Emma Weathersby is a character in Girl Meets World.


Emma is a classmate of Auggie and Ava in Mrs.Ducksberry's class. She seems to be infatuated with Auggie, much to Ava's indignation.


Emma is described to be very nice, almost annoyingly so. Although she and Ava share a rivalry for Auggies' affections, they are capable of working together for his sake.


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Season 1

Season 2   


  • First mentioned in Girl Meets First Date.
  • Ava demonstrates her jealousy of her in Girl Meets Rules.
  • Emma first appears in Girl Meets Commonism
  • She once shared Auggies' cubby space when Ava was absent.
  • Actress Sanai Victoria has appeared in Lab Rats: Elite Force and Bizaardvark.
  •  Sanai co-starred in a McDonalds commercial with fellow GMW guest star Lindey Lamer for  "My Little Pony" Happy Meals.


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