The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Permanent Record.

Interior. Abigail Adams High School spanish class.
Señora Feinstein-Chang [In Spanish] Good morning girls, please take your seats.
Riley Spanish class. I just love this class. I wish it was in English.
Señora Feinstein-Chang [In Spanish] Roberta, Spanish only.
Riley What are you trying to accomplish?
Maya She wants us to only speak in Spanish.
Riley [In terrible Spanish accent] Today, hi ham, hawearing sandals.
Señora Feinstein-Chang Roberta.
Riley That's my name in here!
Señora Feinstein-Chang Roberta, Spanish only!
Maya [In Spanish] I'll help her, Señora Feinstein-Chang.
Señora Feinstein-Chang [In Spanish] I would appreciate that, Maya.
Riley Why do you get to stay Maya and I have to be Roberta?
Maya Because Maya is an actual Spanish name.

Well, then what's Riley?


A trick to make us all think you're cute.

Riley [smiles] I'm Riley.
Maya [shrugging helplessly] You did it. I wanna squish your face.
Señora Feinstein-Chang [In Spanish] Good morning class. I have your first test to hand back to you. Maya, good work.
Riley [looks at Maya's paper and claps hands] Ooh! Wait, wait, what's that in English?
Maya An is an wherever you go.
Riley [clapping] Yay!
Señora Feinstein-Chang Spanish!
Riley [lifts arms] GOOOOOAL! [looks at her paper]D
Señora Feinstein-Chang [nods] Spanish.
Riley Ay-ay-ay.
Title sequence plays.
Interior, Topanga's.
Maya [in Brooklyn accent] What, you not sittin' with us anymore?
Riley [in a chair behind the group] I don't deserve to sit with you guys. I am disgraced. [gestures to Spanish test pinned to shirt] D for disgraced.
Lucas Riley, it's only one grade. 
Maya Yeah, you know how many Ds I got in middle school? Once, I got five Ds in one day.
Zay You're "Cinco D Maya."
Everyone [laughs]

[angrily] Oh, I don't get it!

Farkle Actually, those Ds don't matter anymore, Maya.

None of our old grades do.

Smackle We all start as equals here because only our high school grades count on our permanent record.

[gets up and walks over] What? What's that?

Zay It's our high school transcript.
Farkle It's what colleges use when they decide whether to accept you or not.
Smackle And so far for you, not.
Riley Hm. Smackle, remember how you asked us to let you know when your refreshing honesty crosses over into-
Smackle Get to it, Bubbles!
Riley [pointing at Smackle] Now.
Maya Wait, so they don't care about middle school?
Farkle They only look at your high school grades.
Maya [grabbing him and yelling] Then why'd you make me go all this time?
 Riley Wait. So nobody cares about all the good grades I got when I was a kid?
Zay They only care that you didn't eat paste.
Riley Oh. How long does that stay in ya?
Maya Boy, all those years I went to middle school and I coulda been scratchin' lottery tickets and chuggin' sody pop.
Zay Well, Maya, you finally hit the jackpot. I mean, right now you can go to any college you want.

What about me?

