I want to be with Ava until I die.
Auggie: I'm sorry your mom and dad aren't together anymore, Ava. I wish there was something I could do for you.
Ava: You're my best friend, Auggie. That's all I need right now.

Auggie and Ava is the romantic/friendship pairing of Auggie Matthews and Ava Morgenstern.

Other names

  • Augva (Aug/gie and A/va)
  • Auva (Au/ggie a)nd A/va)
  • Avie (Av/a and Augg/ie)
  • Mr and Mrs Auggie Doggie Matthews (by Cory)


Season 1

Girl Meets Sneak Attack

  • Auggie tries to act older than he is (by claiming to have outgrown Mr. Googly), so as not to embarrass himself in front of Ava.
  • Auggie introduces Ava to Topanga for the first time. Topanga thought it was so nice to meet Ava and Ava smiled back at her.

Girl Meets Smackle

  • Auggie is distraught over the revelation that he and Ava (not seen) might not be a couple forever, like his parents.

Girl Meets Crazy Hat

  • Auggie buys Ava costume jewelery, instead of buying Topanga a birthday present.

Girl Meets Game Night

Untitled (2)
  • Ava joins Auggie on Cory's Family Game Night.
  • Auggie calls Ava his woman.
  • Auggie and Ava are both on the same team together during the family game.
  • They both try to cheat so they can win the board game.
  • When Ava try's to cheat she says she's doing it for Auggie.
  • Ava wants Auggie to buy her a car, a house and a trip to Europe during the games, and he tells her to get of his back.

Girl Meets First Date

Untitled (3)
  • They kiss after Auggie asks Ava to marry him.
  • Auggie gave Ava Topanga's wedding ring.
  • Auggie calls Ava his wife.
  • Auggie and Ava both swear that they will love each other as long as they live.
  • Auggie comforts Ava when she's jealous of the girl he's with at school.

Season 2

Girl Meets Rules

  • Ava tells Topanga she's vulnerable today.
  • Ava eats cake and whipped cream because she's upset. This is what Auggie did when he thought he'd lose Ava.
  • Ava is jealous of Emma trying to steal Auggie.
  • She tries to act like Emma in order to keep Auggie.
  • Auggie asks Topanga why she changed Ava.
  • Ava tells Auggie that she'd change herself completely if it meant not losing Auggie.
  • Auggie tells Ava to be herself.
  • When Ava asks Auggie if he wants two Ava's, Auggie says no.

Girl Meets Fish

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  • They (along with Riley) team up to find out who killed Chelsea.
  • When Auggie is describing Ava, he howls and pants with his tongue out.
  • When Ava prevents him from feeding Chelsea #105 graham crackers, he realizes that is why Chelsea #104 died.

Season 3

Girl Meets High School (Part 1)

Girl Meets High School (Part 2)

  • Auggie supports and comforts Ava after he hears about her tough family issues.

Girl Meets I Do

  • Ava drops a handful of flower petals on Auggie's head.
  • They walk down the aisle together.
  • When Ava asks about Mr. Feeny, Auggie replies he might be his grandfather, which Feeny sternly denies.
  • Ava tells Auggie to take her to Fiji.
  • Ava sits down with Auggie on Riley's bed.

Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York

  • Auggie seems jealous when Ava tried to impress his new friend from Cuba.
  • Auggie reluctantly decides to massage Ava's feet.
  • Auggie says there is no one like Ava.

Girl Meets World: Of Terror 3

  • Auggie is jealous of Ava being with Dewey.
  • Auggie says I love you to Ava before he disappears as a ghost.

Girl Meets a Christmas Maya

  • Auggie tells Ava his perspective of Topanga's story.
  • Auggie is sitting beside Ava during the story.

Girl Meets Goodbye

  • Auggie tells Ava how he'll miss her and she's the sweetest thing by the Bay window.
  • Both of them are sincere for their feelings toward each other.
  • They both have a special moment together by the Bay window.

Similarities and differences


  • They both like Mr. Googly.
  • Both of their names start with the letter A.
  • They both are in the same class.
  • They live in the same building as each other.
  • They both like graham crackers.


  • Auggie is male, but Ava is female.
  • Auggie is seven, while Ava is eight.


  • Ava is the same age as August Maturo, Auggie's actor.
  • Auggie says they have been married for 52 years.
  • On multiple occasions, Ava affectionately refers to Auggie as "Augie Doggie", which was also the name of a character from a 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon.


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