Darby and Yogi (known as Yoby) is the romantic pairing of Darby and Yogi.


They began dating prior to the season 1 finale, Girl Meets First Date.


Season 1

Girl Meets First Date

  • Darby carried Yogi around school.
  • They began dating prior to this episode.
  • Their noses rubbed.

Season 2

Girl Meets the New World

  • They both stare at each other with smiles on their faces.
  • Darby says her and Yogi are weird together.
  • They are both talking when Riley tosses the bouquet and Darby catches it then looks at Yogi.

Season 3

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1)

  • They both announce in the school newspaper that they go by Yoby now.
  • They both smile when Cory says Yoby is forever.
  • Coming back from the hike Cory tells both of them to stay away from each other.
  • Yogi tries to follow Darby when everyone goes to sleep.
  • In Riley's dream Yogi and Darby are together.

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)

  • They are standing next to each other when Riley is caught staying up all night.

Girl Meets Goodbye


  • Before dating Yogi, Darby had a major crush on Lucas.
  • Darby considers their relationship weird.
  • Darby has a habit of carrying him around in her arms.

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