Scene 1 : Maya and Riley talking in the hallway

Riley: Look what's happening; look what's coming.

Maya: What's coming, crazy?

Riley: Invitations... to the seventh grade parties. It's begun. We could be party girls. I'm going to need a party-girl walk. *Does a crazy walk*

Maya: Yeah, that's not it.

Riley: You know,there is going to be boys at these parties. But not just any boys. No, opposite-sex boys. They're the best kind.

Maya: Yeah, you sound ready for this.

Riley: Oh, I am. And I may just be the first girl who crosses over from our side of the room to the...

Maya: Yeah,it's gonna be me.

Riley: *At the same time as Maya* Yeah, it's gonna be you. You know what pretty-boy hister is handing out invitations to... don't you? *Taps Maya on the arm*

Maya: *Taps back* A party.

Riley: Membership cards to the popular club.

Maya: Why can't you just let it be a party?

Riley: Because this is it,right here. This where you go one way and I go the other way. You get the invite and you marry pretty-boy hipster and I end up marrying Anthony Delveccio and we buy things in bulk. You're gonna be popular. I'm not. *Starts rubbing Maya's hair* Good for you. Good girl. Bye-bye, Maya. *Sobbing* Bye-bye. *Is given an invitation from the "Pretty-Boy Hipster"* Yay! For me. Maya, I know you didn't get one, but is it okay if I'm really happy?

Maya: You go get 'em, tiger. *Riley "party-girl" walks out* I love you, but you're a lot of work. *"Party-girl" walks out*

  • Theme song plays*

Scene 2 : The classroom

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