The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Legacy:

Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley's Bedroom. Maya and Riley are sitting on the window seat.
Lucas: (comes in through the window, Riley and Maya make room for him to sit in between them, and when he sits in between them, he starts getting his note cards out of his buttoned-down shirt pocket and reads each one to them) "It has been a long time since New Year's Eve on the roof. Remember that?" "I know we've been avoiding it, but now the flowers are blooming and it is spring:" "the season of love." "Hi. My name is Lucas Friar, and I'm here to talk to you about us."
Maya: Do we have to talk about this?
Lucas: We have to make some decisions!
Riley: We have chosen to completely forget about this. (To Cory) He's in my room!
Cory: (To all three of them) You have to make some decisions!
Lucas: (stands up, gets in front of one of the curtains, and continues reading each note card to Maya and Riley) "This is very hard for me. We have to be very careful of what's going on," "because I don't want to-"
Riley: Lose either one of you as my friend?
Lucas: (Reading each note card to them) "lose either one of you as my friend."
Maya: (To Riley) Wait. You were with him when he wrote this?
Riley: No, Maya. I think we just all know what's at stake here.
Maya: Nothing's at stake here! Just tell me right now nothing will affect our friendship.
Riley: It won't.
Lucas: (Reading each note card to them) "What" "about" "what" "I" "want?"
Riley: One card for each word.
Maya: Why'd he do that?
Riley: (To Lucas) Emphasis.
Maya: Why did he do that?
Riley: (To Lucas) Lucas, what do you want?
Lucas: (goes to sit in between them again and says to them) I don't want anything bad to happen to us, but I especially don't want to be responsible for something bad happening between the two of you.
Maya: We know that.
Riley: (To Lucas) Why do you think we like you?
Maya: (To Lucas) What's it say on your last card?
Lucas: Oh, I'll get to it. (to both of them) See? I have different feelings for each of you and I don't entirely understand them.
Riley: We don't understand this either.
Lucas: (To Riley and Maya) That's why the smartest things to do would be to make the right decision right now and just move on.
Riley: Great! How do we do that?
Maya: (To Lucas) You mean choose one of us over the other? What happens then?
Riley: That would be the end of us.
Maya: (To Lucas) What's it say on your last card?
Lucas: (Reading his last card to them) "I don't want this to be the end of us."
Title sequence. Then: Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom. Cory is teaching a lesson on legacy.
Cory: Legacy. (Notices the goose on Farkle's desk) Why is Farkle a goose?
Riley: That's the Einstein Academy goose.
Cory: Oh, of course. The Einstein Academy goose. Why is it on Farkle's desk?
Maya: Einstein captured Farkle.
Lucas: (To Cory) It was their end of the year prank.
Maya: (To Cory) So, since they took our mascot-
Riley: (To Cory) We took theirs and now, we're even.
Cory: Farkle's not a mascot.
Maya: What would you call him?
Cory: (To Lucas) Where's Zay? They got Zay, too?
Lucas: Zay's back in Texas. He's at Vanessa's spring formal.
Riley and Maya: Ooh!
Cory: (To his class) All right, guys. Listen up. It's your last week of school. This is my last chance to teach you something.
Maya: Do you have more to teach us?
Cory: I have so much more I wanna teach you. (To his class) So much more. I mean, you guys are gonna be leaving this place. What will you be leaving behind? What is your legacy? I wanna talk about not just what you've gotten from this place, but what you've given.
Maya: (To Riley, Farkle and Lucas) He's right. We still haven't thought of our class prank! I was thinking we could let all of the air out of school. Everybody would just be like (choking). That'd be hi-larious.
Farkle: (enters) I'll tell you what's hi-larious. (notices the goose on his desk) Nobody saved me! Why did nobody save me?
Riley: Farkle, we looked for you for a whole five minutes, and then we took the goose.
Maya: (To Farkle) He's the new you.
Lucas: (To Farkle) Donnie Barnes, regular goose.
Cory: I'd see that movie.
Farkle: (To Cory, Maya and Lucas) Oh, please. Farkle cannot be replaced by a goose. Farkle is unique and one of a kind. (to the goose) Hah! (the goose honks) You don't know me.
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. The kitchen/living room Cory, Topanga, Riley and Auggie are having dinner.
