Don't be influenced by somebody else's likes or clicks or favorites.
Cory to his class

Girl Meets Jexica is the third episode in season 3 of Girl Meets World and the 54th episode overall. It aired on June 10, 2016 to 1.5 million viewers.


Riley's worried that her new classmates won't like the real her so she invents an online alter-ego named Jexica; Cory and Topanga face Auggie's internet usage.




Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Emily Robinson as Amy
  • Hannah Wiser as Jo

International Premieres

  • August 9, 2016 (Australia)
  • November 13, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)


Lucas: Favorite movie? Butch Cassidy.
Farkle: Empire Strikes Back.
Zay: The Notebook.
[Lucas and Farkle stare at Zay]
Zay: Love never dies, man.
Riley: Jexica!
Maya: Jexica?
Riley: Like Jessica, but x-ier.
Riley: [Setting up her profile] Riley Matthews, interests.
Maya: Why did you stop?
Riley: I can't think of my interests.
Maya: You can think of your interests your just worried that your interests aren't interesting and your profile will bore the whole school!
Riley: Why are you smart when it's at me?
Maya: Just skip it and go to ones you know like favorite movie.
Riley: No.
Maya: Why?
Riley: Maya, what if people here don't share my passion for farm animals that save the day?
Maya: Why do you care about what other people think?
Riley: That's all I do.
Maya: Just write down something you like and stop being so dramatic.
Riley: I am the least dramatic person that has ever roamed the face of the Earth!
Farkle: Favorite song?
Lucas: Desperado.
Zay: Anything by Celine Dion.
Farkle: The sound of my computer turning on. Bahhhhh....
Riley: Jexica was the coolest person there ever was. She had blue hair and protected me.
Maya: What happened to her?
Riley: You showed up.
Riley and Maya: Aw!
[After Maya draws Jexica]
Riley: Hey, that's her. Do you think anyone will like her?
Maya: I know I do.
Riley: I hate not having the same schedule as you!
Maya: I know! I tried to talk to you in class about this dry patch and I realized I was talking to Yogi!
Maya: Is Yogi one of my 5 husbands?
Riley: Yeah.
Maya: How is that even possible?
Riley: We only know 5 guys.
Lucas: Hey, how do you guys feel about making some new friends outside our group?
Maya: Of course, why?
Lucas: There's this girl...
Riley: What!
Lucas: ..named Jexica.
Riley: What...
Lucas: I don't know, I feel that I really get Jexica.
Farkle: Yeah, she's a mystery woman. A mystery makes a woman very intriguing.
Riley: Better than Maya?
Maya: Hey!
Riley: Better than Maya?
Cory: I hear the freshmen just joined the school's social network.
Riley: Not me.
Cory: I hear someone has already caused quite a stir.
Riley: Not me!
Cory: So who is ready to learn something today?
Maya: Not me.
Zay: The internet makes us look like a society that only cares about dancing cats.
Lucas: Well, what's the difference between dancing cats and a new world, they're all gonna get replaced tomorrow.
Zay: Well, what's wrong with a little distraction?
Cory: How many people have seen the dancing cat video? How many people have seen the sneezing panda?
Maya: Oh one goes ha choo! and the other goes ah!
Cory: This doesn't seem like a distraction; it seems like a lifestyle.
Lucas: But we use the internet to study too, Mr Matthews.
Cory: And that's great. Who knows the capital of Minnesota? What about penguins? Are they in the North Pole or polar bears in the South or the other way around?
Maya: We only have so much room in our brains!
Cory: Who's seen the Charlie Bit My Finger video?
Maya: I'm alone in the Bay Window. I've been forsaken, abandoned, and ... a third word for alone.
Riley: I'm almost done liking the likes that people liked of me.
Maya: You mean Jexica?
Riley: I am Jexica.
Riley: Maya, I don't get it. Jexica has lost like half of her followers. How did this happen? What do I do? What kind of world is this?
Maya: Riles, you didn't do anything. It's just a matter of time that people will get over things that don't exist.
Riley: Poor jexica.
Maya: She's not a thing.
Riley: All she wanted was love.
Maya: She doesn't exist.
Riley: I bet she wished that she never put up her profile.
Maya: She's you.
Riley: Well then how do you feel about this?
Maya: Leave me alone!
Cory: How do you guys feel about who you are?
Zay: I got 109 followers so I feel pretty good about myself.
Cory: Really? What's important?
Farkle: Polar bears North Pole, penguins South Pole, capital of Minnesota is St. Paul.
Cory: If something that's important to us today is so easily replaced by something tomorrow, we have to wonder if that had any value at all. What can we learn from that?
Riley: I'm being asked questions about myself but I'm still figuring out who I am!
Cory: Because who you are isn't measured by today or tomorrow, but by a whole bunch of days in what you do. Not necessarily what you say or think at a particular time. The great thing about evolving is that we continue to grow and feel. Who would determine what you think?
Maya: Wikipedia.
Maya: Hey, Huckleberry, what do you know?
Lucas: I know that we need to stick together and we can do that by being honest with each other
Maya: Get to it.
Lucas: [to Riley] I know that you are Jexica.
Farkle: I know that you are Jexica.
Zay: Lucas told me you were Jexica.
Riley: How did you guys know that?
Lucas: We know who you are Riley. You don't have to write down some fake profile to not show who you are. I'd recognize you anywhere.
Farkle: I want us to last forever.
Riley: Well how do we do that?
Maya: By finding out that friends who know who you are is the most real thing there is.
Maya: Step away from the internet.
Riley: I updated my profile and put down all my interests and the things that make me who I am.


  • First GMW script by Mackenzie Yeager.
  • Some of the videos that Cory mentioned that were online really exist. For example, the video with "Charlie bit my finger!" exists, and also the ending video called "Who's your best friend?".
  • A flashback from the Boy Meets World episode "Santa's Little Helpers" is shown.
  • First lines and on-screen credit for Clarissa Peralta's character, Clarissa.
  • Our Town is still being advertised.
  • Ava only appears as a figure in Auggie's dream.
  • Fifth time Auggie's bedroom appears.
  • As of this episode, a bench has been placed over the front of the  "Hole."
  • Third time an imaginary sequence is used on the series.
  • Actor John O'Hurley, who played Captain Hook in the 2015 panto Peter Pan and Tinker Bell: A Pirate's Christmas, which featured  GMW cast members, attended the taping.
  • Real-life  PGA Golf champion, Bubba Watson, made a cameo for this episode, but it was ultimately cut from the final version.  Coincidentally, during the week he was In Los Angeles to film that sequence, he later went on to win the 2016 Northern Trust Open at the Riviera Country Club.
  • Rileys Profile

    Riley's Profile Page

    Riley's profile page contains a mixture of promotional pictures, and images from Girl Meets PlutoGirl Meets Rah RahGirl Meets the Forgiveness ProjectGirl Meets FriendshipGirl Meets Cory and TopangaGirl Meets Gravity, Girl Meets Commonism, and Girl Meets Hurricane.
  • Favorite Movies & Songs:
    • Riley - Farm Animals Save The Day
    • Maya - Don't Look Behind You
    • Lucas - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Desperado
    • Farkle - The Empire Strikes Back, the sound of his computer turning on
    •  Zay -The Notebook, anything by Celine Dion


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Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Jexica (Promo)-1

Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Jexica (Promo)-1

Friday Night June 10, 2016 Disney Channel

Friday Night June 10, 2016 Disney Channel