Interior. The hallways of John Quincy Adams Middle School. 
Cory: Ah, the end of the year. The weather changes, kids pair off, first love. It amazes me how the power of love sometimes guides the perfect couples right into each other's arm. (Yogi hops into a Darby's arm) And sometimes it does that. But it's still first crush and I love this time of year. (chuckles) Probably because I don't have to worry like those poor sap, seventh grade father. (Laughs) Wait a minute! (Turns to Riley)
Riley: (Closes her locker and slowly turns around then Riley and Lucas look at each other)
Cory: No-oooo! (Picks up Riley and drops her off at her desk)
Riley: Dad, are you out of your mind?
Cory: Riley. It's time for the talk.
Riley: In front of the whole class?
Maya: Yeah, give her the talk let's see what you know.
Cory: Okay. When a daughter-
Riley: Stop.
Cory: Excuse me. (Runs over to the back door and closes it) (To Lucas) not today, Chachi.
Lucas: (Pushes door open with Cory behind it) Sir, you've known me all year. You like me, admit it.
Cory: I don't wanna.
Lucas: I'm one of the good kids. What are you so afraid of?
Cory: Okay. (Erases Belguim off the chalkboard)
Farkle: (Stands up with a Belgium shirt and flag) No!
Cory: Okay, guys. It's the seventh grade spring fever, which leads to dating, which leads to movies, which leads to popcorn, which leads to putting your hands together in the dark touching popcorn, which leads to holding hands, which leads to that! (Points at Yogi and Darby) Oh, I am not ready for this. (Picks up Yogi and separates him from Darby) Come with me. Come Here. Come on, no, come one. Come with me. (To Riley) Riley, I am begging you stay in Neverland, okay? No growing up. (Places Yogi on his desk)
Farkle: (Raises hands)
Cory: What do you want?
Farkle: The way I see it, i'm in an interesting position here.
Cory: How do you figure Farkle?
Farkle: Let's approach this as a scientific equation. You're scared of Lucas going out with Riley, right?
Cory: (Scoffs) Oh, does it show?
Farkle: Yeah, He's good looking and athletic.
Cory: (Points at Lucas) He's thirthy six!
Farkle: Give your daughter to me. I'll Give you four oxen and my best milking cow.
Cory: (Looks back at Lucas then to Farkle)
Riley: Are you actually thinking about this?
Cory: (Smiles) It's a good deal.
Riley: (Stands up) I will decide who I go on my first date with at such time as somebody asks me.
Lucas: (Raises hand)
Riley: (Makes excited face)
Title sequence. Interior John Quincy Adams Middle School Hallway.
Riley: Why do you think he out his hand down?
Maya: Because your dad wouldn't call on him. (Laughs) And I don't think he ever will again.
Riley: Life used to be so simple, Maya. Wake up, Brush my hair, Eat cereal, Pick up the bowl of cereal that I dropped. 
Maya: When did all of this pressure happen?
Riley: Boys have it easy, they get to ask.
Interior. Lucas and Farkle are sitting in the hallway.
Farkle: Girls have it easy.
Lucas: Yeah, we gotta do all the asking.
Farkle: All they have to say is no.
Lucas: Well, they could say yes.
Farkle: They could do that?
Riley: Oh yeah, they wouldn't last a day in our shoes. Waiting for them to get the courage to ask us.
Maya: And then doing the vacuuming and ironing the babies. Riley, this isn't the 90s anymore. You want something you go get it.
Riley: You're telling me you're not a little bit afraid of this?
Maya: No.
Riley: You're saying that if you had feelings for somebody that you wouldn't be nervous?
Maya: No, the only thing that makes me nervous is that the thing that everybody wants to happen never happens because everybody's too afraid to make it happen.
Farkle: You know what I was afraid of?
Lucas: What?
Farkle:  You.
Lucas: How come?
Farkle: I know we're good friends and all, but I've always considered you a bit of a threat. Just like I know you've always considered me a bit of a threat.
Lucas: Yeah, you keep me up at night.
Farkle: But now I realize you're actually the solution to my Riley-Maya dilemma.
Lucas: How do you figure, Farkle?
Farkle: I just never asked one out because I knew it would break the heart of the other.
Lucas: What if I ask one of 'em out?
Farkle: Bye-bye I get the other one.
Lucas: What if I ask the other one out?
Farkle: Hello, I get the first one. How long do you wanna keep doing this?
Lucas: Well, there's only two of them.
Farkle: So, you're going to ask one of them out?
Lucas: Maybe I will someday.
Maya: (Maya and Riley both walk up to Lucas and Farkle) Hey Ranger RIck
Lucas: Hey, other one.
