Farkle: 'Farkle Time,' sir?
Cory: I love Farkle time!
Let me teach my class, Farkle, okay? I decide what to say and when I'm gonna say it, and I decide who I'm gonna call on and what I'm gonna ask 'em.

Cory and Farkle is the teacher/student relationship between Cory Matthews and Farkle Minkus.


As he and his wife, Topanga had known Stuart Minkus since their childhood together in Philadelphia, Cory felt a definite sense of déja vu to discover that their daughter, Riley was attending elementary school with their old classmate's son, Farkle. The two children became good friends, and over the years, Farkle, like Maya Hart, was always a welcome guest in the Matthews household. Due to Farkle's academic excellence, he was allowed to take advanced classes while still in the sixth grade, and among them was History in Cory's class at John Quincy Adams Middle School. During that year, Cory came to appreciate Farkle's tireless ambition to learn, and accept his student's quirky foibles such as sleeping in class (a habit Cory had at the same age, but with far less success to show for it), occasional fainting, and infrequent lapses into speaking foreign languages. Farkle's penchant for impromptu bursts of speech became dubbed as "Farkle Time," which the teacher considered the most entertaining. In fact, Cory found the performances so endearing that he allowed Farkle to place his own personalized nameplate under the one he kept at his desk, to signal such moments. Yet, despite his fondness for Farkle, the teacher avoids calling his best student by his last name (something he does even with his own daughter), perhaps because in Cory Matthews' mind, the name "Minkus" will always be indelibly and irrevocably, linked to Farkle's father, Stuart.


  • Farkle has had more experience learning from Mr. Matthews than the rest of his classmates.
  • Farkle has his own personalized nameplate placed under the one Mr. Matthews keeps on his desk, (and briefly added a second one which read "Dictator Farkle," during the Student Body Council Elections) which he uses to signal the beginning of his "Farkle Time" speeches.
  • Cory has joked that Farkle is smarter than he is.
  • Cory avoids calling Farkle by his surname.
  • Farkle is entrusted with the task of delivering Cory's anniversary present to Topanga.
  • During Farkle Time, Cory has been seen lounging at Farkle's desk with his legs up.
  • Farkle thinks of Cory as a surrogate father or a father figure.
  • Both named their pet cats, Fluffy.


Actually, you're quite comfortable, sir.
Farkle after climbing on Cory's shoulders
I had to, Topanga... he's a lot smarter than I am.
—Cory explaining Farkle's abundance of 'A's
The class, they are a sleepin'.
Farkle commenting on his bored fellow students
Calm down, Farkle, you're speaking Dutch, again... No,no,no, no.
You slapped yourself way too hard. You went all the way to Spanish.
—Mr. Matthews as an annoyed Farkle speaks in different languages
My education should not be based on your daughter's moods!
Farkle finally speaking English
Let me teach my class, Farkle, okay?
—Mr. Matthews
I always liked you Matthews, you've got moxie.
Farkle, reclining at the teacher's desk
Thanks, Chief!'
—Mr. Matthews, giving a quick salute
Huh. Farkle, have you ever actually seen your birth certificate?
—Cory Matthews after Shawn Hunter tells him to take a close look at Farkle
Huh. If you'll excuse me, I have some questions I need to take care of.
—Farkle leaving to have his parents answers some questions

Similarities & Differences



  • Farkle is a student whiles Cory is a teacher.
  • Cory grew up in Philadelphia, while Farkle grew up in New York City.
  • Cory grew up in a middle class home, while Farkle grew up in an upper class environment.


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