"Eric and Tommy" is a friendship/brother pairing in Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. They first met in season 6 of Boy Meets World, where Tommy was an orphan, and Eric was spending time with him. Eric was considered adopting Tommy, but let another family adopt him because he knew they could take better care of him. Eric was like a brother to Tommy.


In Boy Meets World

Tommy first appeared in the Boy Meets World Episode, Santa's Little Helpers, as an orphan who visited a mall Santa (Eric) to return a toy truck that he gave to him to ask instead, for parents from Santa. Eric thought about this, and decided to bring Tommy home to his house to celebrate Christmas, and told him that he was really Eric, not Santa.

In Girl Meets World

Tommy comes to help Eric run for Senator in Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes To Washington

Similarities and Differences


Tommy and Eric both have brown hair.

Both have good hearts

Both have an interest in politics.


Eric's parents are living; Tommy is an orphan.

Eric seems to be less intelligent than Tommy.

Eric is in his 30s; Tommy is in his 20s.


This information is currently unknown.

"Eric : My baby brother  is real sick, so I'm gonna go  see him in the hospital. "                                                                               "Tommy : I'm  coming with  you "                                                               

"Eric: I don't know,  Tom. Hospitals  are pretty  scary "                                                                                                                        "But if he's your  baby brother,  he's my  baby brother  too "


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