Anastasia Boulangerie (born Bobbie Jo Thibodeaux in Possum Trot, Arkansas), is a famous actress who appeared in "Girl Meets Hollyworld".


During her childhood, she was best friends with fellow aspiring actress Katy Clutterbucket, and the two promised one another that if one became rich and famous, they would not forget about the other. However, after changing her name to Anastasia Boulangerie and masquerading as a native Parisian, Anatasia became famous and left Arkansas, severing her friendship with Katy. However, it is later revealed that she never truly forgot about Katy and often looked her up, discovering about her daughter Maya Hart and her marriage to Shawn Hunter.


  • Bobbie Jo Thibodeaux and Katy Grace Clutterbucket grew up as best friends in Possum Trot, Arkansas.
  • While younger, the pair often performed as the "Singin' Possum Trotters."
  • "Boulangerie" is French for bakery and can also indicate a French-style bakery.
  • Maya gagged her with Riley's ribbon from Girl Meets World: Of Terror 3
  • She called Maya "Street Rat."
  • She likes macarons and chocolate fountains.
  • She and D.W. Preminger had previously collaborated in the blockbuster thriller I Will Not Be 'Andcuffed To A Radiator! as well as the film Are You Out Of Your Mind?
  • While being "borrowed" by Maya and Riley, she has them give her a mani-pedi.


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