Riley: You haven't taught me enough.
Cory: Did I teach you to pass the mashed potatoes?
Riley: Yes.
Cory: Well, then there's a test on that right now.
Riley: (grabs the bowl of mashed potatoes and passes it to him)
Cory: You passed! (chuckles) Funny daddy.
Topanga: (To Riley) What's bothering you, Riley?
Riley: Everything gets harder. (To Cory) Everything gets harder and you didn't tell me. Were you going to tell me?
Topanga: (To Cory) You didn't tell her?
Cory: Only every day. You tell her.
Topanga: (To Riley) Life gets harder. (To Auggie) Tell her, Auggie.
Auggie: (To Riley) I'm doing fine.
Riley: (To Cory and Topanga) We're graduating middle school. We're supposed to be in the middle of our education. The only thing I'm in the middle of is a big mess with two people I care most about in the world.
Topanga: Why?
Riley: Because we're not talking about it. Because Maya and I both like Lucas and so we know that one of us is going to get hurt, so we're all scared to move.
Topanga: You know what makes me happy?
Riley: How could you be happy about any of this?
Topanga: Because you're talking to us about it. No matter what happens to you, we always want to be a part of what happens to you.
Riley: (To Cory and Topanga) You always will be.
Cory: Thanks, Riley. That's the greatest legacy any parent could have.
Topanga: (To Riley and about Maya) Look, you guys are both going to be fine, and there is nobody stronger than Maya. Nothing can break her. I just don't see it.
Maya: (opens the door and falls to her knees)
Topanga: Aww, it's a poor baby. It's a poor, poor baby. Come here. Come here.
Maya: (walks to her and hugs her)
Topanga: (hugs back) Oh Maya, no matter what happens, it is nobody's fault.
Maya: Yes, it is.
Topanga: Whose fault do you think it is?
Maya: (referring to Cory) Matthews.
Cory: (puts his fork on his plate) Well, of course.
Maya: (goes to sit at the table with Topanga) You didn't teach us enough. And we don't know how to handle this, and now we're leaving, and you're staying behind, and you didn't teach us enough.
Riley: (To Cory) Yeah, Dad. You're more than a teacher to me. You're like a father to me.
Cory: (Looking confused) Thanks, Riley.
Topanga: (To Riley and Maya) He's the best teacher you're ever going to have. And if there's one thing I know for sure he's taught you, it's how to express yourselves in the best possible way, and as long as you do that, there is nothing to worry about.
Lucas: (opens the door and reads the new note cards to Cory and Topanga) "Hi. It's me, Lucas Friar." "Since no one knows what to do, I made a choice."
Topanga: Okay, I'm a little worried.
Lucas: (reads another note card to Riley and Maya) "I choose to stop."
Cory: Lucas, put the cards away. Say what you need to say.
Lucas: (walks up to Riley and Maya and says to them) You both mean the world to me, and I would never do anything to hurt either one of you. So, I choose to stop. You won't decide, so I did, and I decided that we're just friends. That's all we are. I don't want this to be the end of us. (exits)
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom. Cory is still teaching Legacy while Riley is outside of the classroom looking through the window, Maya is lying on top of her desk, and Lucas is sitting away from her.
Cory: You came into this place a bunch of young kids who didn't know very much, and now, look at ya. Young men and women ready for what's next. (To Maya) Snap out of it! (To Riley) Get in here!
Riley: (makes a face with her cheek on the window)
Cory: (To Lucas) What are you doin'?
Lucas: We value our friendship too much to look at each other.
Cory: Turn your chair around. (To Maya) Get in your seat.
Maya: (gets in her seat)
Lucas: (stands up, takes his chair with him, turns it around)
Cory: (To his class) Now, the most important thing you can do in life is to give people the reason to remember you. (Lucas looks at Riley) The people who do that are the ones we study in here. So, your last assignment from me and for yourselves is to figure out what you will give back.
Maya: (Notices Lucas looking at her and says to him) What?
Lucas: I looked at Riley.
Maya: I know. I saw.
Lucas: So, I'm looking at you to even it up.
Maya: Well, a girl always wants to be looked at to be evened up.
Lucas: We're just friends, and I love your outfit.
