The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Maya's Mother.

Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School Art Classroom. Riley, Maya and Lucas are making drawings in art class.
Farkle: (walks in wearing a robe) Oh, my God. This is amazing, Maya, and so are you and now I will show you what my thanks for this is......oh, and I hate Riley (removes his robe to reveal he's wearing a tank top and tights)
Riley and Maya: (cover eyes) No!
Ms. Kossal Well! (chuckles) Looky here. The male... physique.
Farkle: Why thank you, art lady.
Riley: Why aren't we drawing Lucas?
Ms. Kossal (looks at Lucas) Because nobody looks like that. (walks over to Farkle and grabs him by the shoulders) Get used to this. Get used to this right now. When drawing a "Farkle", start with the eyes.
Farkle: I think the eyes should go straight to the gun show. (flexes his muscles)
Riley: (looks at Maya's work) Maya, you're supposed to concentrate on the eyes.
Maya: See, you know what my problem is? I don't listen. By the way, you're drawing Lucas.
Riley: (looks down at her work and smiles at Lucas) Oh. Well, that's the first time I've ever done that.
Maya: (flips Riley's notebook to the next page to reveal a drawing of a bowel of fruit with Lucas' face in every fruit)
Riley: Do I need help?
Maya: (nods)
Ms. Kossal: All right, I know these are works in progress, but let's see where we are.
Riley: Maybe we'll become famous artists. We'll go to Paris; (stands up) drink coffee in outdoor cafes. (Mimics drinking coffee) How do I look?
Maya: (Vocalizes tunes as she draws Riley. Shows the drawing to Riley)
Riley: Fine, make fun of me. I am a serious artist who belongs in Paris. (turns and smiles at Lucas) Bonjour, Lucas.
Lucas: (says something in French) [English subtitle: Hello, Riley. Maybe someday you and I will go to Paris together.]
Riley: Bonjour, Lucas.
Ms. Kossal Oh my gosh.
Riley: (smiles widely) See? I am an artist. I am finally something.
Ms. Kossal: Maya.
Riley: (annoyed) What a life I'm having.
Ms. Kossal: Maya. My goodness. (shows Maya's work to the class) This is brilliant!
Riley: Farkle is in a bird's nest.
Ms. Kossal: It's a work of surrealism, Riley. It's how this artist's mind views the subject.
Farkle: I'm a bird to you?
Maya: No, you just... need to be protected.
Farkle: You love me.
Maya: Leave me alone.
Ms. Kossal: Maya, there's a school exhibit coming up. I want one of your pieces in it.
Riley: What about my piece?
Ms. Kossal: That's a cute top.
Maya: No thanks, Ms. Kossal, I don't draw for other people to look at, but thank you.
Ms. Kossal: I'd appreciate you thinking about it, okay?
Farkle: (gets up to leave)
Riley: Where are you headed, Farkle?
Farkle: Gym class. That should go well, right?
Title Sequence. Then: Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley is standing by the refrigerator.
Riley: They've been lying to you, Auggie. (sits at her place at the dinner table) Your artwork would not hang on a single refrigerator outside this apartment.
Auggie: (looks up at Topanga) You said I was a little genius.
Topanga: (hugs Auggie) Oh, you are a little genius.
Riley: You said I was a little genius.
Topanga: Well, I had no one to compare you to, honey.
Riley: Maya is going to be a famous artist and everybody speaks French but me.
Auggie: (says something in French) [English subtitle: My sister Riley. You're a very simple girl and people like you.]
Topanga: (hugs Auggie) You are going to change the world with your brilliant mind.
Riley: (looks at Topanga)
Topanga: You have such a cute top.
Cory: Are there any more of these mashed potatoes?
Riley: That's what your thinking about right now?
Cory: Riley, this whole 'what-am I-good-at' thing? I've been there my whole life. It's a waste of time. You know what's not a waste of time? Mashed potatoes. You know why? They never let you down. They're the best in the world at what they do. So don't be mashed potatoes, because they're better at that than you could ever be.
