Clarissa Giselle Peralta is an American actress. She portrays the background student Clarissa in Girl Meets World.


Year Title Role Note
2014 Girl Meets World Clarissa Background Student
2016 Best Friends Whenever Student At Dance Episode:
"Worst Night Whenever"


  • She has an older sister, Gianna Claudette Peralta, who is also an actress, and appeared as "Alterna-Clarissa" in Girl Meets Gravity.
  • She appeared in the Best Friends Whenever episode "Worst Night Whenever."
  • Like fellow GMW cast members Cecilia Balagot, Nicholas Jabonero, and Nigel Suarez, she has Filipino ancestry.
  • The Peralta family dog is named Nala.


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The image gallery for Clarissa Peralta may be viewed here.

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