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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video (as well as other types of media available on the iTunes Store) on personal computers running the OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The iTunes Store is also available on the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Through the iTunes Store, users can purchase and download music, music videos, television shows, audiobooks, podcasts, movies, and movie rentals in some countries, and ringtones, available on the iPhone and iPod Touch (fourth generation onward). Application software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can be downloaded from the App Store. iTunes 12 is the most recent major version of iTunes, available for OS X v10.7.5 or later and Windows XP or later; it was released on October 16, 2014. iTunes 12.2 adds Apple Music to the application, along with the Beats 1 radio station. This is to go along with the release of iOS 8.4 and Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iTunes 12.1.2 was officially the last version to include support for Windows XP and Vista.

Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World are available for purchase on iTunes. Girl Meets World is available on iTunes in volumes. However, Boy Meets World is available in full seasons.

Girl Meets World

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Boy Meets World

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7

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