Sorry I'm late, everybody; I had helicopter problems...
'cause I have a helicopter. Do you have a helicopter, Cory?
Nope. Do you have a Topanga, Minkus?

Cory and Stuart is the friendship relationship between Cory Matthews and Stuart Minkus which originated on Boy Meets World and has continued into Girl Meets World.


Like Shawn, Cory generally treated Minkus not so nicely, often teasing him and calling him weird. Although Shawn would occasionally use the diminutive "Stu," Cory never called Stuart anything but his last name, referring to him as "Minkus" the entire time they knew each other. Cory made fun of Minkus' crush on Topanga, however, in time, he would fall for her too, ultimately being the victor for her heart over Minkus.

During their senior year at John Adams High, Minkus was upset at Cory, Shawn, and Topanga for not talking to him during the past four years. Cory and Shawn were oddly cordial to him and they asked where Minkus had been. Minkus pointed off-screen where they both promptly claimed was the part of the school they did not go to, breaking the fourth wall. Cory, Topanga, and Shawn hugged him after Minkus received his diploma during their graduation ceremony. He was last seen when Topanga proposed to Cory, and if he overheard it, it was not evident by the expression on Stuart Minkus' face.

Similarities and Differences


  • They are both males.
  • Both attended Jefferson Elementary, and John Adams High.
  • They were in Mr. Feeny's sixth grade class.
  • They both liked Topanga.
  • Both wore glasses at one point.
  • Both are good influences on Farkle.


  • Cory was successful with his romantic interest in Topanga; Stuart was not.
  • Stuart owns a helicopter; Cory does not.
  • Cory is a middle school teacher while Stuart is the CEO of Minkus International.
  • Minkus used to have blond hair, which now has a reddish-brown tone, while Cory always had the same hair color.
  • Cory is more humble than Stuart, conversationally and in mannerisms.


  • They were teammates on the Jefferson Elementary Warriors Basketball B-Team.
  • Cory and Shawn suspect that Farkle is Stuart's clone, as opposed to his son.
  • Stuart's son Farkle is best friends with Cory's daughter, Riley.


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