You and Jack are so perfect for each other; you should be married!
Cory to Eric in the BMW episode "Brothers"
Because ... he's my friend. Because I like him. And no matter what crazy things he says or does, I still like him. God help me I still like him.
Jack to Cory about Eric in the BMW episode "Honesty Night"

"Eric and Jack" is the friendship pairing of Eric Matthews and Jack Hunter. They are portrayed by Will Friedle and Matthew Lawrence.


During Boy Meets World

Girl Meets World

Season 2

Girl Meets Semi-Formal

Similarities and differences


  • Both are males.
  • Both have medium brown hair.
  • They have both dressed up as a female and taken female identities before.
  • They both hold influential positions (Jack is a high executive at a powerful firm while Eric, who was mayor of a small town, is now a senator for the State of New York)


  • Jack grew up in a rich household while Eric did not.
  • Jack may or may not be a year younger than Eric.
  • Jack grew up in New York City, while Eric grew up in Philadelphia.
  • Jack has a stepbrother while Eric has the same mother and father as all his siblings.



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