The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Hurricane:

Interior. Topanga's Bakery. Cory and Shawn bond with Riley and Maya while Topanga and Katy watch.
Maya and Shawn: (both laughing)
Riley: They're so cute together!
Cory: We're cute together, Riley. (picks up a piece of cake with a fork and flies it to Riley) Whoa-ho-ho... Oh!
Riley: What are you doing?
Cory: Why do they shove cake and we don't shove cake? Riley? Is it over between us?
Riley: It's not me, Dad. It's you.
Cory: Okay! Evening over!
Maya and Shawn: Hey!
Cory: Did you girls do your homework?
Riley: I did excellent work.
Maya: I also did excellent work.
Riley: One of us is completely lying.
Maya: Can you guess who?
Riley: Give them a hint.
Maya: You guys need a hint?
Cory and Shawn: No.
Topanga: They really get along together, huh?
Katy: Yeah. The sound of my daughter's laughter has always been my favorite song.
Topanga: You and I have the same taste in music.
Cory: You know, a little discipline isn't a bad thing, Maya.
Maya: Oh, thanks, Mr. Matthews. I'll ponder on that. (Riley moves her head around)
Shawn: I'm sorry, what? (Riley moves her head around again) Yeah. Just because you do the same weird gesture twice doesn't mean I get it.
Riley: You know, this is usually the part of the evening when people give out fatherly advice.
Shawn: Oh! (laughs) No! No, it's not my place.
Maya: Go ahead. What advice you got for me? I can take it.
Shawn: Oh, come on! We were having such a good evening. Can't we just leave it at that?
Maya: What's the matter? (punches Shawn) Boom!
Shawn: Oh!
Maya: You don't think I can take it? Go ahead. (punches Shawn) Ping! Go ahead. (punches Shawn again) Pong! (and again) Ka-Blam! (continues punching Shawn) Come on! Let's do this! Tell me to do my homework. Maybe I will just do it. You don't even know it. Come on! Let's do this.
Cory: (laughs and says to Riley) Why don't you ever do something all cute like that?
Riley: Okay! (punches Cory hard) Pow!
Cory: Ow! (falls to floor)
Maya: Come on. You got something for me? Out with it. I dare you.
Topanga: No. No, no. I have this wonderful instinct for too far. And we have arrived.
Maya: There is nothing he could say that would bother me.
Shawn: It's not going to happen. (Maya mimicks chicken clucking) Oh, right, right. Because chicken noises work on a grown man.
Riley: Cluck! Cluck! I'm a chicken! Cluck!
Shawn: All right. You want one piece of fatherly advice?
Topanga: And here comes the end of everything.
Maya: Sure, give it your best shot.
Katy: Oh, how bad could it be?
Shawn: I think you should dress differently.
Maya: (looking stunned) What did you just say to me?
Shawn: Oh. You see... You asked me for advice. I told you... but you pushed. (Maya looks like she's going to cry) Are you crying? I made you cry? Maya, you asked me for advice and I just told you how I was feeling. Why are you crying?
Maya: Because no one's ever cared enough to say that to me. (starts to hug Shawn)
Katy: Well, now I would take exception to that, but wow, I like where this is going.
Topanga: Mm-hmm. (Maya is now sobbing)
Shawn: Make it stop. Can we make it stop? How do I make it stop? (Maya is still crying) How 'bout I buy you some new clothes? (Maya stops crying)
Riley: Okay. (leans to Cory and pretends to cry) You're right. Maybe we should be more like them. Now you say I get new clothes.
Cory: You had your chance, Riley.
Riley: (pushes Cory harder) Pow!
Title Sequence. Interior. Demolition. Cory and Shawn wait while Riley helps Maya in the dressing room.
Cory: Sit down, Shawnie! Relax yourself. Tryin' on clothes is all day.
Shawn: No, I'm just here to buy a kid an outfit.
