This is a one-week class for you, a grade. But this is my world and
I care very much about what happens back here. Understand?
—Geralyn to Riley and Maya

Geralyn Thompson is a character in Girl Meets World. She is the primary food service worker in charge of the John Quincy Adams Middle School cafeteria.


Lunch Lady
Geralyn Thompson has been employed by John Quincy Adams Middle School for twenty years, gradually rising to Head Lunchroom worker tasked with the responsibility of maintaining and servicing the cafeteria.   She takes great pride and enthusiasm in her work, and takes the time to learn the dietary requirements and favored dishes of each individual (whether student or faculty) that utilizes her kitchen.  She exhibits a rather gruff and authoritative manner, which has given the occasional school mandated stint of cafeteria duty a dreaded reputation among the JQA pupils.  However, when her father unilaterally assigns Riley and Maya, to Geralyn's domain, the girls witness for themselves how thankless, yet necessary, the woman's job actually was.  By perservering, and managing to survive a single day of serving lunch to their fellow students, the girls earned Geralyn's respect, and she displayed her softer side to them.
Thank You Hug
 Yet it was a brief moment, as Maya's attempt to add a spicy touch of taste and flavor to the mashed potatoes would lead to more work, (particulary for janitor Harley  and his two apprentice custodians, Farkle and Lucas) and even more appreciation for Geralyn's efforts.  On the following Monday, the girls
One of the Girls
introduce Geralyn  to their History class, and after telling them about her importance to their school, publicly thank her.  Overwhelmed, the lunch lady gives them both a hug.  The next day, Riley and Maya, now on a first name basis with Geralyn, greet her, and include her in their special handshake.


You know I made that myself.
I call it "Tuesday"
No throwing rolls.
I put a little extra love in there for you.
No eating in line, Matthews.
I feel bad.
How you doin'?
What about me? Am I not the cutest thing ever?
I have my own distinct sense of fashion! Welcome To the cafeteria. We have a lot of fun here. And by fun, I mean potatoes. And by potatoes, I mean, we peel them. And by we, I mean you.
When you have completed the peeling of the potato, you place the potato in the pot. That is all you do. Now, I will finish preparing tomorrow's lunch. You ladies will do what?
What do you do?
What do you not do?
Riley Matthews. Loves fish stick Fridays.
Maya Hart. I always give you extra to take home. I know all my kids. Well, I will leave you ladies to it.
The potatoes you prepared yesterday will be served today.
You want a pat on the back, you better get a longer arm. This is not the job for "attaboys" or "you go girls.
When that lunch bell rings, brace yourselves, rookies. It's about to get real in here. You're in charge of the potatoes. You scoop them up, you plop them down. Scoop, then plop. Say it.
Now after those plates go out, guess what happens next.
You can go home.
No! Those dishes come back with twice the fury. They come in here. You scrape. You rinse. They go on here, where they go on their little dish journey, where they are reborn as clean dishes for tomorrow. Hallelujah! Say it.
This is it. Are you ready?
Goodbye my tiny little girls.
Welcome to my world.
Now comes that actual, actual hard part.
Wait for it. Here it comes. Wait for it.
That was the first raindrop.
No, you're done.
Why don't you two go to the locker room, hit the showers, and freshen up.
Well, I don't see where you have any other choice.
Yeah. As curious as I am, to see what would happen to you, I've grown to like you both. I'm very proud of you. You did me and my kitchen proud today. So No.
I think you two can call me Geralyn.
All you had to do is peel the potatoes and put it in the pot.
Peel the potatoes! Put them in the pot.
I do. Three taco Sara.
I'm fine, Riley. Thanks for asking.
Stop it.


  • Geralyn has been at JQA for twenty years.
  • She claims to have her own "distinct sense of fashion."
  • She nicknames Riley "Scarecrow."
  • She appears to be a proponent of teaching through repetitive instruction.
  • Geralyn is aware of the individual nutritional needs and food preferences of over 1,000 JQA students and faculty members including:
    • Cory Matthews--Mashed potatoes made with "extra love."
    • Riley Matthews--Fish sticks
    • Maya Hart--Extra food to take home.
    • Sarah--At least three tacos on taco days.
  • She takes great pride in her work, and feels sad when it is not appreciated
  • She is named after Geralyn Ricciardella a member of the Girl Meets World production staff.



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