Riley: How are you helping me?
Cory: Can I eat a meal?
Riley: What about you guys? Do you have any talent? Did I inherit anything from you two?
Topanga: (snorts) Should we tell her?
Cory: (snorts) You think they're ready?
Topanga: Your father has a gift for-
Riley: Gimme! Gimme. I'll take anything.
Topanga: -Close-up magic!
Riley: Hah?
Topanga: That's right. He's a close-up magician. Yay.
Riley: What is a-- What is that?
Cory: What is that? Oh, I don't know. (gets up and walks over to Auggie) Maybe it's a little something like... I go over to this guy over here-- (pats Auggie) Hi. How are you? Good. (walks back to his seat) And then I ask a little question like, Hey! Where's the salt? Anybody seen the salt?
Auggie: I don't see the salt, Daddy. The salt's gone.
Cory: Is it, Auggie? Is it gone? Or is it-- (waves his fingers like he's doing magic) piddly-pobbly-pa-poom!
Auggie: (pulls out the salt from his pocket and gasps) What the...?
Riley: That was already there.
Auggie: I swear, Riley. (slams the salt down on the table) I swear!
Riley: Do it right now with the pepper.
Cory: Pepper? Nobody could do pepper. (waves his fingers like he's doing magic again) Peppery-poppily-pa-poom!
Auggie: (takes out the pepper from his pocket and gasps) Nobody could do pepper! What aren't you famous?!
Topanga: See? He's very good. You come from a very talented family.
Riley: Close-up magic? Really? What am I supposed to do with that? Mom, could you please help me out with something that I could actually use? Do you have a talent?
Topanga: (snickers)
Cory: Does she? (Topanga laughs) Does she? Your mom-
Topanga: Don't you dare.
Cory: Your mom's hips don't lie!
Topanga: Cory Matthews!
Auggie: Whoo-hoo! Do it, mommy!
Topanga: No, no, no. No, I am not gonna do it. All right, fine. I'll do it.
Cory: Okay, do it! Yeah!
Topanga: (puts her hands on her hips) It goes a little something like this. (moves her hips in a circular motion) Ay yai yai yai, ay yai yai yai, ay yai yai yai, ay yai, ay yai yai yai.
Riley: (puts her head down)
Cory: (gets up and copies Topanga) Hey Riley, pa-poom!
Riley: (takes out the salt from her pocket).
Then: Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School History classroom. Cory is presenting Career Day.
Cory: All right, future history makers. Welcome to career day. Now there are a lot of ways to make your mark on the world.
Topanga: (enters the classroom) Hi, Riley.
Riley: (sarcasm) Oh great, Shakira is here. (turns to Maya) Where's your mom?
Maya: She won't be coming.
Riley: But she told you she was coming.
Maya: Yes, she did.
Cory: Okay, guys, our first guest today is a lawyer, and I likes her. Hey, lawyer lady, how's about we go out sometime? I get off work every day at 3:15... Except Tuesdays. I got playground.
Topanga: So I am an attorney. I got here through a lot of hard work in school. By the time I was your age, I had 350 'As.
Stuart: (knocks on the door)
Riley: Your mom-- There she is.
Cory: (opens the door and Minkus comes in) Minkus.
Stuart: Topanga.
Topanga: Stuart.
Stuart: Topanga. (walks over to Farkle)
Farkle: Father.
Stuart: Farkle.
Lucas: Wait a minute.
Farkle: Yes?
Lucas: He's your father?
Farkle: Look at us.
Lucas: Your name is Farkle Minus?
Farkle: Don't wear it out.
Lucas: I don't know how you could.
Stuart: (gets up and walks to the front of the class) Sorry I'm late, everybody. I had helicopter problems, 'cause I have a helicopter. Do you have a helicopter, Cory?
Cory: Nope. Do you have a Topanga, Minkus?
Stuart: Nope, because she chose you. I run Minkus International, I have a helicopter, and she chose you.
