The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Home for the Holidays:

Interior. The Matthews' Apartment.


Honey This is the first year hosting the holidays is your mum gonna go easy on me?

Cory: Do you want comfort or truth?



Its gonna be hideous


I said i wanted you to comfort me

Cory: (Cory Hugs Topanga) Its gonna be hideous
Riley: its Maya first time with us i need the holiday to go good for her
Cory: Well i need the holiday to be good for your mother
Topanga: Liar!
Cory: (Points at himself) Liar! i need the holiday to be good for Shawn,Shawn Coming! (Beeper beeps Cory Answers it) Shawn
Maya: Maya!
Cory: Shawn!
Maya: Oh whats the matter your boyfriend not here yet
Cory: He"s Not my Boyfriend!
Topanga: so what are we gonna do with this Cory and Shawn 4 Evah Ornament (Holds Jingle bell that says Cory and Shawn 4 evah)
Cory: Oh that goes right in front of the Cory And Topanga Wedding Ornament (Puts jingle bell on the Christmas tree)
Topanga: My whole life, Auggie wanna help with dinner
Maya: (Maya Walks in) i dont believe he thinks he exist
Cory: He"s Real Maya i known the guy my whole life and he"s Real
Maya: Your fun to play with (Walks to Riley) Riley i got you a present (Gives the Present to Riley)
Riley: A donation been made in your name to the Maya new winter coat fund Thank you its beautiful
Maya: im glad you like it i dont know to get for people whats the deal on this mysterious uncle Shawn
Riley: i dont see him a lot i dont thinks he likes me
Cory: Riley!
Maya: How could not like you?
Riley: Ask him and let me know
Cory: (Buzzer beeps) Shawn
Cory Parents: No its your Parents
Cory: Rats
Cory Parents: Let me explain how speaker props work (Cory mum) these days are important to me Alan How much of a fiasco is it gonna be (Cory dad) Let me explain to you how speaker props work
Cory: Hideous Already!
Topanga: How about i throw this pot at you


They dont think your real but i know you are (Topanga throws pot but Cory catches it) She tryed to hurt you Shawn
(Doorbell rings)
Auggie (Running to the door) Grandpa Grandma! (Opens door)
Alan: Here"s ten bucks right me better
Auggie Ok.
Amy Here`s cookies (gives Auggie money).
Auggie Thanks. Here's ten bucks.
Amy Well, that's how you do that.
Alan Riley! Maya!
Amy (hugs Topanga)

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