Riley: (Smacks the window with both of her hands) Hey!
Lucas: Your hair smells nice!
Riley: (smiles and feels her hair)
Maya: (To Lucas) You smelled her hair?
Cory: (To Lucas) Lucas!
Lucas: I'm dying here!
Cory: (To his class as Riley comes in and sits at her desk) What are you grateful for? Who do you want to remember you? Do something about it right now. Now get outta here. (Everyone leaves the classroom except Cory and Riley)
Riley: I'm not ready to leave this place.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. The hallway. Gabriella is walking to the bench with Maya.
Gabriella: What's going on?
Maya: (goes to sit and the bench with her) I'm graduating, Ms. Kossal. And I wanted to say goodbye and thank you for believing in me.
Gabriella: I expect great things from you, Maya. You've been given a real gift. So, grow. And when you feel something you know the rest of us feel, explain it to us. Paint us a picture.
Maya: I'll try.
Gabriella I'm glad I had the chance to be your teacher. (Puts her arm around her, pulls towards her and hugs her)
Farkle: (To Mr. Norton) Just a quick goodbye, Mr. Norton. We both know emotion has no place in science.
Mr. Norton: Right, right, my dear boy. So, from one scientist to another, see you on Mars.
Farkle: Mr. Norton, could we just not be scientists for one second?
Mr. Norton: Well, let me remove the protective goggles of my soul. (To Gabriella and Maya) Clear outta here!
Gabriella and Maya: (stand up and walk away)
Mr. Norton and Farkle: (go to sit on the bench)
Farkle: (puts his had on Mr. Norton's back and says to him) I'm really gonna miss you, sir.
Mr. Norton: The feeling's mutual, my boy.
Farkle: Is it possible feelings are stronger than science?
Mr. Norton: (chuckles) Keep discovering, Farkle.
Janitor Harley: (Rolling the cart and saying to Lucas) Me?
Lucas: Yeah. I wanted to say thank you.
Janitor Harley: Why? I left some kind of impression on you? (To Mr. Norton and Farkle) Clear outta here.
Mr. Norton and Farkle: (stand up and walk away so that Janitor Harley can clean the bench)
Lucas: (To Janitor Harley) Mr. Matthews told me you had to make a real difficult choice once.
Janitor Harley: I was at a crossroads. I was standing on the corner of Maple Street and Alcatraz.
Lucas: How do you make the right decisions?
Janitor Harley: (squirts the seat of the bench and wipes it) I always try to make sure this bench here is polished up and looking nice and inviting for you to sit in. You know why I do that?
Lucas: Why? (Goes to sit with Janitor Harley)
Janitor Harley: Because you kids come and go, but this bench stays right here, and all the problems of the universe get decided on it. I respect a nice place where good decisions get made. It's getting a little worn down, a little old as time goes by, but aren't we all? (Stands up) Thanks for saying goodbye to me, Lucas. (Lucas stands up) It means a lot to me. (Puts his hand on his shoulder) Make good decisions. (Gets his hand off his shoulder, goes to his own cart and rolls it away)
Lucas: (goes to sit back on the bench again)
Interior. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom. He and Riley are in the classroom.
Riley: I don't wanna go. I'm not ready for high school and I don't wanna go.
Cory: Why not?
Riley: 'Cause we did great here. This was the time for our lives! We were kings, Matthews. What will I be next year?
Cory: Not kings.
Riley: No. The opposite of kings. Freshmen. Worms. Worse than worms. Freshmen.
Cory: You'll do fine, Riley. (To Riley and about his class) You all will.
Riley: Also and I don't say this a lot, but I like you.
Cory: You do?
Riley: Yeah. You said you had a lot more to teach us.
Cory: And I will. You're my daughter.
Riley: What about the rest of my friends, Dad? You need to teach all of us more. We're a mess. We shouldn't feel. We don't know how to feel and you need to teach us how to not feel.
Farkle, Maya and Lucas: (enter Cory's classroom and sit at their desks)
Cory: (Looks at three of them) What?
Maya: You got one last lesson for the road?
Cory: Yeah. I do.
Maya: Well, I've never said this before, but you have my attention.
Cory: Good. (to four of his students) This one's important. I've gotten to watch you guys become friends and I've gotten to watch you grow. You guys grew up so fast and I've been trying to teach you to keep your feelings inside.
