The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Popular:

Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. The hallway.
Riley: Look what's happening; look what's coming.
Maya: What's coming, crazy?
Riley: Invitations... to the seventh grade parties. It's begun. We could be party girls. I'm going to need a party-girl walk. (Does a crazy walk)
Maya: Yeah, that's not it.
Riley: You know,there is going to be boys at these parties. But not just any boys. No, opposite-sex boys. They're the best kind.
Maya: Yeah, you sound ready for this.
Riley: Oh, I am. And I may just be the first girl who crosses over from our side of the room to the...
Maya: Yeah, it's gonna be me.
Riley: (At the same time as Maya) Yeah, it's gonna be you. You know what pretty-boy hister is handing out invitations to... don't you? (Taps Maya on the arm
Maya: (Taps back) A party.
Riley: Membership cards to the popular club.
Maya: Why can't you just let it be a party?
Riley: Because this is it, right here. This where you go one way and I go the other way. You get the invite and you marry pretty-boy hipster and I end up marrying Anthony Delveccio and we buy things in bulk. You're gonna be popular. I'm not. *Starts rubbing Maya's hair* Good for you. Good girl. Bye-bye, Maya. [Sobbing] Bye-bye. {Is given an invitation from the "Pretty-Boy Hipster"} Yay! For me. Maya, I know you didn't get one, but is it okay if I'm really happy?
Maya: You go get 'em, tiger. (Riley "party-girl" walks out) I love you, but you're a lot of work. ("Party-girl" walks out)
Title sequence. Then: Exterior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom.
Riley: (walks to Cory's desk and slams her invitation on his desk) Boom!
Cory: (picks up Riley's invitation) You got invited to something?
Riley: So much for genetics, baby.
Cory: Ooh, seventh grade party. Yup, I didn't get invited to a whole lot of these. Good for you. I'm proud of you. Boy-girl party?
Riley: Yup. (At the same time as Cory) You can't go.
Maya: (To Cory and Riley) May I approach?
Riley and Cory: (In unison) Hurry, please.
Maya: (stands up and walks up to Riley while saying to Cory) I'm gonna keep your young'un out of trouble, sir.
Cory: Hart, you are trouble. Why would I want my young'un anywhere near the same party you're gonna be at?
Maya: You wouldn't. Say it. You know you wanna say it.
Cory: (To Riley) You can't go if Maya's invited. (Maya points to Riley)
Riley: Maya's not invited.
Maya: Then you may go.
Riley: (To Cory) Thanks, daddy.
Maya: (To Cory's class) Alright, good day, everybody. Class dismissed. (most of Cory's students except Farkle stand up)
Cory: (To most of his class except Farkle, Riley and Maya) Sit down!
Riley and Maya: (In unison most of Cory's students except Farkle) Sit down. (most of Cory's students sit back down while Riley and Maya go to their desks and Maya sits down)
Cory: (To his class) So, there's this guy Damocles who really really wants to be king. One day, he gets an invitation to come sit on the throne and actually hang with royalty.
Riley: No!
Maya: 'Sup, Riles? Pop's lesson hitting a little too close to home?
Riley: Nope, what he's saying has nothing to do with me. Yes, I've been invited to hang with middle-school royalty, but nothing bad could happen.
Cory: I'm sure you're right. (To Farkle) Farkle!
Farkle: When Damocles sat on the throne he noticed a sword hanging over it, help up by a single tiny thread.
Cory: (To Maya) Maya.
Maya: Be careful what you wish for?
Cory: Why?
Maya: Being what other people want you to be is just a sword hanging over your head.
Cory: Good. (To Riley) Riley.
Riley: Nothing to do with me.
Exterior of The Matthews' Apartment then Svorski's Bakery. Auggie enters with Topanga.
Auggie: Come on, mommy. I want my muffin and my joke.
Topanga: Oh, honey, it looks like Mrs. Svorski is busy right now. So how about we just find a new favorite place?
Auggie: I like this place. I like Mrs. Svorski.
Svorski: Auggie! (Picks up a plate of bulochki)
Auggie: Muffin!
Svorski: (Walking to one of the tables and puts a plate of bulochki on one table) It's not muffin. It's bulochki. I made it just for you, little man. (gets close to Topanga and hugs her while saying to her) Ah, Topanga. (stops hugging) Sit, darling.
Topanga: Mrs. Svorski, it's very nice to see you. I'm afraid that we won't be able to stay.
Auggie: But I love her. (To Svorski) Pinch my cheeks, do it. (Svorski pinches his cheeks)
Svorski: (To Topanga) 40 years, dear. Now, they're trying to push me out.
Topanga: I know that.
Svorski: Yeah, you can't put price on good neighborhood place where people come and they sit and they talk.
