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Auggie to Cory

"Auggie and Cory" is the father-son relationship of Auggie Matthews and Cory Matthews.

Other names

  • Cuggie (C/ory and A/uggie)
  • Aury (Au/ggie and Co/ry)
  • Corggie (Cor/y and Au/ggie)
  • Coggie (Co/ry and Au/ggie)
  • Auggry (Augg/ie and Co/ry)


Season 1

Cory along with Topanga loves to spend time with Auggie and often likes to color with his youngest child as shown Girl Meets Boy.

In Girl Meets Father, Cory assigns Auggie as a spy so he'll now what goes on in the household when he's not there. When Cory arrives home he picks up Auggie and sets him down before asking him what he knows. Auggie tells his father about Riley's wanting to wear makeup and Cory promotes Auggie to super spy much to Auggie's delight. When a sad Cory is siting down on the floor watching a home video of when he and Riley rode on the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster a tradition that was soon to be broken as Riley wanted to go to the school dance rather then ride the coaster with her father, Auggie walks over to his dad and comforts him saying he would always be there for him and that they would be close forever. Cory asks Auggie if he knows that's not true and Auggie shakes his head yes. Topanga, who was siting on the couch reading a book, sits down on the ground by her husband and son and Auggie whispers to Topanga that he's not really sad he just wanted to make Cory feel better, he then asks his mom if "she got it" and Topanga then tells him she does before Auggie scurries off.

Season 2

Season 3

Girl Meets Bear

  • Cory gave Auggie Alan's silver boxing gloves.

Similarities and Differences


  • They both have curly hair.
  • They share a fondness for grapes.
  • They are both male.
  • Auggie takes after his father lots of times.


  • Cory is a teacher while Auggie is a student.
  • Cory is an adult whereas Auggie is a child.


  • Cory has recruited Auggie to spy on the activities of the household during his absences. (mostly on Riley)
  • Auggie looks like his father, Cory.



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