Cory: I know. Not gonna change you at all when she steps out from behind that curtain, with a look on her face that says, "Do you think this makes me look beautiful, Dad?"
Shawn: I'm not going to sit in one of these Daddy chairs and wait for a kid to spend my money.
Cory: I know! Sit in the chair, Shawn.
Shawn: I am never going to sit in that chair!
Riley: Gentlemen, may I now present the new and definitely improved Miss Maya Hart.
Shawn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on out. Let's see what you put together. (Maya emerges from dressing room wearing a nice black dress; Shawn then sits down in the Daddy chair next to Cory, who reminds) I know.
Maya: Do you like it?
Shawn: (stammers) Wow. Look at you.
Cory: Yeah. This might be my favorite day ever.
Maya: Shawn, you really don't have to do this.
Shawn: I want to. I want to be responsible for this, if you'll let me.
Maya: Thank you. No one's ever done anything like this for me before.
Shawn: You're welcome. Now, pick something else out and go back into the dressing room and be happy and come out with that face on.
Maya: You'll be okay?
Shawn: Oh, I'm fine. I- I have this chair.
Riley: (emerges from dressing room with a different outfit)
Cory: No!
Riley: But my face!
Cory: No!
Riley: But I love you.
Cory: No! (to Shawn) I'll teach you that next.
Interior. Topanga's Bakery. Cory, Shawn and the girls return from their shopping trip.
Shawn: I went shopping for girls clothes and had a good time. What is happening to me?
Maya: What do you think?
Topanga: Wow! New look, Maya. You look great.
Katy: You look beautiful, baby girl.
Maya: Thanks, Mom.
Auggie: Can I have your T-shirt with the big tongue? I like that big tongue (sticks out tongue) Blah!
Riley: (enters with a bunch of bags from Demolition)
Topanga: (assuming the bags were Riley's) Cory!
Cory: No! It's not hers. I got her nothin'!
Katy: Shawn! That's all for Maya? It's too much.
Shawn: Katy, why do you work so hard?
Katy: To keep the lights on, Shawn.
Shawn: Katy, why do you work so hard?
Katy: Because I have a daughter to take care of.
Shawn: There you go. And I just have me. I travel light. I just need a cup of coffee and a sandwich, 'cause of that I've been able to put a little money away.
Cory: How much money?
Shawn: (points to the Demolition bags) That much right there. And now it's all gone. I like taking care of somebody besides me.
Katy: (drags Shawn away for a private talk) Maya adores you. And the deeper that this gets, the more it's going to crush her when-
Shawn: "When" what?
Katy: Her legs get cut out from under her.
Shawn: Katy, can we just have a good day? You keep the lights on. Right? And I dress the kid up a little bit. Can't we just look at her and smile?
Katy: Yeah. I guess we can.
Shawn: We good?
Katy: We're good. Thank you.
Topanga: (to Katy) Yeah, you didn't tell him that keeping the lights on isn't quite as glamorous for your daughter as a whole new wardrobe, did you?
Katy: He did a kind thing. I stopped hoping for any glory long ago.
Shawn: (to Maya) Hey. You. Who's your mama?
Maya: (points to Katy) That pretty blond lady.
Shawn: She does all the heavy lifting. I got to do something fun. (puts arm around Katy) this stuff comes from me and her. Don't ever forget that.
Maya: I won't. Thanks, Mom. (she and Katy hug)
Topanga: (puts her hand on Cory's shoulder)
Cory: What's this for?
Topanga: Nothing. Everything.
Riley: You know, Maya, you can borrow any of my clothes whenever you want.
Maya: Thanks. (points to the bags Riley is holding) You can never touch any of this stuff.
Interior. The Matthews' apartment. Riley's bedroom. Riley is sitting in the bay window while Maya is modeling her new clothes.
Maya: It isn't about the clothes, you know? It's that someone wanted to do this for me.
Riley: Of course it isn't about the clothes. It's about you. (Maya shows off one outfit) Love it!