Auggie: Mrs. Svorski.
Svorski: (lets go of Auggie's cheeks) Yeah, okay. (To Topanga) Big-deal-frozen-yogurt people want place. Contract say "no raise rent." Yogurt lawyer say "loophole." Yogurt lawyer's scum of earth.
Auggie: Mommy's a lawyer.
Svorski: I know. (To Topanga) Three weeks I not seen you.
Topanga: Mrs. Svorski, I feel terrible about this.
Svorski: Oh.
Auggie: Tell the joke.
Svorski: (To Topanga) I know not your doing. (Topanga shakes her head)
Auggie: Is not Ukrainian bakery.
Svorski: Is My-krainian bakery.
Auggie: [Laughing] Oh, man. That's good. (To Topanga) Why aren't you laughing, mommy?
Topanga: (To Svorski) I work for a very big law firm. I don't have a say in which cases we represent.
Svorski: Maybe so, maybe not so. You tell big-deal lawyers Mrs. Svorski hopes they fall in their own loophole.
Auggie: Don't you worry. My mommy will take care of everything. (To Topanga) Right, mommy?
Interior. Cory, Maya and Riley enter an unknown place as Riley does the party-girl walk.
Riley: Well, looky here, teacher daddy, nothing hanging over my head except this here halo of popularity. (To Maya) And yay for you, my best friend, for watching me with a smile.
Maya: Yeah, I'm smiling. I'm watching (Prettyboy Hipster enters an unknown place than enters a room and Riley dances then crosses her arms)
Cory: (To Riley) Alright, alright. Half hour you can stay. I'm waiting right here.
Riley: (rings a doorbell)
Cory: (To Maya) I changed my mind. I want you in there. Protect your friend.
Maya: I can't do that, sir. Wasn't invited.
Cory: Why is that exactly?
Maya: About to find out, sir. Smile. Watch.
Farkle: (opens the door and says to Riley) Greetings, fellow partygoer.
Riley: Farkle? (Turns to Cory and Maya)
Maya: (To Cory) Starting to become clear, sir?
Cory: Oh, yeah. I'm smiling real big.
Farkle: (To his other friends) Announcing the arrival of party guest number six, female number one.
Isadora: I'm a female, Farkle. (Poses)
Maya: (To Cory) You getting this yet?
Riley: (To Cory and Maya) But pretty boy pretty boy's still here.
Maya: (To Cory) Wait for it. (Prettyboy Hipster reveals to be the Academic Halves)
Cory: That's the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life.
Riley: (turns to Cory and Maya and says to them) It's a geek party.
Maya: I know, honey.
Farkle: (To his other friends) Everybody look at Riley. (At the same time as them) Honk honk waka cha.
Cory: [Laughing] (To Riley) Honey, stay an hour. Stay a week, stay forever. Just enjoy. (To Maya) Hey, you know what would make this just perfect for me?
Academic Bottom Half: (To Riley) Have you noticed the lightsabers hanging from the ceiling precariously over your head? (Riley looks up and one of the lightsaber toys descends and points at her)
Riley: Damocles.
Cory: (Laughing with Maya and saying to her) There it is.
Maya: (Laughing with Cory) I know.
Interior. A room of an unknown place. Riley is at a geek party.
Riley: Farkle, how could you do this to me?
Farkle: Do what, Riley? Invite you to a party with all my friends because I thought you were one of us?
Riley: (turns around and says to Farkle's other friends) You think I'm one of you.
Academic Top Half: (picks up a toy and holds it to Riley who grabs a broccoli toy from it) Broccoli, she's intelligent.
Academic Bottom Half: (To Riley) We come in peace. (The Top Half looks at Riley and nods)
Riley: (To the Academic Halves) Actually you guys came in two pieces.
Academic Halves: [Laughing] Ha!
Academic Top Half: (To the Bottom Half) She makes us laugh.
Riley: (nods) Thank you.
Academic Top Half: (To the Bottom Half) She should be our queen.
Farkle: (To Riley) They love you, Riley. I've never seen such immediate and overwhelming popularity.
Riley: I'm popular? (Farkle turns Riley around and his other friends do the robot dance)
Exterior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom.
Maya: (enters, approaches Farkle, turns him around, and pick him up close to her by his turtle neck) Okay, Farkle. Where is she?
Farkle: Whatever have I done to deserve this display of affection?
Maya: This look like affection to you?
Farkle: It takes it however it goes. (touches his own jaw) Right here, nurse.
Maya: She wasn't there when I tried to pick her up this morning and I couldn't find her in the halls. What'd you do with my girl?
Riley: Maya, release the Farkle. (Maya turns around and Riley who is dressed like a harajuku girl) Farkle didn't do anything except open my eyes to what the world really thinks I am.