Zay You're her cute friend.
Riley Please don't give up on me, college.
Lucas Colleges don't only care about grades, y'know.
Zay They care about extracurriculars.
Lucas And that's why Zay and I are trying out for baseball.
Zay Since the football team made their feelings about us quite clear.
Lucas It wasn't that bad.
Zay Yeah it was!
Lucas Ok.
Zay They hit us so hard.
Lucas It's alright, baseball's our sport anyway.
Zay Yeah. Lucas was our star in middle school.
Smackle What were you?
Zay I was his cute friend.
Riley I never got a before.
Farkle I used to be the biggest star in middle school.
Smackle You're still a star, dearest one.
Farkle Yeah, but I used to be the North Star. I used to be the brightest star in the sky! What do you do when you realize you're not the smartest kid in school anymore?
Riley I don't know. Maya, what do you do when you realize your best days might have been in middle school?
Maya I don't know. Why don't we ask my big fat honkin' A? [picks up her test] What do you do, A[puts test to ear] Uh-huh. [Riley leans in] Uh-huh. Uh-huh, I-    
Riley What did it say?
Lucas and Zay Shh!
Zay Maya and A don't get to spend a lot of time together.
Lucas Let's let them have their moment. [He exits with Zay]
Maya [to test] Oh, I don't know. [Farkle and Smackle exit] Anywhere in the world as long as it's with you. Huh? Yeah, she's great. [Riley giggles] She doesn't get good grades though. [Riley gets offended and exits. Maya starts to exit, but walks back to the test.] No, you hang up. No, you hang up. You're still there. [laughing] Oh, A.
Interior. Matthew's apartment, where the family plus Maya is eating dinner.
Maya Hey, you gonna do that thing where you say, "How was school?", 'cause you do it every day, and you haven't done it yet today. Why is that? Why?
Auggie Today we learned the cursive letter D[points at Riley, who is wearing her test on her face] There's one now. 
Cory What's the matter, Riley? You're doing that thing I did every day after school. Except I also used to add a little-
Riley [squeaks]
Cory Yeah, that's it!
Maya [fake laughing] I must have been at this table a thousand times, and a thousand times you've asked, "How was school?," but you haven't done it yet today. Why is that? Why?
Topanga How was school?
Maya [getting up and yelling] Welcome to the first ever in her life Maya Refrigerator Ceremony! [pulls out test with big on it]
Topanga Maya!
Cory [taking test] How you do dat, Maya?
Maya I did it myself with my own wittle head.
Cory No cheaty?
Maya All brainy!
Cory and Auggie [point at each other] Yay!
Topanga That's an A[takes test] Let me smell that. [smells paper] That's real, baby! [She and Maya scat and walk over to the fridge while Auggie and Cory bang on the table]
Maya I would never want this to change how you feel about your real children.
Topanga Aww. How could it? [swipes everything off the front of the fridge and puts up Maya's test]
Auggie That's not gonna hurt how I grow up at all.
Cory Wait a minute. I smell something else too. And it ain't good. [sniffs air] What smells, Super Spy?
Auggie [pointing at Riley] Dun dun dun!
Cory [removes the test from Riley's head as Topanga starts to braid Maya's hair] Riley, it's only one grade. 
Riley [laughs] You know what Farkle said? Farkle said if we get one bad grade in high school it could affect me getting into a good college, but that's nutty, right? Somebody tell me that that's nutty.

Cory, will you please straighten her out? I'm busy braiding my new daughter's hair.

Cory I'm sorry, Riley, but it's true. Everything that you do in high school affects what college you get into.
Riley Well, can I get into college with this? [holds up test] 
Cory Of course!
Riley Columbia?
Cory [forcefully] No. 
Riley Rutgers?
Cory No!
Riley Which college?
Cory Ed's Learnin' Hole!
Riley Really?
Cory No.
Riley I am donezo.
Topanga No, Riley, you're not donezo. That's just one grade on one test. And you can bring it up, but if you don't, you should know that a bad final grade on your transcript could alter your future.
Riley Then what are we going to do?
Cory Riley, you've always been a good student. You go to school, I'll talk to your teacher.  
Topanga Cory, do you really think you're the best person to-
Cory and Topanga [yelling] Yes! I'm the best person there is!
Cory Topanga, I-I'm a teacher. She's a teacher. We're simpatico!
Maya That means "like each other."
Riley You've changed.
Maya Riles, I live in a Spanish-speaking community. I've heard it out my window all these years. So, I picked some up. 
Topanga Honey, you just need to study more. You're gonna pick your grade up.
Riley And then I'll be your daughter again.
Topanga Let's just see how it goes.
Interior. Señora Feinstein-Chang and Cory are in the Spanish room.
 Cory Hi there!
Señora Feinstein-Chang Spanish only!
Cory ¡Hola there!
Señora Feinstein-Chang I'm kidding. That's just for the students, Señor Matthews.
Cory Good, because after "Hi", "How are you", and "What time is it?" I was gonna have to vamanos.
Señora Feinstein-Chang Actually, that means that we're both leaving. But what can I do for you?
Cory So I'm actually here because I wanted to talk to you about-
Señora Feinstein-Chang Your daughter. I hope you're not here trying to get me to change her grade?
Cory I'm here because, although I'm a new teacher at this school, I know a good student when I see one.
Señora Feinstein-Chang You know what I've always found interesting about teaching the freshman class is that you also have to prepare them for their next three years.
Cory Well, how are you preparing her by giving her a on her first test? I mean, to me that's only preparing her to believe she's a student in your class.
Señora Feinstein-Chang She is.
Cory I'm sorry?
Señora Feinstein-Chang On her first test, she earned a D.  
Cory I need you to say something else.
Señora Feinstein-Chang Okay. Here's something else. The next three years only gets harder, and what comes after that is ridiculous.
Cory Right, so why not build their self-confidence?
Señora Feinstein-Chang Because if we're good teachers, we can get them to do that themselves. 
Cory Well, yeah, I-I have the tremendous disadvantage of loving her. [chuckles and they both sit down] I love 'em all.
Señora Feinstein-Chang Welcome to high school, Mr. Matthews. I need you to understand that I know what I'm doing.
Cory Would you do me a favor and please just consider that the test-
Señora Feinstein-Chang Was too hard? Yeah, I hear it every year. Would you do me a favor and consider that I know what I'm doing?
Cory Yeah, I'll consider it. [turns and grimaces] 
Señora Feinstein-Chang Not here.
Cory Ok, so long as you consider that they've been very good students up til now.
Señora Feinstein-Chang And it's up to us to keep that going, isn't it?
Cory [nodding] It's harder here.
Señora Feinstein-Chang

