Riley, if you're trying to tell me how great your parents are,
I know. You're very lucky to have them. Not everybody does.

Cory, Maya and Topanga is the familial relationship between Cory Matthews, Maya Hart and Topanga Matthews.

Cory and Topanga are like Maya's second parents. Maya looks up to them and they care for her as if she were their own daughter. Cory is Maya's teacher, as well, which has forged a closer relationship between them. Nevertheless, Topanga is always willing to help Maya and, like Cory, is always there for her. Both Cory and Topanga treat Maya as if she is their other daughter as seen in many episodes.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • In Girl Meets Permanent Record Cory and Topanga teach Maya about her main priorities in maturity and growth in high school. Topanga also praises Maya for getting an A+ on her test and says she is her "new daughter".
  • In Girl Meets Triangle Topanga is proud of Maya taking her and Cory's advice in becoming her own person with a voice.

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