Maya: A harajuku girl?
Riley: Yes, because I figured if what I am is nerdy-geeky, I'm going to set the nerdy-geeky world on fire.
Maya: (To Cory) You take it.
Cory: Nope, beyond me. All yours.
Riley: (To Maya) Why should I struggle to be popular when I can be these people's express fairy queen? Ha!
Academic Halves: Ha! (Riley nods and walks to her desk and Maya moves and Riley pulls her chair out)
Maya: (To Riley) No, please. The one guy was two guys. The sword fell. This is the way you're gonna go? You're gonna embrace this?
Riley: Deal with it. I've gone over to the dork side.
Maya: This isn't you.
Farkle: This is her.
Riley: (To Maya) They love this me.
Maya: I'm not changing you back.
Cory: Oh, yes you are. My daughter's going through this week's crazy, you get in there.
Riley: Father, may we continue with the lesson? I seek knowledge.
Cory: (To Maya) Never mind, leave her alone.
Maya: Look at her. (Riley puts her chin on her desks and reads to herself)
Cory: (shrugs his shoulder and rushes to the Academic Halves and says to them) All right, what do you guys know about girls?
Academic Bottom Half: Mostly we're terrified of them, sir.
Academic Top Half: (To Cory) So we try to keep our distance.
Cory: (To the Academic Halves) Well, then I choose express fairy nut job. (Riley leans back and extends her arms outward and Cory and some of his students do the robot dance)
Exterior. The Matthews' Apartment. The living room. Topanga approaches the mirror.
Topanga: Another day, another little piece of my soul gone. (Imagines the reflection of herself as the little piece of her soul)
Topanga (little piece of the soul): It's not gone. It's still right here.
Topanga: About time you showed up. You still filled with all that hope and promise for the world?
Topanga (little piece of the soul): Yeah, aren't you?
Topanga: Well, I've been living in it.
Topanga (little piece of the soul): Hey, you wanted success. I stepped out of the way. Congratulations, New York Lawyer. Go do what you know how to do.
Topanga: The people I work for are on the wrong side of this case. What do I do?
Topanga (little piece of the soul): Are you asking my help? (Topanga nods) I thought you'd never ask.
Cory: (walks to Topanga, hugs her and says to her) Hi.
Flashback begins.
Topanga: Give me your hand.
Cory: Why?
Topanga: I want to see if our energies converge.
Flashback ends.
Topanga: Hi.
Interior. Svorski's Bakery.
Harrison: Mrs. Svorski, while I am charmed by your old-world bakery and thoroughly enjoyed the muffin-
Svorski: Is not muffin, big-deal yogurt lawyer.
Auggie and Topanga: (enter and say to Harrison in unison) It's bulochki.
Svorski and Harrison: (In unison) Topanga?
Topanga: (nods) Yeah, this is me.
Auggie: (To Svorski and Harrison) It's her. She talks to her mirror.
Harrison: (To Topanga) You're not on this case.
Topanga: Oh, yeah? Why's that?
Harrison: Because you like people and that gets in my way. (To Svorski) I'm not talking about you, Mrs. Svorski, you're a peach.
Svorski: When you go bald?
Harrison: Right now. (Topanga lifts her left leg and puts her hands together and Harrison says to her) What are you doing? Why are you doing that? What are you doing?
Auggie: She's going to her happy place.
Svorski: (To Harrison) What we do in meantime? I know! I sing song from old country. (Singing) 100 people in line for the bread. 100 people in line. One gets a loaf, takes it home. That's all the bread we have for entire year. Oh, that's a good song.
Topanga: (To Harrison and Svorski) I think it's important to have a neighborhood place that reflects an actual culture. Where people sit and they talk.
Svorski: They talk.
Auggie: (To Harrison) And there's this nice lady who pinches your cheeks.
Svorski: Oh, I-
Auggie: Don't.
Harrison: (To Topanga) See, in my happy place, I'm hearing she pays triple rent or she's out on her bulochki. And hey, aquarius, be a good hippie and see if you can channel my shark lawyer back. Ask her if she's still working for us.
Auggie: You're mean.
Harrison: Oh, thanks, kid.
Exterior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom.
Maya: (enters with Riley) This is not who you are. What do you know about being a harajuku girl?
Riley: I don't have to know anything except that they love it. Sorry, Maya, I walk with a different crowd now. And as you can see, I am quite the influence on them. (Riley waves at some of Cory's students and walks to her desk)
Cory: (gets behind Maya and says to her) Maya?
Maya: She's gone, sir.
Farkle: Yes, she is.
Exterior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley's Bedroom.
Maya: (comes in through the window) Okay, I'm gonna take one last shot at this while I believe Riley is still in there and not completely under the spell of- (Looks at Farkle)
Farkle: (points at Riley and Maya and says to them) Ladies.