In any language.  

Interior. Abigail Adams High School hallway.
Riley It was that bad?
Cory Riley, do you see all these students?
Riley Yeah. 
Cory Do you know any of them?
Riley Not yet.
Cory Your Spanish teacher doesn't know you either yet. We're new here, Riley. We need to show them who we are.
Interior. Riley and Maya are sitting in the bay window with a Spanish textbook.
Maya Trabajar.
Riley To work.
Maya ¡Muy bien! Now conjugate.
Riley Trabajo, trabajas, trabaja. 
Maya ¡Excelente, mija!
Riley Chewbacca, chewbaccaca-
Maya What is wrong with you?
Riley Please remember me when you get to college.
Lucas [climbing through window] I'm you!
Riley You're me?
Lucas Yeah! All of a sudden I'm a loser!
Zay [climbing through window] I'm you!
Maya You're me?
Zay Yeah! All of a sudden I'm a phenom! [Maya gasps and walks over to him and they perform an elaborate handshake]
Riley Okay, when did you guys come up with that?
Zay Oh, it's just something people on this side of the room know about.
Riley Okay, well, [turning to Lucas] we actually know about it too. [badly perform handshake]
Lucas [as Riley runs into him] Okay, okay, okay okay! We had our first baseball tryout today. All my life, baseball's always come easy to me.
Zay Not today.
Lucas It's gone! I mean, I get up to bat and I can't even see the ball!
Zay Meanwhile, back on this side of the room...
Lucas He can't miss. He's hitting everything. He's great in the field, he's an allstar.
Zay Wait, Lucas, tell them what the coach said about me. Tell them!
Lucas He said, "Good day, kid."
Zay Now tell them what he said about you.
Lucas He said, "Good day, kid!" Riley, we're losers! Do you know what's on our permanent record?
Riley [sitting next to Lucas on the bed] Glitter and smiley faces if we try, try again?
Lucas Losers! 
Farkle [comes in through the window] 
Maya What's the matter, darling?
Farkle There's another genius in my honors chem class. The other genius is making me feel bad!
Lucas [pulling Farkle over towards the bed] Then you're on this side of the room, loser.
Farkle You know what the worst thing about life is? The worst thing of life is when someone you know is better than you in every way-
Zay Rubs it in your face?
Farkle No!
Lucas Can't hit a baseball to save his life?
Farkle Me time!
Lucas I was talking about you!
Farkle The worst thing of life is when someone you know is better than you in every way loves you anyway.
Smackle [coming through window] Honeybuckets!
Maya Smackle's the genius in your chemistry class?
Farkle Smackle's the genius everywhere.
Zay Well, you're with us now. [pulls her over to him and Maya]
Smackle Don't hit on me in front of Lucas.
Lucas Smackle!
Smackle Don't hit on me in front of Farkle!
Farkle Smackle!
Smackle You, me, Lucas and Zay! We're better than a triangle, we're a quadrilateral!
Maya What's that?
Farkle It means square. Over here we say square.
Smackle Oh, beloved, you know how smart you are. Don't feel threatened.
Farkle I don't feel threatened, my former arch-nemesis. I just feel confused- I've never been on this side of the room before.
Lucas Yeah, I'm not thrilled about it either. [looks at Riley] How do you feel?
Riley Well, I am happy for you guys.
Maya Of course you are. You're Riley. You've always been Riley.
Interior. Riley is sitting at the Matthew's kitchen table, with disheveled hair and pajamas and papers spread in front of her.
Topanga [entering] Riley? Have you been up all night?
Riley It's morning?
Topanga Yes, honey. Did you learn anything?
Riley Oh, well, I did learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb Chewbacca.
Topanga How?
Riley [Chewbacca noise]
Topanga [patting Riley] Very good, honey.
Riley Wait, where are you going?
Topanga Oh, I think you know where I'm going.