Riley: And you were right. Look at us.
Cory: I was wrong. (To four of his students) Your teacher was wrong. I can't keep you in this place. You've outgrown it. You guys are graduating to whatever comes next. Do you know why?
Maya: No.
Cory: (To four of his students) You've earned it.
Maya: How do we know when we're ready?
Cory: The same way we know anything. (To four of his students) Let's take one last test and see.
Maya, Riley and Lucas: (Groan)
Farkle: (To Cory) Yay.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom. Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas are sitting at their desks.
Riley: Are you even allowed to do this? It's the last day of school.
Cory: I'm still your teacher. I can do whatever I want. Besides, this test isn't for a grade. This is a test to find out what you've actually learned here. (To four of his students) Question one. What's the secret of life? (To Maya) Maya?
Maya: People change people.
Cory: And for extra credit?
Maya: What 'us' does for them?
Cory: What does that mean?
Maya: How we help those who are less fortunate than us.
Cory: And are you an 'us' or them?
Maya: I'm an 'us'. I'm very blessed. We all are.
Cory: (To four of his students) Question two. Sneak attack. (To Riley) Riley?
Riley: Pearl Harbor.
Cory: And for extra credit?
Riley: Missy Bradford tried to tear our friendships apart. Lucas was new here and she tried to throw a sneak attack. I think that was the moment we all realized what we really meant to each other. The moment we all came together.
Cory: Good. (To Farkle) Farkle? Canada.
Farkle: Our greatest allies are the people right next to us.
Cory: (To Lucas) Lucas?
Lucas: I think I was the most changed by these people. I know that whatever I'm feeling, I can just tell my friends and everything would be okay.
Riley: Will it?
Lucas: I guess we'll see.
Maya: I thought we stopped.
Riley: (To Lucas) I thought we were just friends.
Lucas: We're not. We're no good at it. (To both Riley and Maya) We can't even look at each other anymore. I don't need any note cards to know that we have different feelings now.
Cory: And that's why your teacher was wrong. (To four of his students) I can't hold you back from what you feel. Congratulations. You've all passed this test with flying colors.
Farkle: What happens now?
Cory: Now you graduate, Farkle. You walk out of here with everything you've learned and you live life. You live it. You face whatever comes. (To four of his students) This is gonna be the greatest test of your friendship yet.
Maya: Wow. I made it to high school. We're gonna need some good teachers, Matthews.
Cory: Yeah. (To four of his students) So, one last thing. How will the school remember you?
Lucas: I have an idea.
Maya: What's our prank?
Riley: (To Cory) I have an idea.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School hallway. Riley Matthews, Maya Hart, Farkle Minkus and Lucas Friar have given the Elementary kids a tour of John Quincy Adams Middle School.
Riley: And that concludes our tour of the big, bad John Quincy Adams Middle School.
Maya: (To the Elementary kids) Not so scary, right?
Lucas: (To the Elementary kids) You guys are gonna do great here.
Farkle: (To the Elementary kids) There's one more thing before you guys go.
Lucas: (To the Elementary kids) We wanted to give you something from our class to yours.
Maya, Riley, Farkle and Lucas: (reveal the Friendship Bench)
Riley: (To the Elementary kids) We think one of the greatest legacies in life is friendship.
Lucas: (To the Elementary kids) And no matter what happens in your new school, friends always have a place where they can sit, and talk, and work things out.
Gabriella: (To the Elementary kids) Because sometimes, life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason. (To Maya) Is that what you're feeling?
Maya: (nods)
Gabriella: (Pointing at the painting of the purple cat and talking to Riley) What's that?
Riley: I think everybody should leave their mark.
Maya: (Putting her arm around Riley and talking to Gabriella) We work very well together.
Exterior. The rooftop of The Matthews' Apartment. Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas and Zay have gone through the John Quincy Adams Middle School graduation.
Katy: Congratulations, baby girl. You are now the most educated person in our family.
Maya: Mom, you didn't graduate middle school? Here you go.