Topanga: Stuart, please. Aren't we a little too evolved to still be competing with each other?
Stuart: (laughs) Of course.
Topanga: (laughs) Of course.
Stuart and Topanga: Go.
Topanga: Between the two of us, Riley and I have 1260 'As. Ha!
Stuart: That's remarkable, Topanga. Between the two of us, Farkle and I have 1261.
Farkle: Ha!
Stuart: Ha!
Topanga: (looks at Cory intimidatingly)
Cory: (screams) I-- I had to, Topanga. He's a lot smarter than I am.
Stuart: But what's more important to me than anything... is that I have this guy. Come up here, son.
Farkle: (goes up to the front)
Topanga: Come up here, daughter. Look how tall she is. She's been taller than me since the day she was born.
Stuart: (pushes his son up a little bit)
Cory: Well, very nice. Good for you guys. So this is what Career Day is really all about.
Maya: (sarcasm) Yeah, I love it every year.
Cory: I'm sorry, Maya. Maybe your mom just got a little busy.
Riley: Are you okay?
Maya: I'm always okay.
Riley: (grabs Maya's hand and pulls her up to the front next to Stuart and Minkus)
Maya: Yeah, thanks.
Farkle: So these are the two ladies you tell me keep chasing you, huh?
Farkle: (whispers) Please.
Riley: Yes sir, it is us.
Maya: I'm not doing it.
Riley: (elbows Maya)
Maya: Yes, sir, it is us. We hope that one day one of us will be lucky enough to become the future Mrs. Farkle Minkus and have a lot of baby minkii.
Then: Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley and Maya are sitting at the bay window.
Riley: Why won't you show your art?
Maya: Because I'm-- I'm fine believing that nothing much is going to happen for me. Otherwise I'm full of hope. You hope for things, you get disappointed.
Riley: What reason could your mom have for not showing up, Maya? You're right; I did expect her.
Maya: And I didn't. See? Only one of us is disappointed.
Riley: And only one of us will never let this go. You know that.
Maya: I don't expect out of life what you expect, Riley.
Riley: What do I expect?
Maya: You expect... good things. You expect people to keep promises and people to show up.
Riley: You don't?
Maya: Riley, I'm not one of those dreamers like you.
Riley: If your mom saw your art, doesn't it make sense that she'd be proud of you?
Maya: Yeah, it makes sense to you. Riley, you need to be okay with this. Do you understand that finally something is beyond your control? Look, I know you can't control your twisted need to fix people's lives.
Riley: (fixes Maya's jacket)
Maya: I'm begging you.
Riley: (tucks Maya's hair behind her ear and puts her hands on top of one another)
Then: Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School History classroom. Cory is teaching the Korean War.
Cory: The Korean War.
Farkle: Genghis Khan.
Cory: What?
Farkle: I just wanted to see what would happen.
Katy: (enters the classroom) Hello, Cory Matthews. I am so sorry for interrupting.
Maya: Oh no.
Cory: Nothing to forgive, Katy. Class, this is Maya's mother, Katy Hart.
Maya: Mom, what are you doing? It was yesterday.
Katy: Yesterday I was unable to attend your little job fair.
Maya: Career day.
Katy: Yesterday I was trapped... in my vehicle... in the rushing flood waters of the mighty Colorado river! To make matters worse, I just found out I was about to have a baby any second. So I crawled myself through the sunroof and I said, "Let's do this thing." Then I commenced to deliver my own baby until finally I heard that wonderful, magical sound. (makes popping sound and mimics baby crying) "Mama? Are you my mama?"
Riley: Maya?
Maya: Soap opera. She was auditioning for a soap opera.
Katy: Can you believe I didn't get it?
Class: Yes!
Katy: (laughs) Yes. I am an actress. Are there any questions I can answer for anyone?
Farkle: (raises up hand)
Katy: Ah, yes, the Farkle.
Farkle: Why are you wearing a waitress outfit?
Katy: Anyone else?