[gasps as she realizes] Get her, mommy! [Topanga exits]

Interior. Abigail Adams High School Spanish classroom.
Topanga Hi.
Señora Feinstein-Chang  Spanish only.
Topanga Not doing it.
Señora Feinstein-Chang  You're Señora Matthews.
Topanga I am.
Señora Feinstein-Chang  You're here to tell me Riley's a good student.
Topanga I think you know that.
Señora Feinstein-Chang  You're here to tell me the test was too hard.
Topanga I think you know that, too.
Señora Feinstein-Chang  So why are you here?
Topanga I'm here to thank you.
Señora Feinstein-Chang  For what?
Topanga We love our children. We want them at their best. But, sometimes we need help pushing them there. We don't wanna push too hard. You a good teacher? 
Señora Feinstein-Chang  I am.
Topanga You have children?
Señora Feinstein-Chang  I do. And when they're in high school and in your husband's class and he pushes them to be at their best, I'll come in and tell him to back off a little. But he won't. Because I can tell he's a good teacher too.
Topanga Yeah. He is. They'll be in good hands. Just like my little girl. 
Señora Feinstein-Chang  Gracias.
Topanga De nada.
Interior. Matthew's apartment. Maya, Auggie and Riley are sitting at the table when Topanga walks in.
Topanga I saw her. She was in early because she's a good teacher. 
Cory [entering] Morning!
Riley Did you fix it Mommy?
Topanga I tried. So did your father. But as much as we'd like it to, this isn't something that can come from us.
Riley So that's it- I really am donezo?
Cory No, Riley, we would never let anybody-
Topanga Cory?
Cory [grinning] She wants to talk to me. I'm gonna get killed. [to Topanga] Yes?
Topanga  You know how sometimes you think like her father and sometimes you think like her teacher?
Cory Yes, and right now I'm thinking like her father. I feel bad for her because I know she's a good student, and I know she wants to do well. 
Topanga Now think like her teacher.
Cory She's a good student.
Topanga Everybody knows that. The Spanish teacher knows it too.
Cory [looks at Riley, who has her head on the table] She needs to step up her game.They all do. Good isn't good enough anymore.
Topanga That's a good thing.
Cory Good.
Topanga Too many goods.
Cory Riley. [Maya lifts up Riley's head]
Riley Yeah, Dad?
Cory We've always taught you that life presents challenges. That's what life is. You got a on your Spanish exam. What are you gonna do about it? 
Riley You're putting this on me?
Cory Yeah. I am. I gotta go to school. But before I leave to be your teacher, [kisses her on the top of her head] go get 'em. [exits]
Topanga Auggie, how's second grade?
Auggie Second grade's ridiculous. They took the whole nap thing away, they switched from cookies to carrots, learn science, learn math. Where's my cake, ya monsters?
Topanga Honey, you just have to try harder so that you're ready for third grade.
Auggie [points at Riley] This is all for her benefit, isn't it?
Topanga Yes! See how smart you're getting already? [exits with Auggie]
Maya Ya hear that, Riles? [pulls up her head again] 
Riley What?
Maya Listen! Listen! [puts ear to her test on the fridge] Uh-huh. Yeah. Uh-huh. I'll tell her. Uh-huh. 
Riley [getting up] What? What'd it say?
Maya It just said, it wants me to tell you that it misses you. [sits down]
Riley [puts ear to test] It does!
Interior. Abigail Adams High School hallway.
Riley Señora Feinstein-Chang?  
Señora Feinstein-Chang  Riley.
Riley Oh, you know my name name.
Señora Feinstein-Chang  I'm gonna tell you something in English now.
Riley Why?
Señora Feinstein-Chang  Because it's really important that you understand this. You're about to ask me if you can have a makeup test or an extra credit assignment to raise your grade on the test because you've never gotten a D

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