Maya: You wanna go out with me?
Lucas: What?
Maya: Do you wanna take me to a movie and put our hands in the popcorn at the same time and see what happens, or what?
Farkle: (Runs over to Riley) Okay, you and me 'cause I don't care.
Riley: (Makes shocked face)
Interior. Rileys bedroom. Riley is sitting there still with a shocked face.
Maya: (Climbs through the window) (Attempts to close Riley's mouth)
Riley: (Hisses and almost bites Mayas hand)
Maya: Yeow!
Riley: (Points to window) Back traitor.
Maya: Traitor, Me? Could this possibly be because I asked Lucas out?
Riley: You asked Lucas out.
Maya: What? You're upset?
Riley: I'm beyond upset. I'm whatever the next one is.
Maya: What you think he's cute?
Riley: He's a'ight.
Maya: What? You wanted him to ask you out?
Riley: Maybe, but now you ruined my eight-year plan.
Maya: Riles, you've been all goofy about Lucas since the day you fell in his lap on the subway.
Riley: You pushed me.
Maya: And now I have pushed him.
Riley: What do you mean?
Maya: Don't worry about it.
Riley: I am worried. I am worried about our friendship which you called into question on this day.
Maya: Oh, all right, you want to ask each other questions? Go ahead.
Riley: Why did you ask him?
Maya:  How long have you known me?
Riley: Where are you taking him?
Maya: You think I would hurt you?
Riley: What are you gonna wear?
Maya: You don't think I have a bigger plan?
Riley: Can I at least be your maid of honor?
Maya: Of course, when I marry anybody else in the world besides Ranger Rick.
Riley: (Scoffs) What? You're just going to date him and then throw him away?
Maya: Hey, Whack job?
Riley: Yes?
Maya: He doesn't want to go out with me. He's not going out with me. He's never going out with me.
Riley: Well, if he doesn't want to go out with you, do you not want me to go out with him? 
Maya: (Sighs) Come here.
Riley: (Puts her head on Maya's shoulder) Life is changing isn't it?
Maya: Yes. But this isn't though. (Doorbell rings)
Riley: Who's that? I wasn't expecting anybody.
Maya: Oh, I was.
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. 
Cory: (Opens door) You.
Lucas: (Mimics) Me.
Cory: Auggie's not home right now.
Lucas: Yeah, I'm not here to see Auggie.
Cory: Riley's not home either.
Riley: Hi, Lucas.
Cory: That's right, I lied right in yo' face. (Points at Lucas)
Lucas: Actually, Mr. Matthews, I'm not here to see her either.
Cory: You're not?
Riley: You're not?
Lucas: I want to do this the right way. So first, I'm here to talk to you, Sir.
Cory: (Looks back to see his family smiling at him. He smiles back) I want to do this the right way too, Lucas. No! (Slams door closed on Lucas)
Lucas: (Pushes door open) Mr. Matthews, would it be possible to speak with you alone?
Cory: About homework?
Lucas: No.
Cory: About a grade?
Lucas: No.
Cory: Then this has nothing to do with me and you've come to the wrong place. Good day.
Lucas: Actually-
Cory: I said good day, sir.
Lucas: But I need to talk to you.
Cory: Is this about a historical event? I can only speak to you about historical events.
Lucas: Yes.
Cory: Well, then go right ahead.
Lucas: I'm asking you permission to ask out your daughter.
Cory: You tricked me!
Lucas: That's right I lied right to yo' face. (Smiles)
Cory: Get him, Topanga.
Topanga: (Walks up to Lucas) My pleasure. Lucas, you are about the most charming young man I have ever met.
Cory: Yeah! 
Topanga: But as delighted as I am that in this day and age you would come to get our blessing. Do you really think Riley is ready-
Riley: Yes!
Topanga: Riley, Be cool.
Riley: Yes.
Cory: Topanga, we really need to talk.
Maya: Mr. Matthews, we really need to talk.
Cory: Good help me. (Sits down)
Maya:  When a father turns a certain age, things will start happening to you that you don't understand. It'll confuse you, but it's a magical time.
Cory: Shut up!
Maya: Look, don't worry. This is all normal and it's just your body's way of telling you that you are a woman. (Pokes Corey) Look, If it makes you feel any better, don't think of it as a date. Think of it as a beautiful fantasy world that only includes the two of them and not you anymore.
Topanga: (Walks over to Maya) I appreciate you, Maya (Puts arm over Maya) I think you're pretty fierce.
Josh: (Enters) Hey, Kiddies.
