Auggie and Charlie is the friendship pairing between Auggie Matthews and Charlie Gardner in Girl Meets World.

Other Names

  • Chauggie


Season 2

  • Girl Meets the New Year - On the roof, Charlie and Auggie were counting down to midnight. When they get to 3, Auggie falls asleep on Charlie's shoulder. In the end, Charlie gets up from the bench and picks up Auggie in his arms and carries him downstairs.


  • They are both male.
  • They both have a connection with Riley.
  • They both have brown hair.


  • Charlie is in high school.
  • Auggie is in Elementary School.


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Girl Meets the New Year

Auggie: Everybody's with somebody, huh?
Charlie: Yeah.
Auggie: You know what?
Charlie: What?
Auggie: This is the first New Year's that I've ever made it to midnight.
Charlie: Congratulations. Ready to countdown?
Auggie: Yeah!
Both: 5!...4!...3! (Auggie falls asleep on Charlie's shoulder)

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