Flashbacks are scenes that occur in certain episodes of Girl Meets World (TV series) that show scenes from episodes of Boy Meets World.

Season 1

Girl Meets Popular

When Topanga and Cory are looking in the mirror, there is a flashback to the Boy Meets World episode "Cory's Alternative Friends", to the scene where Topanga was first introduced, and asked to hold Cory's hand to "see if their energies converge", as Shawn looks on in amusement. 

Girl Meets Brother

Flashback #1

When Cory and Topanga were comparing their lives, there are two flashbacks. The first is from the Boy Meets World episode "Cory's Alternative Friends," where Topanga kisses Cory at the lockers while Cory was having a bad hair day, after having saved the school librarian, Mrs. Rosemead.

Flashback #2

The second flashback is from the Boy Meets World  episode "Graduation", when Topanga proposed to Cory at their high school graduation from John Adams High, just after Mr. Feeny announced the John Adams High Class of 1998. 

Season 2

Girl Meets Pluto

When Mr. Feeny catches Cory, Shawn, and Topanga digging up their yard. A collection scenes of Cory and Shawn gasping from Boy Meet World episodes "Cyrano", "Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do", and "On the Air" are used.

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington

Scenes of Boy Meets World episodes "Resurrection" and "Can I Help To Cheer You" are used, depicting Eric and Tommy hanging out, Eric refusing to adopt Tommy, and Eric and Tommy saying goodbye.

Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

Scenes of the Boy Meets World episodes "Cory's Alternate Friends" and "Boy Meets Girl" is used. This marks the first time where Girl Meets World cast are edited into the Boy Meets World episode.

Season 3

Girl Meets Jexica

When Topanga does the one-two-three trick on Cory. Cory mentions that it was the hundred time she did that to him, and mentions the time she did that in college. A scene from "Santa's Little Helpers" is shown where both Topanga and Cory did the trick and Cory reveals Angela is still in love with Shawn.

Girl Meets Upstate

Shawn mentions Riley and Maya that time when Cory tries to be like Shawn from the episode "The Uninvited." Shawn reminds Cory that they are friends forever, no matter what they are.

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