Maya: Uncle Boing. (Almost falls, but Topanga catches her)
Cory: My brother! (Points at Josh)
Josh: My Brother! (Points at Cory) Hey, I come with good news.
Maya: (To Topanga) Thank you, I'm good.
Josh: I'm joining N.Y.U. Pre-college program so i'll be here all summer.
Maya: Okay, I'm not good (Almost falls again)
Topanga: I gotcha, honey.
Cory:  (Stands up) Josh, would you do me a favor and explain to your niece that she is way too young to go out on her first date? (Pushes Josh towards Riley)
Josh: Niece, what kept you going so long? Welcome to the party, guys. Enjoy (Bumps Riley closer to Lucas)
Cory: Get out of my house!
Maya: I'll go to the party with you, Josh
Josh: Still too old for you, Maya.
Maya: (Slowly walks towards Josh) Three years, what's three years in the history of love? They found some cavemen footprints, a man and a woman, they didn't know how old they were. All the scientists could tell was that they were holding hands. You now why? That was all that was important.
Josh:  Wow, Maya.
Maya: Keep looking at me.
Josh: Oh, you know what's really important is I have my first appointment with my campus advisor downstairs. (Runs out the door) (Cory slams the door close after him)
Lucas: So, I have everybody's permission except Mr. Matthews? 
Cory: Lucas, I like you. I really do. But do I look like the kind of guy that would let his child go out on a date this young?
Auggie: (Runs in with Ava) I put a ring on it.
Topanga: What?
Auggie: We're engaged.
Topanga: Let me tell you why you're not engaged.
Auggie: Let me tell you why we are. Sing it, Baby. (Gestures to Ava)
Ava: (Sings) Look at me. I'm Ava Morgenstern... Matthews!
Topanga: (Chuckles) What? Oh my gosh. Look at this ring. It looks just like mi- Hey! Give me this! (Takes ring off Ava's hand)
Ava:  Yeah, it's Auggie's grandma's ring.
Topanga: (Scoffs) It's actually my ring.
Ava: Oh, you're not Auggies grandma?
Topanga: Ava honey, are you looking at me? You looking right into my eyes? okay good, I got something to say, ugh.
Ava: Eww. (Auggie and Ava run off)
Farkle: (Enters) Greetings, Matthews, I've come to ask Riley out on her first date now that Maya has asked out Lucas.
Cory: What? Why would you do that?
Maya: Because nobody does nothin'.
Topanga: You lit the fire, huh?
Maya: Somebody had to push these two kids together.
Topanga: Have I told you lately I think you're pretty fierce?
Riley: (Puts arm around Maya) Have I told you lately I think you're pretty fierce?
Farkle: What's going on?
Cory: What's going on, Farkle, is that this kid here wants my blessing.(Walks over to Lucas) You want it?
Lucas: I do, sir.
Cory: Then you got it.
Lucas: Really?
Riley: Really?
Topanga: Really?
Farkle: Really? Because I got a cow in the elevator.
Cory: On one condition.
Maya: Uh-Oh.
Cory: I want this to be a double date. Okay? If you are gonna go out with him. (Moves Riley towards Lucas) Then you are gonna go out with him. (Laughs) (Faces Maya towards Farkle)
Farkle: That works for me because you're Riley or Maya.
Riley: Dad, you can't just tell her who to go out with on her first date.
Cory: Oh, don't think of it as a date, Maya. Think of it as a magical time and a journey to include (Blows raspberry) (Sighs and sits down)
Lucas: So-
Riley: Yes.
Topanga: Riley.
Riley: Yes.
Maya: I'll fix it.
Lucas: Would you like to go out with me?
Riley: Y-Y-Y-Yay!
Maya: I can't fix that.
Farkle: So, Maya-
Maya: No.
Farkle: Would you-
Maya: No.
Cory: I mean it, Maya.
Farkle: Would you whatever he's doing with her?
Maya: (Looks back to look at Riley, Lucas, and Topanga smiling at her) Yeah, fine. (Holds out arms) (Puts down arm)
Farkle: (Falls on the floor)
Interior. Mrs. Svorskis' Bakery. Josh and Sophie are sitting at a table.
Sophie: So, what is your primary reason for choosing N.Y.U? Academics, location, or other?
Josh: Uh, well, it was academics. But now it's other. (Smiles)
Riley: (Walks in hugging Maya) I can't believe you'd let Farkle be your first date so Lucas can be mine. (Lets go of Maya)
Maya: Riles, I'm not gonna look at it as a first date. We hang out with Farkle all the time. This is just more hanging out.
Riley: But Farkle thinks it's date.
Maya: Then this is just more Farkle thinking it's a date.
