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There comes a time when the right thing to do is to leave the friends you know, see what's out there, and face a new world.
Maya (the last word said in the series)

Girl Meets Goodbye is the twenty-first and final episode in season 3 of Girl Meets World and the 72nd and final episode overall. It served as the series finale and aired on January 20, 2017.


Feeny, Turner, Shawn, Eric, Alan, Amy, Minkus, Harley and both Morgans stop by and help make a decision.[1]




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Memorable Quotes

Maya: It's Farkle who's been smart. It's Farkle who's wanted to know what Belgium 1831 was ever since it went up on the board. It's Farkle who's always loved us and tried to protect us. [gets up and kisses Farkle on the cheek] Sorry, Smackle.
Cory: Riley, I know your mother. I know she'll seek out the advice of everyone close to her. I know she'll listen to what we have to say. And I know her decision will be the right one.
Riley: No matter what it is?
Cory: No matter what it is. We go with her.
Shawn: All right, look. As much as I'd hate it if you guys went anywhere, when we left Philadelphia to come to New York, that worked. If we didn't do that, I never would have met Katy. If we didn't do that, I wouldn't be happy. We wouldn't have Maya.
Maya: Oh, guys, I'm not actually your daughter though-
Katy: I'll never forget when we first saw you in the hospital delivery room.
Maya: [to Shawn] You wanna adopt me?
Riley: Yay!
Maya: I don't know how I feel about this.
Riley and Maya: Yay!
Jon: You know, Maya, I talked with Shawn and your mom about this. I always regretted that I never adopted Shawn.
Cory: Well, you know, my parents tried to adopt Shawn, but he preferred to stay a street urchin.
Maya: I'm Maya Hunter. [gets up to hug Shawn and her mother] Da--Dad--Daddy...Dad...Daddy...Dad. Hey, Dad?
Shawn: Yeah?
Maya: I'm sorry.
Shawn: For what?
Maya: For everything I'm gonna do. Oh, and I'm going to London with them.
Alan: We can only give you a parent's advice. We raised you to be good people and we know that you will make your best decision.
Amy: But then you leave. You leave for college, you leave for New York, and now you're gonna fly across the ocean and take away my grandchildren.
Auggie: Tell them not to take us away, Aunt Morgan.
Morgan #1: I know what it's like to be the youngest one in the family. You think nobody is listening to you or your ideas, but they are. You're very important, and they'll take everything you say into consideration.
Auggie: How can I be sure that everything is gonna be okay?
Morgan #1: Because life knows that in order to be the best person you can be, sometimes it's good to stay..sometimes, you gotta go.
[gives a high-five to Morgan #2 who takes her place]
Morgan #2: I was once the youngest, just like you.
Auggie: Is there gonna be another me?!
Riley: Too late. Just you.
Morgan #2: Just know that your parents are gonna make the right decision for you. They always do. Trust them. They'll listen to you. Being the youngest is really important. You're the one they hold on to.
Morgan #1: Or not.
Feeny: You don't need me for this.
Cory: Of course we do. You've always given us our best advice. What do you got for us now?
Feeny: London...the city of Shakespeare and Dickens. I think you'll flourish there just as you've flourished here.
Topanga: You're telling us to go.
Feeny: I told you to go to Yale, too. Why didn't you?
Topanga: I got a better offer.
Feeny: And now you have another. And I'm sure you'll choose wisely, because you were always the best test-taker.
Cory: What about me?
Feeny: Don't listen to him.
Eric: Okay, so what's the problem?
Riley: Mom got a job offer in England.
Eric: What?! Who's gonna play Topanga? Wait a second, I can play Topanga.
Topanga: Eric!
Eric: Err-ich! Perfect.
Topanga: Are you gonna surprise us with incredible advice out of your idiot mouth or not?
Eric: I am, yes. Thank you. Now, listen, when I was elected Senator in two-thousand-aught-fifteen, I've come to realize that what might be a clear decision for some is not so clear to me. Look...listen to your heart. Your heart is what's gonna tell you what to do. And then go and find your favorite quiet place. Mine is under the ocean.
Zay: Hey, Riley.
Riley: Hey, Zay.
Zay: Just wanna let you know that I'll make sure Lucas is okay.
Riley: You will?
Zay: Oh, I'll walk him and feed him and make sure he never forgets about you.
Lucas: I will never forget about her.
Zay: That's a good boy! Good boy!
Riley: Thank you, Zay. Want to know something?
Zay: What?
Riley: Our circle of friends was never complete until you showed up.
Farkle: I've loved you since the first grade.
Riley: I know.
Farkle: I always will. Wherever you are.
Riley: Thank you, Farkle, but maybe you shouldn't say that in front of Smackle.
Isadora: Riley, explain the role of uranium in nuclear fission.
Riley: Uh, I don't know.
Isadora: [sarcastically] Yeah, you're a threat.
Lucas: No matter whatever happens to me in my whole life, you will always be my first girlfriend. Years from now, whenever anybody asks me, "Who was your first girlfriend?", I will always answer "Riley Matthews".
RIley: And I will always answer "Lucas Friar". I hope that you get to be a veterinarian someday.
Lucas: And I hope that wherever you are, you get to keep being Riley.


  • The working title was called "Ilha das Flores" which translates to Island of Flowers in Portuguese.
  • This episode marks Morgan Matthews' first (and only) appearance on Girl Meets World.
  • Maya says the last line in the series: "Done."
  • The original actor for Joshua Matthews, Michael Jacobs' son, makes a cameo as a customer at Topanga's.
  • This is the first time Shawn and Jonathan have been seen together since Cult Fiction.
  • Harley Keiner and Stuart Minkus had a scene together for the episode, but was cut out for unknown reasons.
  • Flashbacks to the Boy Meets World episode "Brave New World" is used.
  • This is the series finale due to the show being cancelled.
  • Shawn adopts Maya, which Riley mentioned what would need to happen for Shawn to officially be Maya's father, in Girl Meets I Do.


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