Maya: Look at me.
Riley: Yay!
Maya: I need to tell you something.
Riley: Anything.
Maya: And I don't want you to react.
Riley: I won't.
Maya: (has on a different outfit) Because if you react too big, you're going to jinx it. Please don't jinx it.
Riley: Love it!
Maya: I know!
Riley: Yay!
Maya: I think there's a chance I might've been living life all wrong. And I think, maybe you've been right.
Riley: I like when I'm right. What am I right about?
Maya: Don't get all excited, okay?
Riley: (excitedly) I promise to not be excited!
Maya: (has on a different outfit) I used to think hope was for suckers.
Riley: Love it!
Maya: This is me now!
Riley: Yay!
Maya: But maybe if you don't hope for too much, but let yourself hope for one thing, it might actually happen. Today was a real good day. I'm going to hope for one more and we'll see what comes. Please don't get excited and jinx it. (Riley struggles to contain her emotions) Okay, let it out.
Riley: (loudly) Love it!
Maya: (loudly) Me, too!
Riley: Yay! (tries to grab Maya's jacket)
Maya: No!
Riley: Okay!
Interior. John Quincy Adams middle school history class. Cory is teaching the students about Hurricane Katrina.
Cory: It came out of nowhere. The winds were blowing at 175 miles an hour. A "Category 5" hurricane. There is no category six. Who knows what a levee is? (Riley has her hand up) Riley.
Riley: It's like a hill or a dam that's supposed to keep water out.
Cory: "Supposed to." So, we build these protections to keep out the elements, but sometimes the storm is stronger than we are. Who knows anything about New Orleans geography? (Farkle has his hand up) Farkle.
Farkle: It's below sea level.
Cory: So where does the floodwater go?
Farkle: Down. Right into the city.
Cory: And what's the result? (Lucas has his hand up) Lucas.
Lucas: Parish after Parish was destroyed. People lost their homes. People lost everything.
Riley: Lucas went there from Texas to help out.
Lucas: I told you that?
Riley: Nope.
Lucas: You know, when it ended, there were jazz bands playing on the street. Other people came out of what was left of their houses to dance. You know what they do in New Orleans? They have Hurricane barbecues. Hurricane picnics. Their city drowned but they still celebrated each other.
Cory: Thank you, Lucas. So, their homes are gone. They have no power. And they live in a city where even geography tells them it's a sucker's bet to stay. What do they do? (looks at Maya) Maya, raise your hand.
Maya: I don't know the answer.
Cory: Stop hiding out in my class, Maya. You know the answer. What did they do?
Maya: They stayed and they believed things would get better. And they did. They got better.
Cory: How come?
Maya: Because they had hope.
Cory: New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the world. Even in devastation, they didn't miss a Mardi Gras. The clothes look nice, Maya. But it's the hope that looks great on you.
Interior. Topanga's Bakery. Katy is working as Shawn enters.
Katy: Thanks for coming. You need to stop being nice to me.
Shawn: You need therapy.
Katy: No kidding. Listen, I love the way you are with Maya and I believe you may even be sincere, but there's no need to be nice to me.
Shawn: I don't think you and I have ever even had a normal conversation.
Katy: When Kermit left me-- (Shawn laughs) What?
Shawn: I'm sorry. I never pictured your ex-husband as a "Kermit".
Katy: When Kermit left me--
Shawn: (laughs again) I'm not even sorry.
Katy: Mm-hmm. When he left--
Shawn: Who? When who left? Who?
Katy: I decided to shut that part of me off. You know, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on--
Shawn: Me? Shame on me? Why? Katy, I have no idea where this conversation's coming from.
Katy: You're confusing your affection for Maya with affection for me and you don't need to do that.
Shawn: Wait. When did I affection you?
Katy: You put your arm around me!
Shawn: Oh. Katy. Come on. Sometimes an arm around somebody is just an arm around somebody. (Katy proceeds to put her arm around Shawn) Um... What is that? What are you doing?
