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April Kelly, born as April Kalinowski, is a television writer and producer, who co-created Boy Meets World with Michael Jacobs. She was a student at University of South Florida. She also co-created Girl Meets World with him.


She was a writer on the shows Happy Days and Mork & Mindy. She was a producer on Love, Sidney, 9 to 5, and Teachers Only. She wrote the TV movies I Still Dream of Jeannie, How to Murder a Millionaire, and Your Mother Wears Combat Boots (under pseudonym). She also co-created Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, and now is the co-executive producer for the first season. She also wrote for the TV series The Pursuit of Happiness and Becker. She was the supervising producer on Where I Live and Webster.

She is also the author of Winged and Murder in One Take, having co-written the latter with Marsha Lyons.

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