Lucas: (raises his hand)
Katy: Yes, the pretty, young man right there.
Lucas: Yeah, thanks. Um, why are you wearing a waitress outfit?
Sarah: My dad says actors are a bunch of people who never grew up.
Katy: (chuckles) What does your dad do?
Sarah: He's a director.
Katy: Is he? Well, I'm sure your father never gave me a job either, which is the real reason I wear this outfit every day. Well, I'll just be going now. (exists out of the classroom)
Riley: (walks out the door to meet Maya's mother in the hallway)
Katy: No, no, no. I shouldn't have come.
Riley: You did fine, you showed up.
Katy: I showed up a day late. I couldn't even get that order right.
Riley: I know that Maya appreciated the effort.
Maya: (enters the hallway) Hi, mom.
Katy: Hey, Maya.
Maya: Could I ask you a favor?
Katy: Of course, anything.
Maya: I think it works best for us when you go on your imaginary auditions and chase our imaginary father. I appreciate your coming, I do. And I'm not humiliated. I'm not. I'm- I'm okay. You okay?
Katy: (nods her head)
Maya: Good. (walks away)
Katy: Yeah, this is just how we are. For me to think any other way is just acting, and I'm not that good.
Riley: I was raised by Topanga and Cory Matthews. They're maniacs. They'd walk through an avalanche for friendship, for the sake of family. I got that from them. I got a talent. How about that?
Katy: You can't fix this, Riley.
Riley: Yes, I can. There is an art show here, tomorrow night. You need to be there.
Katy: Sure.
Riley: I expect you there.
Katy: I understand. (walks away)
Riley: Don't disappoint us.
Then: Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School Art classroom. Riley is being drawn by the whole class.
Ms. Kossal: (touching Riley's face while explaining) Drawing a woman's face is different than drawing a man's. Look for subtle differences. The lips are different.
Riley: (turns to Maya) No matter what, don't get mad at me, okay?
Maya: I could never.
Ms. Kossal: To paint a young woman's lips, she needs to stop flapping them.
Riley: Because if I have any talent at all, it's this, so don't get mad at me.
Maya: I could never.
Ms. Kossal Because when the mouth is moving, it will affect all the sketches. And they all come out like this. (holds up two sketches of Riley with her mouth open) Except for this one. You don't listen to a word I say, do you?
Maya: Uh, it's not because I'm disrespectful.
Ms. Kossal: It's because you're an artist. I'm glad you decided to display your work.

I got your note in my teacher's box.

Riley: That's the thing you're not supposed to get mad at.
Ms. Kossal: The exhibit starts at 6:00. It's thrilling seeing your art displayed, you won't regret it. (walks out of the classroom)
Maya: You don't listen to a word I say, do you?
Riley: I-It's not because I'm disrespectful. It's because you're an artist.
Maya: Yeah? Then let me paint you something. (grabs a brush and throws green paint at Riley's face)
Class: (scurries out)
Riley: (gasps and sighs) Okay. Maya, I am your best friend and I will always do my best by you, no matter what you... (grabs the paint brush and dabs Maya's face with red paint) say.
Maya: And how made you the king of friendship? (paints Riley's face green)
Riley: (chuckles and paints Maya's face red) I did, I made myself the king of friendship. And this would be my first act as a king. (grabs red paint with her hands and covers Maya in paint)
Riley and Maya: (begin to fight by throwing paint at each other)
Maya: Why won't you leave this alone?!
Riley: I don't know how!
Ms. Kossal: (enters the classroom) Whoa! Riley... This is the most authentic piece you've done all semester. Now clean it up. See you tonight, Maya. (leave the classroom)
Riley: One other thing-- I invited your mom.
Maya: (hands Riley a bowel of purple paint)
Riley: (takes the bowel and sighs, dropping the paint on top of her head)
Then: Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School Art classroom. Maya is standing by her painting at the Art Exhibit.
