and Topanga's relationship in the past due to them being too young.


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