Robot... I'm going to miss you most of all...
—Eric saying goodbye to Farkle after dropping out of the race

"Eric and Farkle" is the friendship pairing of Eric Matthews and Farkle Minkus in Girl Meets World.


Girl Meets World

Season 2

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels
Counselor Eric

Eric Counsels The Kids

Summoned by his brother Cory to mend the rift between Riley and Maya, Eric visits his "niche's" History class to demonstrate how compassionate people can help settle conflicts peacefully.  Having been given control of the class, he promptly ushers all the students into the hallway.  Once there, Eric gets Maya to admit that she was not particularly bothered by Lucas calling her a short stack of pancakes, but rather that Riley didn't instantly rise to her defense, simply because she knew it was true that Maya was short.  Maya reveals that the fact everyone considers true, that Riley is a "superklutz," had never reached Riley's ears due to her efforts.  When Eric asks her why she did that, Maya admits that she wanted to to protect her best friend.  Riley is hurt by the news, but can know understand Maya feelings and the pair sit on the floor..  Witnessing his two friends' discomfort, Farkle joins them and admits he suspects his ambition to rule the world may stem from the feelings he gets the he is "Squeaky the Mouse," a feeling that has only grown
Ever Thing Of Ruling The World

Ever Think Of Ruling The World?

stronger ever since Lucas came into their lives.  Lucas also sits down and attempts to commiserate with them, but is promptly told to shut up. 

Eric assures them that dealing with such issues is merely a part of growing up.  The next day, at Topanga's the four friends are reunited. Maya asks who is the strangely garbed bearded man approaching them. Riley identifies her uncle Eric, now in his guise as the Mayor of St. Upid town, New York.  Farkle compliments him on his people skills, and asks if he ever considered ruling the world.  Eric strokes his faux beard, and seems to carefully consider the concept.

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington
Girl Meets Semi-Formal


Farkle: Ever think of ruling the world?
Eric:Are you a robot?
Farkle (nervously):I'm a real boy...
Eric: You know, we get along real well, don't we, Robot?


  • Farkle thinks Eric has the people skills to rule the world.
  • Eric affectionately nicknames Farkle "Robot."
  • Eric does not know that Farkle is Stuart's son.
  • Farkle admits that having Eric around makes him feel better.
  • Both have stated the line, "I'm Batman," Eric in BMW  ("Honesty Night") and Farkle in Girl Meets Rules.
  • A special promo was released for Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington which added lazer effects to their classroom scene.
  • Eric is the fifth character from the original series to interact with Farkle. The first four being Cory, Topanga, Stuart, and Harley. Afterwards - Shawn, Mr. Turner and Jennifer Bassett (Farkle's mother) share scenes with him.


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Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Mr Squirrels Goes To Washington Promo


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