Riley: Then does that mean that my first date with Lucas isn't actually a date?
Maya: No, no, your date with Lucas is serious right-of-passage, coming=of-age, growing-up stuff.
Riley: Should I be scared?
Maya: (Laughs) Of Ranger Rick? Sure, Honey you be scared as you like.
Riley: (Looks over and stops smiling)
Maya: Well, I don't think you need to be anywhere near that scared.
Riley: We have to go.
Maya: (Almost turn around but Riley stops her) Why?
Riley: Maya, please. Do you trust me?
Maya: More than anyone in the world.
Riley: Then don't turn around.
Maya: Okay, if you say not to, I won't
Riley: Let's go. (Starts walking out)
Maya: Oh, wait, I forgot. I'm still me. (Turns around) You know what the best thing is about going out with Farkle?
Riley: What?
Maya: No matter what happens I won't get hurt.
Riley: (Puts arm around Maya and both exit)
Interior. Riley's Bedroom. Topanga is helping Riley.
Riley: (Turns around wearing a dress) How do I look, mom?
Topanga: Like your father won't let you out of the house.
Riley: Good. Do you remember your first date with dad?
Topanga: (Slowly starts walking over to Riley's bed) Oh we were two years old and we played in the playground. No, we were eight and we caught fireflies. No, we were in sixth grade and we kissed against the lockers. No, we threw socks into the laundry basket. (Sits on Riley's bed) No, he fell into a llama pen at the zoo, No, that was his first date with Shawn.
Riley: Well. I am really excited for my first date.
Topanga: Oh, what girl wouldn't be?
Maya: (climbs through the window) All right, let's get this thing over with.
Riley: Ay chihuahua.
Maya: What?
Riley: For someone who does not care you do look pretty ay chihuahua.
Maya: Yeah, I just figured even though i'm not counting this as a first date it seems like it's a pretty big deal for Farkle so I wanted to give him at least eighty-four percent.
Riley: Good. (Puts hand on Maya's shoulder) So you're feeling better about my Uncle Josh?
Maya: No, that's just another lump of coal i'll bury deep in my dungeon of sadness next to my daddy issues and ballerina dreams. (Sits on Riley's bed)
Topanga: Maya, I didn't know that you dreamed of being a ballerina.
Maya: I don't. I dream of ballerinas kicking me with their point toes while they're stabbing me in the face with their bun heads.
Topanga: Oh. Well, you look great.
Interior. The Matthews' living room. Ava and Auggie sitting on the couch.
Cory: Okay, guys. I know that you love each other and that you probably wanna get married. But I wonder if you understand the actual responsibilities that go along with being a couple.
Ava: It means we push each other on the swings.
Auggie: And never share a cubby with anybody else.
Ava: Even if I'm home sick.
Auggie: (Looks at Ava) It was one time. How long are you gonna hold this over my head?
Ava: I don't want you sharing a cubby with Emma Weathersby.
Auggie: Her rain boots mean nothing to me. (Grabs Ava hand)
Cory: Now you see, guys, this right, this is why you probably may not be ready to-
Ava: (To Auggie)But it made me feel bad.
Auggie: It hurts my heart that it made you feel bad. (Both stands up and holds hand)
Ava: Do you Auggie Doggie Matthews, promise for the rest of our lives to never make me feel bad again?
Auggie: I do.
Cory: Hold on.
Auggie: And do you, Ava Melanie Ruth Esther Morgenstern, promise to care about me and never make me feel bad either?
Ava: I do.
Cory: No, you don't.
Auggie: (Kisses Ava on the cheek)
Cory: What was that?
Topanga: (Enters) Honey, the girls just got ready for their first date. You just missed a real milestone in our child's life.
Cory: (Stands up) Oh yeah? Let me be the first to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs, Auggie Doggie Matthews. (Points at Auggie and Ava hugging and smiling)
Topanga: Oh that's just it's great. Well, let me be the first to carry the bride over the threshold. (Picks up Ava and carries her outside the door))
Ava: Whee- Whee!
Topanga: (Closes door on Ava)
Auggie: But hey, That's my wife.
Topanga: Go to bed!
Auggie: Okay. (Exits)
Interior. Bleeker Street Subway Station. Lucas and Farkle are waiting for Maya and Riley.
Farkle: What if I get nervous and I have nothing to say?
Lucas: Farkle, Riley and Maya are our friends, we've been together all year and you haven't run out of things to say yet. And if you do, i'll be right here to- (Looks up)
Farkle: What's the matter? (turns around)
Riley and Maya: (Enters)
Farkle: Oh my gosh, look at Maya. She's giving me like eighty-four percent. I expected a cat t-shirt and sweatpants, but look at her. (To Maya) Hey Maya, let's run towards each other in slow motion. (Starts moving towards Maya in slow motion) Maya!
