Clarissa is a background student character in Girl Meets World. She tends to sit in the far back corner of the History room. Along with the rest of her JQA classmates she attends Abigail Adams High School.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • She first appears in Girl Meets Sneak Attack.
  • She was a Geisha for Halloween.
  • She killed 8 Chelseas.
  • Her name was revealed by Mr. Matthews in Girl Meets Rileytown.
  • She was a genie for the Central Park Spooktacular.
  • She gives her Forgiveness Project letter to Yindra.
  • She has her first lines and onscreen credit in Girl Meets Jexica.
  • She takes Spanish from Señora Feinstein-Chang.
  • Clarissa 2012

    Clarissa 2012

    It is possible Clarissa lived in Portland in 2012, as she apparently appears in Cyd and Shelby's sixth grade dance flashbacks in the Best Friends Whenever episode "Worst Night Whenever."


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The image gallery for Clarissa may be viewed here.

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