Cory and Lucas is the teacher/student pairing of Cory Matthews and Lucas Friar.


Cory has never been keen to Lucas due to his crush on his daughter Riley and his daughter's crush on Lucas. Due to this crush, Cory always has an eye on Lucas. He sometimes chases Lucas out of Riley's room when he visits her.

Similarities and Differences


  • Both are male.
  • Both have a close relationship with Riley Matthews.
  • They both moved to New York City in their teens.
  • They are both loyal to their best friends.


  • Lucas is a student while Cory is a teacher.
  • Lucas is teenager while Cory is an adult.
  • While Cory was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lucas was born and raised in Austin, Texas.
  • Cory is meek while Lucas possesses a tougher side.


Season 1

Girl Meets First Date

Cory: You!
Lucas: Me!
Cory: Auggie's not home.
Lucas: That's okay. I'm not here to see Auggie
Cory: Riley's not home either.
Riley: Hi Lucas.
Cory: That's right I lied right in your face!
Lucas: I want to do this the right way so I'm here to talk to you sir.
Cory: I want to do this the right way to Lucas...NO! [Slams the door]
Lucas: Mr. Matthews would it be possible to speak to you alone?
Cory: About homework?
Lucas: No.
Cory: About a grade?
Lucas: No.
Cory: Then this has nothing to do with me good day!
Cory: Is this about historical events I can only speak to you about historical events.
Lucas: Yes.
Cory: Then go right ahead.
Lucas: I'm asking you permission to ask out your daughter.
Cory: You tricked me!
Lucas: That's right I lied right in your face!


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