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I've always looked forward to seeing who the real Maya Hart turns out to be.
Isadora: How do you know the theory of evolution?
Maya: Because I failed it. I know it, because I failed it, but he made sure I knew it, because he knew I'd need it someday. He's a great teacher. He's the best there is.

"Cory and Maya" is the father/daughter mentoring relationship of Cory Matthews and Maya Hart. Cory treats Maya like a daughter, making him one of her father-figures.  In Girl Meets Boy, he gets her a smartphone and color pencils. He is also her high school history teacher.

Other names

  • Coya (Co/ry and Ma/ya)
  • Mory (M/aya and C/ory)


Season 1

Girl Meets World

  • Cory talks seriously to Maya alone in the hallway after she started the homework rebellion.
  • Cory admitted he didn't want to end Maya and Riley's friendship.
  • Maya is there when Cory gives Riley her New York City subway pass.
  • Maya can easily write Cory's signature.

Girl Meets Boy

  • Cory gives Maya a smartphone and colored pencils.
  • Cory asks Maya to keep an eye on Riley.

Girl Meets Sneak Attack

  • Maya jumps on Cory to help Riley get into detention.
  • Cory tells Maya "Nice work!" after she jumps on him and she replied "Pleasure doin' business with ya"
  • Cory listens to Maya when she motioned towards Lucas and Missy and allowed Riley to leave.

Girl Meets Father

  • Cory feels bad about giving Maya an F on her paper.
  • Cory is disappointed when Maya quits his class.
  • Cory says Maya (and Riley) are the two most important girls in his life.
  • Cory takes Maya's hand and takes her into the kitchen.
  • Cory (and Riley) help Maya go through her paper.
  • Cory raises Maya's grade from an F to a C+ to show her how an F can become an A.
  • At the dance, Cory offers to dance with Maya during the Father-Daughter dance, before Riley.
  • He dances with Maya (and Riley) at the dance.

Girl Meets the Truth

  • Cory compliments Maya on her locket.
  • Cory understands why the locket is so valuable to Maya before Riley does.

Girl Meets Popular

  • Cory does not allow Riley to go to a party Maya is invited to.
  • Cory and Maya both laugh and enjoy it when Riley finds out the party is a 'geek party'.
  • Cory allows Maya to add her own word to the academic decathalon.

Girl Meets Maya's Mother

  • Cory feels bad for Maya when her mother doesn't show up to Career Day.
  • Cory stays and supports Maya at the Middle School Art Show.

Girl Meets Smackle

  • Cory (and Lucas) trick Maya into dancing on Cory's desk.

Girl Meets 1961

  • Cory calls Maya (Riley, Lucas and Farkle) his children.

Girl Meets Brother

  • Cory seems to appreciate Maya being there with Riley and Auggie.

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

  • Cory is scared of Maya when she tells him to scram.

Girl Meets Game Night

  • Maya was already there, and he never objected to having her there, proving once again that he sees her as a daughter, not just Riley's friend.
  • Cory was hoping that Maya would pick him as her partner.
  • Cory was happy when they were partners.
  • Cory seems offended when Maya says he's not cool.
  • Afterwards Cory didn't mind that Maya Lucas and Farkle all stayed during game night.

Girl Meets Master Plan

  • Cory is happy for Maya celebrating her birthday with her mom.
  • Cory is willing to go along with Riley to make Maya happy.

Girl Meets First Date

  • Cory listens to what Maya has to say about Riley and Lucas going on a date.
  • Maya agrees to go with Farkle on a date just for Cory.

Season 2

Girl Meets Gravity

  • They attended the funeral.

Girl Meets the New World

  • Cory gently asks Maya what's going on.

Girl Meets Creativity

  • Cory bases the class lesson on the art class.

Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

  • Cory jokes about how bad Maya's paper is.
  • When Maya and Riley 'travel through time' Maya says Cory is "adorable."

Girl Meets Texas (Part 3)

  • Cory gets upset that Maya is going to figure out the problem.

Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project

  • Maya says that Cory's usually right about his lessons.
  • Maya cries and hugs Cory.
  • Cory hugs her back.
  • Cory comforts Maya.

Season 3

Girl Meets Triangle


  • Maya has a crush on his youngest brother Joshua Matthews
  • Cory gave Maya a smartphone in Girl Meets Boy.
  • Cory gives Maya color pencils to make something beautiful.
  • In STEM, Maya drops the marble "like a dude", using color commentary like Cory Matthews did .

Similarities and differences


  • Both care for and love Riley, albeit in different ways.
  • Both live in New York.
  • Both their names have four letters. (although Cory is short for Cornelius)
  • She said Lucas' name repeatedly in Girl Meets The Secret Of Life just like Cory and Shawn do Minkus' name in Killer Bees on Boy Meets World.
  • Josh tends to pull the 3-year difference card on her as Eric did to Cory in Brother, Brother on Boy Meets World, although for different intentions.


  • Cory is male, while Maya is female.
  • Cory has brown eyes, while Maya's are blue.
  • Cory has finished school, while Maya has not.
  • Cory has brown hair, while Maya has dirty blonde hair.
  • Maya is rebellious, while Cory is not.
  • Cory is an adult, while Maya is a high school student.


Season 1

Girl Meets World

Cory: You go too far! Do you understand me?
Maya: I have no one at home who helps me with my homework.

Girl Meets Boy

Maya: You got me a phone?
Cory: My motives are completely selfish.
Maya: (smiling) I don't think they are, Mr. Matthews.
Cory: Well, I also got you these. [pulls out color pencils] Yeah, you let me know everything that's going on with Riley. If something beautiful ever happens, paint me a picture.

Season 2

Season 3

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The image gallery for Cory and Maya may be viewed here.


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