Why does anybody have to be anything? Why do
I have to be a gym teacher? I could be a ballerina!
Doo, doo, doo! Doo, doo, doo! Don't work do it?
Know why? 'Cause I'm a gym teacher!
—Coach Gleason

Coach Gleason is a character in Girl Meets World. He was the John Quincy Adams Middle School PE teacher for Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas, and Sarah.


The Coach displays a gruff, no-nonsense, yet slightly sarcastic attitude.  He is also not overly blessed with much discretion or tact, and exhibits a  very loud speaking voice.  While not initially sympathetic to Farkle's misgivings, he does encourage his nervous student to confront them, and appears gratified when Farkle does manage to overcome his fears. Coach Gleason does apparently seem to have some dissatisfaction with his job, and may have unfulfilled dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. 


Farkle & the Coach

Getting Farkle To Bat

On Halloween, Coach Gleason attempts to umpire a gym class softball game, but the trepidation of Farkle practically slow the game to a standstill.  When the Coach asks what's wrong, Farkle admits his fears of being hit by the ball and the ensuing public humiliation, which the teacher repeats loudly for the entire class to hear.  Still, he tries to assure Farkle that Maya is a good pitcher, and instructs him to get in the batter's box.  When Farkle asks why he should, Coach Gleason
Lucas' Plan

Lucas Makes A Pitch

counters with why should anyone do anything.  He further speculates that he could have been a ballerina, but he isn't because he's a gym teacher.  Farkle finally steps inside the box, but his awkward batting stances distract Maya into throwing two wild pitches as balls.  Lucas then replaces Maya as pitcher, and deliberately beans Farkle, into order to allow his friend to discover that the experience is not  that bad.   The Coach witnesses the
Ballet Coach

Doo, Doo, Doo!

entire incident with a smile, and then informs Farkle to take his base.  But Farkle refuses, and then challenges Maya to resume pitching.  Maya does, and Farkle gets a solid hit.  Later at the end of school, Coach Gleason  is seen wandering the school hallways in a pink tutu, intoning "Doo, Doo, Doo!"


You should be swinging your bat, Farkle.  Get in there! What are you afraid of?
—Coach Gleason telling Farkle to step in the batter's box
Quit your bellyaching.  She throws straight as a rope.
—Coach Gleason reassuring Farkle
You wanna spend the rest of your life scared?
—Coach Gleason to Farkle
Doo, Doo, Doo!
—Coach Gleason roaming the halls in a tutu


  • He apparently has secret aspirations to be a ballet dancer.
  • Does not seem to wear appropriate footware for a gym teacher.
  • Wore a tutu skirt for Halloween.



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