Elliot, Brown, & Montgomery is the legal office based in New York City that Topanga Matthews won an internship for (when it was known as Brown Elliot), which included a full scholarship to the New York University School of Law, while at Pennbrook. Upon earning her law degree,  she went to work for them full time. Topanga has developed the reputation of being a formidable  "Killer-Shark"  litigator, and therefore, is considered to be an irreplacable asset to the firm.



  • Topanga initially won her internship among hundreds of candidates for Brown Elliot on Boy Meets World.
  • Jack Hunter's stepfather is known to be a client of the firm.
  • Their attempt to gain the lease for the property occupied by Svorski's Bakery was thwarted by the Matthews buying partial ownership, to preserve the endangered establishment.
  • Teo Halm's deleted brother character, Elliot Matthews may have been named after the firm.
  • In Girl Meets Demolition Topanga reveals the firm is now called Elliot, Brown & Montgomery.
  • Due to Topanga's efforts, the firm successfully prevented Senator Jefferson Davis Graham from establishing entry fees for New York State public parks.
  • Topanga headed the legal team which stopped the orphanage sponsored by Sister Mary Beth's convent from becoming a SuperCluck franchise, and planned to also do the same for an endangered bookstore.
  • Topanga had the firm's tax specialist, Leonard, investigate Chai's parents and he found evidence of their being guilty of four counts of tax evasion.
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