The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Belief.

Riley: You know why it's a great day?
Maya: For you? Because it's a day.
Riley: Endless possibilities lie ahead.
Maya: Nothing is endless except your goofy face. What a great day! Looky here. What should we buy?
Riley: We're not buying anything. That money is not yours.
Maya: This is where our friendship ends, right here, right now. Goodbye forever.
Riley: Maya, somebody dropped that.
Maya: Who? Name? Whose is it? Whose? I'll take any "whose." I'll take the "who's" with the apostrophe because I never know which is right.
Riley: How could you live knowing that that belongs to somebody else?
Maya: Everything I own belonged to somebody else. Riley, it's a five-sky. Not even a one-sky. Anybody could find a one-sky.
Riley: Put it back.
Maya: This is my only source of income.
Riley: Read what it says, Maya. "In God we trust."
Maya: Seriously, you're going to go all the way there?
Riley: Don't you believe that someone is always watching to see if you do the right thing?
Maya: Not anymore.
Riley: Maya, you know what I'm talking about.
Maya: And you know what I'm talking about? Two mocha-chip ice-cream cones.
Riley: Mocha-chip, you say? With a mocha chip in every bite. How do they do that?
Maya: Riles, how about I do what I do, and you do what you do?
Riley: That's ridiculous.
Maya: Riley?
Riley: Oh, no.
Maya: What a great day! I mean, come on!
Riley: Are You seeing this?
Theme song.
Maya: Riles, it was just a coincidence; I happened to find it. Can you leave it alone?
Riley: There are no coincidences, Maya. A coincidence is just the universe's way of saying, "Hi."
Cory: Hi.
Riley: Somebody here needs to learn a lesson.
Cory: In 1425, Joan of Arc, a 13-year-old girl, believed that she heard the voice of God-
Riley: This is your lesson.
Cory: -telling her to drive the English out of France.
Maya: Wow.
Riley: Amazing.
Maya: Yeah, back then you could drive at 13?
Farkle: Nobody hears voices in their head. That's just crazy. It is so!
Cory: Now Joan knew that this belief could cost her her life.
Lucas: What if she wasn't crazy, Farkle? What if she just deeply believed in something?
Farkle: Well, why believe in anything you can't prove?
Cory: Ah, now there's a question.
Lucas: Guess where this is leading us.
Maya: To an assignment.
Farkle: Yay.
Cory: You've all walked through life long enough with your blissfully empty heads. But what do you guys really believe in? Some of our greatest thinkers believed in something so strongly that they gave their lives to change the world.
Maya: Show-offs.
Cory: Does anyone here believe in anything, anything at all?
Maya: I believe that Maya did wrong by taking somebody else's five-dollar bill.
Maya: I believe in five dollars' worth of ice cream.
Cory: And I believe that you two are the perfect team for this if there ever was one. You guys are going to report on Thomas Jefferson.
Maya: Aw, boo!
Cory: Farkle, you're a man of science.
Farkle: I needs me my proof.
Cory: And Lucas.
Lucas: I have beliefs that work for me, sir.
Cory: Well, this is going to be fun. You guys are going to report on Joan of Arc.
Lucas: She's a saint.
Cory: Yeah, a saint. Whoo-whoo! Now I want you two girls to really learn something from Jefferson.
Maya: Ah, boo!
Cory: Why do you keep booing Jefferson?
Maya: He hates us.
Cory: How do you know?
Maya: He's making us do this.
Cory: He died over 200 years ago.
Maya: So it's you making us do this.
Cory: Yeah.
Both: Aw, boo!