The following is the transcript for Girl Meets High School (Part 2).

Interior. Abigail Adams High School.
Maya: Riles?
Riley: Peaches?
Maya: How you feeling today?
Riley: Well, I didn't cry all night.
Maya: That's good.
Riley: Because I stopped when I passed out from crying.
Maya: Well, you seem better now.
Riley: That's where you're wrong.
Maya: Okay.
Riley: But the seniors wanted us to stand here, watch what goes on and learn from it. They have their reason.
Maya: To make fools out of us? Mission accomplished. We're fools, we're fools without friends.
Riley: They made their choice. They have started their high school careers without us and I wish them well.
Maya: Yeah. Maybe we shouldn't think about them today.
Riley: Yeah. (makes a sad face and sobs) I hope that Farkle remembers that science can't explain people and he keeps himself open to love.
Maya: You gonna do one for each?
Riley: Yes.
Maya: Give me a couple bucks for a brownie.
Riley: (gives Maya money) Okay, Maya. I want juice.
Maya: *nods and walks away*
Riley: I hope Smackle looks up from her books every once in a while so that she doesn't miss life.
Maya: *shouts* Apple?
Riley: Grape. I hope Zay stop using comedy to cover up his inner turmoil.
Maya: Uh, they're out of grape.
Riley: Surprise me.
Maya: (came back) They're not really out of grape!
Riley: *gasps* What a nice surprise.
Maya: Did you get to Lucas yet?
Riley: I hope Lucas...I hope Lucas...*whispers* I hope Lucas has a very bad day.
Maya: Gosh, you're cute. You know what, I'd rather be a fool with you than to be anything without you. So...what can we learn from down here?
Riley: Hm, here comes purple combat boots. I like her. She walks with confidence. And here comes jungle girl. She's waiting for motorcycle boots.
Maya: Vroom, vroom.
Riley: *shouts* Vroom, vroom, baby!
Maya: Riles?
Riley: Peaches?
Maya: They're way more advanced in high school.
Riley: We're middle school hand-holders.
Maya: What if those seniors sent us down here because we think we're so ready for this place and we're so not?
Riley: Well, then I'd be right. And I hope that I'm right.

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