Katy: What are you doing? (removes her arm from Shawn as if she was proving a point; meanwhile, Riley and Maya are looking on from outside)
Riley: (sighs) Kermit?
Maya: Topanga?
Riley: We're even. Seems like it's going pretty good in there.
Maya: I'm hoping.
Katy: (still talking to Shawn) I know what things mean. I'm a woman and I have instincts. And your charity does not extend to me, so you don't need to ask me on a date--
Shawn: Wait a minute. Are you asking me out on a date?
Katy: No!
Shawn: Katy, you seem mad at me for no reason. Do you think there's a chance that you're actually mad at somebody else who's not me?
Katy: I didn't view my marriage as disposable. I was all in. I said those things to him in front of God and I meant it.
Shawn: Yeah. I get it. I thought my first real girlfriend was going to be the one forever. I wanted Angela--
Katy: (scoffs) Angela? What kind of name-- No, Angela's a fine name. It's my mother's name, actually.
Shawn: I wanted us to be some version of Cory and Topanga. But I guess there's only one of those. Katy, relationships end. Sometimes out of nowhere, on a sunny day. But you pick yourself up, and you rebuild. And you don't look back.
Cory: (enters) Knock! Knock!
Shawn: Who's there?
Cory: The only person who could change your life from things are going pretty good right now to... AHHH!
Shawn The only person who could change my life from things are going pretty good right now to...
Cory: AHHH!
Shawn: Who?
Angela: (enters) Hi.
Shawn: Angela. Boy. Look at you. You're here.
Angela: I need to talk to you. (she and Shawn hug each other with Cory looking on)
Cory: Awkward. I now pronounce you awkward. (to Angela) Hey! Remember in high school and (points to Shawn) he found your purse? Remember he got handcuffed in the boathouse? That was a good one. Remember you and him for a while then you went away? Let me show you what that looked like. (races out the door and joins Riley and Maya)
Angela: (to Shawn) Well, he's calmed down.
Katy: Hi, Angela. I'm Katy. Shawn speaks highly of you. (shakes hands with Angela)
Angela: Well, I think highly of him.
Katy: You know what? So do I. Well, I'm going to leave you two alone. (leaves to join Cory and the girls outside)
Angela: I really missed you.
Shawn: Yeah? You've got a funny way of letting someone know.
Maya: She seems nice. She's very pretty.
Riley: I'm Sorry, Maya.
Maya: For what?
Riley: It's my fault. You hope for things and you get smashed. You're right. I'm wrong. I'm sorry.
Maya: Everything will turn out the way it should.
Riley: How can you say that? That's Angela. She's going to take him away.
Maya: I'm not giving up hope yet.
Riley: Why not?
Maya: I just got it.
Riley: (gets up and walks inside; says to Angela) Hello! (goes to the counter)
Angela: (to Shawn) Well, did you hear my dad died?
Shawn: Oh, no, Angela. I'm so sorry.
Angela: (sighs) A military man. A war hero and he dies fishing.
Shawn: I liked him.
Angela: Oh, he liked you.
Riley: (takes a plate of croissants and leaves; says to Angela) Bye!
Angela: (to Shawn) You know I think about him every day. Hey! Do you still have that thing where you can feel your dad standing right next to you?
Shawn: I do. Yeah, he was barely there for me when he was alive, but now that he's gone, I can absolutely depend on him to show up at the most important times of my life. Angela, why are you here?
Angela: I need someone to talk to. It can only be you. How about that?
Shawn: Okay.
Cory: (looking at Riley and the plate of croissants) What do you call this?
Riley: Well, we've got a storm going on, so a hurricane picnic. (Riley, Cory, Katy and Maya each take a croissant and toast each other)
Shawn: (to Angela) What's going on?
Angela: (shows off wedding ring) I'm married now.
Maya: (off-camera) Yay!