Maya: No.
Farkle: Come on, you know you want to.
Maya: Farkle, Who else would- (Riley starts walking in slow motion) Stop. (Riley stops)
Lucas: (Walks toward Riley) Hi.
Riley: Hi.
Farkle: I thought I was going to be too nervous to say anything, but i'm not (Talks fast) I'm talking really good. I'm a good day talker. I'm the best day talker there is.
Lucas: Even though this just happened, there are some moments you know you're gonna remember forever. This is one of them.
Farkle: I'm the second-best day talker there is. Oh, the trains coming. (Mimics horn)
Interior. Inside train. Josh and Sophie are sitting.
Sophie: Well, this concludes our tour of the N.Y.U area. I hope you'll enjoy the summer program,
Josh: Yeah, and I hope we can enjoy some together.
Sophie: (Chuckles) Well, i'm sure i'll see you around.
Josh: Wait a minute, um, I thought-
Sophie: What?
Josh: I thought we were kinds-
Sophie: What?
Josh: Getting along. I mean, weren't you smiling a lot at me and stuff?
Sophie: I'm a tour guide, Josh. It's my job to be nice to high school kids.
Riley, Lucas, Maya, and Farkle: (Enters the train)
Riley: Well, this is pretty easy so far.
Lucas: Because we're already friends.
Farkle: Let's always be friends no matter what, okay?
Maya: Yeah, first let's see what happens.
Farkle: Okay.
Riley: I don't want to jinx this but it's just like us hanging out at school. What could possibly go wrong?
Maya: (Turns to see Josh and Sophie sitting there)
Sophie: (Stands up)
Josh: (Stands up too) Sophie, Sophie, (Sits down) um I thought we connected pretty well.
Sophie: I'm a junior, Junior. I got a couple years on you don't I?
Josh: What's three years? You think three years matters at our age?
Sophie: Yeah, I do.
Maya: (Walks over)
Josh: Maya?
Maya: She pulled the three-years-older thing on you, huh?
Josh: (Chuckles) Yeah yeah. I really put myself out there.
Maya: Oh, i'm sure I couldn't possibly identify with your pain. (Sits next to Josh) Cavemen? Footprints? Hold hands?
Josh: Hurts, doesn't it?
Maya: A little bit, yeah.
Josh: How do you deal with it?
Maya: Well, me, I've got this dungeon of sadness.
Josh: Oh yeah? You got me in there?
Maya: Oh yeah. you and a whole flock of ballerinas.
Riley: Lucas?
Lucas: (Looks over and Maya and smiles) Go over there, Riley Be with your best friend.
Riley: What about our date?
Lucas: I had a good time.
Riley: I'm glad you were my first date.
Josh: (Exits)
Riley: (Walks over to Maya)
Maya: What happened to your date?
Riley: We had a good time and then my best friend got all needy.
Maya: Yeah, I know how that goes. Thanks for being there for me.
Riley: Hey, i'm sure you'll make it up to me someday.
Maya: How about now? (Unlatches Riley's hand from the bar)
Riley: Again? (Smiles) Whoa! (Falls into Lucas's lap) Hi, i'm Riley. We were just talking about you.
Lucas: (Laughs) I'm Lucas.
Riley: I love it. (Smiles) You know those moments that you were talking about that we're going to remember forever?
Lucas: Yeah?
Riley: (Grabs Lucas's face and kisses him) (They both smile)
Farkle: (Runs over to Maya to kiss her)
Maya: (Puts her hand out)
Farkle: (Kisses Maya's hand)
Maya: (Puts hand down) Not bad, Farkle
Farkle: Tell your friends. (Walks around in circles)
Interior. the Matthews' apartment. Cory and Topanga are sitting on a window ledge.
Topanga: Our little girl went on her first date.
Cory: Our little boy got married.
Topanga: I say we move to Florida.
Cory: Nice!
Interior. Riley's bedroom. Riley and Maya are sitting on the window ledge.
Riley: Mine was like when it's summer and then the breeze comes up and then it rains for two seconds and then everything glows and there's a rainbow. How was yours?
Maya: Mine was like a Shih Tzu going after a chew toy.
Riley: So it was a magical night for both of us.
Cory: You realize, Topanga, that life as we know it has changed?
Riley: You realize, Maya, that life as we know it has changed?
Maya: Scared?
Topanga: Scared?
Cory: Nah, I got you. (Puts arm around Topanga)
Riley: No, I got you. (Puts arm around Maya)

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