Not Today--Sammy!
—Gammy warding off the shadow of the Grim Reaper

Angela "Gammy" Hart is a character in Girl Meets World. She is the matriarch of the Hart family. She lives with her daughter-in-law Katy and granddaughter Maya.


Gammy appears to be a typical affectionate grandparent to Maya and is very cordial to her friends. She still seems to have a playful zest for life and is not fazed by the specter of her own mortality. While she apparently helps Katy maintain the Hart household, she is ill-equipped to help Maya with her schoolwork.


Katy Hart

Katy is her daughter in-law.

Maya Hart

Mayais her granddaughter.

Kermit Hart

Kermit is her son.


Girl Meets World of Terror

On a Halloween night sleepover in the Hart home, Gammy accidentally scares Riley (whom she has given the pet name "Ri-Ri") when the girls go to bed at 7:00. Riley is happy to see her, and when asked how she is, Gammy comments that the Grim Reaper still isn't fast enough to catch her. She then warns off the symbolic shadow of Death with a defiant "Not Today--Sammy!" Later, she aggressively catches Farkle and Lucas talking with the girls through Maya's window, but is instantly charmed by the familiar face of Farkle. She then leaves the girls to continue their sleepover.  


  • She calls Riley "Ri-Ri."
  • She seems fond of Farkle.


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