Maya: (smiles at parents who are looking at her work)
Riley: (comes up to Maya with Farkle and Lucas) How's it going?
Maya: It's going fine.
Riley: What does your mom think?
Maya: (gives Riley a confused look)
Riley: She never showed up.
Maya: It's just you guys.
Riley: Are you telling me your mom never showed up?
Maya: (shakes her head) No. But of course you did. (points to Cory and Topanga)
Topanga: Hey, Maya. Wow, you really have some talent. Look at that place.
Cory: I bet it's got great mashed potatoes.
Farkle: Look at that lady, why can you only see half of her?
Lucas: (wraps Farkle's mouth with his forearms from behind)
Farkle: Oh.
Riley: (exits the room)
Then: Interior. The Nighthawk Diner. Riley enters the diner furiously.
Stranger: (bumps into Riley on his way out)
Riley: (emphatically) Get out of my way.
Stranger: (moves aside)
Riley: (walks up to Katy at the counter) Did you think I wouldn't hunt you down?
Katy: No, I was pretty sure you would. You want a tuna melt?
Riley: No, because I'm supposed to be somewhere, and so are you.
Katy: You know, all I do with Maya is disappoint her.
Riley: Here's what's funny, you're not disappointing her at all. You're only disappointing me.
Katy: I came to school and embarrassed her. I pretend I'm fancy, but I'm not. I thought I had a good marriage, but I didn't. I pretend to have a career, and I don't. I love that little girl and I won't pretend with her.
Riley: You need to go to her.
Katy: (chuckles) No. You saw what happens when I do. You need to go to her.

Riley, what does your dad do for a living?

Riley: Teacher.
Katy: And mom?
Riley: Lawyer.
Katy: And me?
Riley: Actress.
Katy: Waitress, Riley. And people tend to stay at the same level as their parents, and I want more for her than coming home with those little arms of hers covered in pancake syrup. Maya's very lucky to have you. Don't think I don't know that. And I am offering you a tuna melt to show my gratitude. Yes or no?
Then: Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School Art classroom. Cory and Topanga walk up to Maya.
Maya: You guys really don't have to stay.
Cory: Are you kidding? We love supporting the middle school art scene.
Topanga: Yeah, we even bought a drawing. (holds up sketch of Riley with her mouth wide open) You have to wonder who this silly, little weirdo is.
Riley: (opens her mouth widely)
Topanga: Aw... It's our silly, little weirdo.
Riley: Thank you for staying with Maya.
Cory: Always.
Cory and Topanga: (walk away)
Riley: I couldn't get her to come and I'm very disappointed.
Maya: I know, you expect too much.
Riley: This is hard on me.
Maya: You need a hug, darling?
Riley: (nods)
Riley and Maya: (hug)
Riley: Maya, I was wrong.
Maya: No, Riley, you were right.
Riley: I'm very confused.
Maya: I showed my work. People liked it. It made me feel like I could be something someday.
Riley: You will be. You are now.
Maya: Thank you, Riley.
Riley: You're welcome. Do you want half a tuna melt?
Maya: You know why she gave this to you?
Riley: Why?
Maya: She knows it's my favorite thing there. She knew that you'd share with me.
Riley: I'd be happy to give you the whole thing.
Maya: I know you would. (looks at her painting) I'll be just fine with half.
Then: Interior. The Matthews' apartment. The Matthews' family, Maya, Farkle and Stuart are eating dinner.
Cory: And Riley... for your excellence in your display of unwavering hope for others, I'm giving you an 'A'.
Topanga: Ha!
Stuart: What?
Farkle: Can he do that?
Stuart: No, you can't do that.
Cory: I does whatever she wants.
Stuart: Yeah, so would I.
Riley: I come from a very talented family.
Auggie: What am I talented at?
Topanga: You're gonna find it someday, honey.
Auggie: (stands up and goes to the living room and sings in Italian while the spotlight is on him) Nah.
Everybody: (cheers Auggie on and throw roses up in the air)

Transcribed by Mimi1239

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