Welcome to Café Hey, pronounced 'Hehhh.'
— Ginsburg

Café Hey was a small neighborhood coffee house operating in the Greenwich Village section of the Manhattan borough of New York City in the early 1960's.


Café Hey
The unassuming plain brick walls were sporadically adorned by playbills, newspaper clippings, signs heralding numerous events of local interest, but primarily by the artistic photo collages crafted by the resident shutterbug and humble drink server/Beat poet in residence, Ginsburg. Beyond beverage service, the establishment offered additional simple American fare such as hot dogs and apple pie. Harboring less than a dozen tables in total, the place provided an intimate atmosphere for the various live performing acts held on the modest stage, for the entertainment of the enthusiastic crowd.


  • Ginsburg- Head Server / Beat poet in residence / announcer
    Ginsburg At The Bar


  • On December 14, 1961 Ginsburg, Rosie McGee, May Clutterbucket, and Merlin Scoggins, the great grandparents of Farkle, RileyMaya, and Lucas all crossed paths within the premises.
    1961 & 2014
  • It witnessed the last public performance of Merlin Scoggins before he was incarcerated.
  • Ginsburg amassed a huge collection of photos there, which he did not appear in.
  • A piano and a large Conga drum were kept by the stage for purposes of musical accompaniment.
  • The most expensive item on the menu was hot lemonade with honey for 50 cents.
  • It was the last place Rosie saw May.


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  • Café Wha? - the real-life inspiration for Café Hey

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