Interior.  John Quincy Adams Middle School history class.
Cory: Somebody read that.
Lucas: "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it" Winston Churchill.
Cory: And he did. Who's gonna write their own history here? What is history? I keep forgetting
Riley: History is time passing.
Cory: Oh yeah? How much time? Someone once said, "100 years from now, all new people."
Maya: (Raises hand) 100 years!
Cory: Wrong.
Maya: You set me up.
Cory: When should you guys begin to make your own history?
Riley: Right now.
Cory: Good. So, today we're talking about Winston Churchill. When the new people come, how do you want them talking about you?
Riley: Nicely?
Maya: How long do we have before history makes its decision about us?
Farkle: What if they're writing it down now?
Cory: Doesn't matter. Chapter one: Introduction. Please read.
Riley: (Reads) "There is a comfort in knowing that history is fixed. You can no sooner change history than you can change the nine planets in our solar system from Mercury to Pluto."
All: Oh.
Riley: What?
Lucas: Nice job, Mr. Matthews.
Riley: What'd he do?
Lucas: He just showed us history books can be wrong. You can change history.
Riley: I don't get it.
Lucas: How can she not know?
Maya: Look at the bird! (Riley looks for a bird) She doesn't know because she has us.
Farkle: The Riley Committee.
Maya: The committee exists to keep certain information away from Riley.
Lucas: Like what?
Farkle: Everything, really.
Cory: Listen, this committee can't protect her for the rest of her life. She's getting too smart.
Farkle: She's looking for a bird.
Cory: Well, someone's gotta tell her.
Maya: You do it.
Cory: Nah, you do it!
Maya: Hi, sweetie.
Riley: Peaches.
Maya: See, we've all been protecting you from something. You know Pluto?
Riley: Pluto? I love Pluto. Everybody knows that. Pluto's a little cutie-pie. The smallest planet with the biggest heart. I love Pluto so much, I would kiss it on the face.
Maya: Not doing it!
Cory: You're doing it!
Maya: Honey?
Riley: Peaches?
Maya: Pluto is not a planet anymore.
Riley: What's that you say?
Maya: They made a scientific discovery that Pluto's not a planet anymore. Will you be okay?
Riley: I'm fine. I am too old now to flip out over something like that. Dad, please continue.
Cory: You sure, sweetie?
Riley: (Sadly) Please continue.
Cory: All right, guys. So, we're talking about who we are now, and who we hope to be someday. How will we write our own history and decide what's important to us?
Farkle: They found a 100-year-old time capsule in Boston last week. Could we do one of those?
Cory: I love that idea, Farkle. In fact, we did one of those when i was in high school. We were gonna see what became of us in 15 years. Wait a minute. We were gonna see what became of us right now! We were gonna go back and see how much we've changed.
Maya: Yeah, well, I hope some of us never do.
Title Sequence. Matthews' apartment. Cory and Topanga are sitting at the table.

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