Katy: Okay, it was a joke. I am a high school graduate with three days of college under my belt. And if I hadn't taken neuro-biology, perhaps I'd still be there. So, take classes. You understand, honey? (Goes to sit on the bench)
Maya: (goes to sit with her)
Stuart: (To Farkle) Congratulations, Farkle. Only four more years till Princeton.
Farkle: I wanna go wherever my friends go.
Stuart: C'mere.
Farkle: (gets close to him, he grabs his hand starts to walk with him)
Lucas: (To Zay) Look at this place.
Zay: Different view than when we were growing up.
Lucas: Glad you're here with us, Zay. So, how was the formal?
Zay: Vanessa likes me better now than when I lived there. Now, she all missin' me 'cause I'm gone. You know, I got this whole love thing figured out. Don't be there.
Lucas: Got this impossible choice to make right now.
Zay: You know what you should do?
Lucas: What?
Zay: Don't be there.
Lucas: But I wanna be there.
Zay: Well, then you deserve what you get. What's it gonna be? You got two great people. One follows the rules; one likes to break 'em.
Lucas: Yeah.
Zay: One very blonde, one very brunette.
Lucas: Yup.
Zay: Gotta choose, man.
Lucas: I know.
Zay: So, who do you like better? Me or Farke?
Lucas: (chuckles) Oh. (Taps his chest with his arm, and he puts his hand on his back)
Topanga: (To Riley) Congratulations, Riley. You did it.
Riley: (turns around and says to her and Cory) I had help.
Cory: You would've been fine without me.
Riley: I don't really see it that way, Dad.
Maya: (To Cory) None of us do.
Katy: (To Cory) Thank you for teaching my daughter so well.
Cory: My pleasure.
Stuart: I don't think Farkle would've reached his full potential without you, Cory.
Cory: Thanks, Minkus. He had a lot to live up to.
Stuart: Thanks. That's why we want to see what he does.
Cory: Of course, he will.
Riley: I don't really think you understand, Dad.
Cory: What?
Topanga: Their class prank. Oh, you haven't heard about that?
Cory: No. What'd they do?
Riley: Well, we started talking about legacy-
Maya: (To Cory) About what we left behind-
Riley: (To Cory) And what we don't want to leave behind.
Lucas: (To Cory) What we wanted to take with us.
Cory: (nods)
Zay: This is good.
Maya: (To Cory) We stole something from school.
Cory: (To Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas and Zay) You what?
Zay: This is good.
Cory: (To four of them) Well, put it back!
Farkle: Nope. It's ours now. We captured the real John Quincy Adams mascot, and we're taking it with us.
Cory: (To four of them) What did you guys do?
Maya: We stole you.
Zay: (Nodding his head and talking to Cory) I told you this was good.
Cory: What are you talkin' about?
Riley: I called up Uncle Jonathan and I told him that you had a lot more to teach us.
Auggie: (To Cory) She got you promoted, Daddy!
Topanga: (To Cory) Of course, the superintendent of schools didn't want to move teachers around for only one student, so there would have to be a lot of other people who thought you knew what you were doing.
Stuart: So, the parents put together a little petition, got some signatures and we presented it to him. I was very convincing.
Cory: How many parents?
Katy: All of 'em. We want our children to have the best.
Topanga: (To Cory) You're going to high school, Cory. Again. (Chuckles)
Cory: (nods) We get to stay together.
Riley: You said you had a lot more to teach us. And now, you can.
Topanga: (puts her hand on Riley's shoulder)
Interior. Riley's Bedroom. Maya and Riley are sitting on the window seat.
Riley: Still like him?
Maya: Yeah. You?
Riley: Yeah.
Maya: Okay. I'll check again tomorrow.
Lucas: (comes in through the window, Maya and Riley make room for him to sit in between them, and he sits in between them and says to them) Any change?
Riley: No. I've felt the same way about you ever since I fell into your lap on the subway.
Lucas: (To Maya) You?
Maya: There was this campfire, y'see. You and me. I was in a far away place. There was a million stars in the sky. What do you think?
Lucas: I think I don't want anybody to be hurt.
Riley: I think we don't know how to stop that.
Maya: Still like him?
Riley: Yeah. You?
Maya: (thinks on it as she looks at Lucas) Yeah. (To Lucas) Still like us?
Lucas: Yeah.
Riley: Okay.

Transcribed by Wc12271991