Dewey (pronounced Doy) is a friend of Auggie's. He does not like his name and cries each time somebody corrects his pronunciation. He is portrayed by Cooper J. Friedman.


He is a little boy who is Auggie's friend. He gets startled easily by Topanga when she tries to correct his name, from Doy to Dewey.


Season 2

Season 3


  • He was Auggie's first bro.
  • Despite his character's name constantly being spelled as D-e-w-e-y (Dewey), he is credited as Doy.
  • He has a pet turtle.
  • In Girl Meets True Maya, it is revealed he has been shoplifting candy and toy cars from Mr. Klawicki's store for an entire year (he didn't know, however, since he thought the candy was free).
  • He only pronounces his name as "Dewey" once in Girl Meets World: Of Terror 3, in the alternate universe where Riley and Maya never met.


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