Shawn: (to Angela) How long have you been married?
Angela: Four years. He's a military man.
Shawn: Why did you leave me?
Angela: I wasn't ready.
Shawn: And then you were?
Angela: Well, life goes on, Shawn. You know, I think life puts people in front of us, so that we can be prepared for what comes next. I was ready because of you.
Shawn: I hope life knows what it's doing. Why did you come see me?
Angela: Okay. My husband wants to have children. And you know that I've always been scared of being somebody's mother because my own mother left.
Shawn: Yeah, we were both broken that way.
Angela: Yeah, now he's trying to convince me that I'd be a good one and I need somebody who understands me to tell me if that could be true. I mean, I can't talk to my father. He doesn't just show up for me like yours does. You're the only one I can trust with this.
Shawn: Have kids, Angela. Put more of you in the world. And then sit in a chair and watch them. You'd be amazed. We're here to make somebody else happy.
Angela: Thank you, Shawn. I knew I could count on you to tell me what's right. Hey, can I tell you something right?
Shawn: I wish somebody would.
Angela: (sees Maya looking through the window) Who's that?
Shawn: It's Maya.
Angela: She has not taken her eyes off you since I walked in.
Shawn: Yeah. She's somebody I've grown very fond of.
Angela: (knocks on window) And that's her mother? (Katy's face appears on the window with Maya)
Shawn: Katy, yeah. That's her mom.
Angela: Mmm. Is she the one?
Shawn: What? No.
Angela: Is she the one, Shawn?
Shawn: No. I don't know her enough to know anything.
Angela: Well, let me tell you what's right. Let what we had make you ready for something. (holds arm around Shawn) Life knows what it's doing. (gives Shawn a kiss and goes outside to look at Cory, Katy, Maya and Riley, smiles and leaves)
Riley: (wraps her arms around Cory)
Cory: What's this for?
Riley: Nothing. Everything. I think we're cute together.
Cory: I know.
Interior. Demolition. Cory and Shawn are seated in the Daddy chairs with Riley and Maya sitting alongside them. Auggie and Topanga in the dressing room.
Cory: (to Auggie) How's it going in there, super spy?
Auggie: It's bad, man. I think she's up to about a million dollars. (Cory looks worried)
Topanga: (enters with the clothes she was trying on folded around her arm) I don't really like any of it.
Cory: (laughs) Who's better than you?
Shawn: (to Katy) Hey, can I buy you an outfit?
Maya: He's really good at it.
Katy: No, no, you can't buy me anything. We hardly know each other.
Shawn: (chuckles) Are you asking me out on a date?
Katy: Yeah.
Shawn: Wait. What? Seriously? Right here in front of everybody?
Katy: Sure. It would be real bad for me if you said no.
Riley: Uncle Shawn?
Shawn: Yeah?
Riley: This is, like, a real important moment in your life.
Shawn: Yeah, I think it is.
Maya: How're you gonna handle this, Ace?
Chet Hunter: I'll tell you how you're gonna handle it, son. (looks at Maya) You take a look at that tough little girl's face. You know what she's doin'? She's letting her guard down just enough to let you know she cares about you. So, how you're gonna handle that is, you gotta decide right now what that means to you. And then (points to Katy) take a look at her screwball mother. Do yourself a favor and notice how she might be wonderful, too.
Katy (to Shawn) You gonna leave me hangin' or what?
Chet Hunter: And finally, trust me, (points to the expressions on Katy and Maya) take a look at the expression on them two faces. You know what that is? Hope. Funny thing is, they could use just about exactly as much of it as you can. Shawn. If that little girl can let her guard down, why can't you?
Shawn: Maya? Would it be okay with you if I--
Maya: (struggles to contain her emotions)
Riley: Okay. Let it out.
Maya: (loudly) Yay!
Shawn: Katy, I-- I would love to go on a date with you. Thanks for asking.
Chet Hunter: That's my boy.

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