Auggie and Lucas is the relationship pairing between Auggie Matthews and Lucas Friar in Girl Meets World.


Season 2

===Girl Meets Fish=== - Lucas shared a moment with Auggie in this episode when he was unable to pronounce some of his words. In the end, Lucas grabbed Auggie and put him on his lap. ===Girl Meets Texas (Part 3)=== Lucas goes to Auggie's room and Auggie tells him that he is Riley's only brother and whatever happens to not hurt his sister. In the end, Lucas sacrifices being Riley's brother so he doesn't hurt Auggie's feelings.

Season 3



  • They are both male.
  • They both care about Riley.
  • They are friends with Farkle and Maya.
  • They both have brown hair.


  • Auggie is in elementary school.
  • Lucas is in high school.


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  1. There have been two Lucas and Auggie moments so far. One in Girl Meets Fish and one in Girl Meets Texas (Part 3).
  2. Lucas appears in Auggie's bedroom in Girl Meets Texas (Part 3).


Auggie Tells Lucas He Is Riley's Only Brother Girl Meets World 2x2201:00

Auggie Tells Lucas He Is Riley's Only Brother Girl Meets World 2x22


Girl Meets Fish

(Auggie walks into the room. "Nobody Miff," he says mispronouncing move.)
Auggie: Nobody Miff.
Lucas: Miff?
Auggie: No, don't miff.
Lucas: Don't miff?
Auggie: Too late, you already miffed. (Lucas grabs Auggie and puts Auggie on his lap.)

Girl Meets Texas (Part 3)

Lucas: Hey, you wanted to see me?
Auggie: Sit down.
Lucas: This chair? Alright. Okay.
Auggie: Riley has one brother in her life, and it isn't you.
Lucas: Oh, Auggie I don't
Auggie: Did I finish speaking?
Lucas: No, sir. It's just that I don't see how you could possibly understand relationships, or anything that happens to us.
Auggie: I've been married to Ava Morgernstern for 52 years. It changes a man. Kill me.
Auggie: Riley's my sister. And I'm her only brother. And her only brother is telling you, whatever happens, don't hurt my sister.
Auggie: Now get out of my room, I'm doing my podcast.

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