Farkle's Room is first seen in Girl Meets Money. For years, Farkle Minkus has been reluctant to show his friends his home, as he is uncomfortable flaunting the wealth of his family.


Season 2

Girl Meets Money


  • Four large plasma screen TVs
  • State-of-the-art gaming system with a large library of games.
  • Twin Barcaloungers 
  • Virtual Reality Simulators
    • Golf Driving Range
    • City of Paris
  • Farkle Minkus RailRoad (FMRR)  'C' Train line to other locations within the house.
  • Telescope
  • Planetarium built into the ceiling.
  • Mini laboratory
  • Partial replica of the room of Maya Hart.
  • Elevated Platform King-sized bed


  • Farkle allows his friends into his home for the very first time during Girl Meets Money.
  • Farkle calls his room an "idiot," for what he feels it lacks.
  • Riley plays Zombies Eat Your Brains 4.
  • Farkle tells Riley Pluto is still a planet in his planetarium.
  • Maya's first drawing, which she gave to Farkle in Girl Meets Boy, has been framed and hangs in the replica of her room Farkle has built.
  • Farkle has a livefeed (via a camera and microphone set on the roof of the Hart home) so he can interact with  the people living within the Hart's neighborhood.
  • The 'C' Line has stops at the kitchen, skating rink and Minkus Megaplex 17.
  • He keeps a framed Minkus family portrait of himself and his parents by his bed.
  • Stevie Moops

    Stevie Moops Jr.

    EP Michael Jacobs once jokingly tweeted that Farkle has a bubble gum machine larger that the one owned by Stevie Moops Jr. (the character Corey Fogelmanis played in the "Stevie Loves Lindy" episode of I Didn't Do It).


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