The following is the transcript for Girl Meets 1961.

Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School history class.
Cory: The '60s, man. Influential musicians like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez Playing guitars and singing like prophets. The times, they were a-changin'.
Farkle: The class, they are a-sleepin'.
Riley: It's not your fault, dad. It's just the stuff you're saying.
Cory: I'm talking about the '60s, man.
Riley: Nobody cares about when you were our age.
Cory: Riley, it was over 50 years ago. How old do you guys think I am?
Lucas: There's no right answer to this, sir.
Maya: You should teach us future class.
Riley: Listen, Dad, you're doing a wonderful job up there and we're very happy that you're all jazzed up-
Maya: But history has nothing to do with us.
Cory: I'm gonna snap this chalk now.
Lucas: Uh-oh.
Cory: Snap. What did you guys do yesterday?
Riley: I think I had grapes.
Cory: Do you know what yesterday was?
Riley: Grapes day.
Cory: It's history. Every decision you make every day, every time you decide to turn left instead of right, you make history and you affect someone else's. And if you refuse to learn that, I guarantee you, you guys will not become the best person you can be. Because history is all about missed opportunities. "History has nothing to do with us," wasn't it, Ms. Hart? Can't remember, it was like five minutes ago. Fine. I am not gonna teach you guys about the '60s.
All: Yay.
Cory: You are.
Farkle: Yay.
Cory: History is alive even if you weren't. But now you're gonna be. You will visit the 1960s and give a report.
Farkle: Time travel.
Riley: How do we do that, dad? We weren't even there.
Cory: You were.
Riley: How?
Cory: You all have grandparents or great-grandparents. Choose one who was around during that time. Learn all you can about them and report back. Then we'll see if history has nothing to do with us. Living history Now I'm all jazzed up.
Farkle: Yay.
Exterior. Café Hey; The caption "Greenwich Village, 1961" briefly appears in front of a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado parked along the street. Cut to interior.

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