Maya: (grabs Farkle by his left arm and pulls him down) Farkle!
Farkle: (stands up) She's one of us now, Maya. (gets pulled down again)
Maya: She's one of me, Farkle. (Farkle puts his hands on her right shoulder and pulls her down)
Farkle: (stands up again) You're not letting her reach her full potential. (Grabs Riley by her lower right arm and pulls her close to him while Maya stands up)
Maya: (To Riley) The world I know wants you to be yourself. In my world, it needs you in it.
Farkle: (turns Riley around and says to her) You're one of us now. And I've decided to prove it by letting you help the John Quincy Adams' spelling-bee team to the regional finals.
Riley: Really?
Farkle: I'm right about you, Riley. I know I am.
Riley: Thank you, Farkle. (Turns to Maya and says to her) Sorry, Maya. The world wants what it wants. And right now, the world wants me like this.
Maya: (To Farkle) This isn't over, Farkle.
Farkle: I'm not scared.
Maya: Oh, really? (puts her hand on his shoulder and pulls him down again)
Farkle: (Farkle puts his hands on her shoulder and pulls her down again)
Riley: (To Maya and Farkle) Guys, what about me? (Farkle puts his hand on Riley's right shoulder at the same time Maya puts her hand on Riley's left shoulder) Yay! (gets pulled down)
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Kitchen and living room.
Riley: (closes the fridge walks from the kitchen while Topanga enters)
Topanga: How ya doin'?
Riley: How ya doin'? (her and Topanga pass each other, stop walking and turn to each other)
Auggie: (Eating at the table with Cory and saying to him) Daddy?
Cory: Yup?
Auggie: We're the normal ones, right?
Cory: I hope so, bubba.
Topanga: (To Riley) What is this?
Riley: What is that?
Topanga: This is who I am inside. It's the part of me your father fell in love with a long time ago.
Riley: This is what's inside of you?
Topanga: Yeah, might be the best part. Is this the best part of you?
Riley: I'm extremely popular with five people.
Topanga: Is one of them you? (Sits on the couch with Riley)
Auggie: (To Cory) Weird mommy's cool.
Cory: Way cool.
Exterior. Svorski's Bakery.
Harrison: You made the right decision of letting the bakery go, Mrs. Svorski. What's the point of serving people in a self-serving world?
Topanga: (enters with Cory and Auggie and says to Svorski) Don't sign anything.
Harrison: You work for me.
Auggie: Oh, yeah? Then you're gonna hate this.
Topanga: (To Harrison) I'd like to call my first witness.
Harrison: Nobody's on trial here.
Topanga Actually, a voice I've always trusted has been telling me that I am.
Harrison: Well, could you tell that voice that you're in a bakery?
Topanga: (To Svorski) Mrs. Svorski, (Sits down) I know that you can't afford the new rent by yourself. But I wonder if you would share your business with some people that will care about it as much as you do?
Auggie: (To Svorski) That's us.
Cory: (To Svorski) Topanga succeeds at anything she puts her mind to. (Pulls out a checkbook) And I'm here with our checkbook.
Svorski: What do you do for a living?
Cory: I'm a middle-school teacher.
Svorski: Oh boy.
Topanga: He's always been my partner and we've always done well together. But now it's time to do good.
Svorski: Topanga. You would like to keep my place?
Topanga: There's a part of me that knows what's right. It's right that this place stays right here.
Svorski: You sure you killer-shark lawyer?
Topanga: (stands up while saying to Harrison) I need an advance on my salary in the exact amount it costs to keep this place going. Or I will go to the competition and I will destroy you.
Svorski: (To Harrison) Yeah, she shark.
Harrison: What? Where am I gonna find somebody else like you?
Cory: You won't.
Auggie: (To Harrison) You're still mean.
Harrison: Don't try to cheer me up, kid. (Exits)
Exterior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom.
Cory: Welcome, to this qualifying round of the city regional spelling bee between our own John Quincy Adams Middle School (Some of his students start clapping) and Einstein Academy. (The students from Einstein Academy start clapping)
Farkle: Formidable opponent. And Smackle.
Isadora: I will destroy you.
Farkle: I am energy, you can't destroy energy. Ha!
Isadora: (mouths "I love you")
Farkle: (To Riley) Riley, get up there and show us who you really are. (Riley stands up and gets behind a podium)
Cory: Okay, Ms. Matthews. (Maya enters) Your first word is - (Maya puts a card on top of the one Cory is holding and he says to her) Maya, you can't-
Maya: Check out the word, Mr. Matthews.
Riley: Maya, what are you doing?
Maya: Hey, Farkle's not the only one with a master plan.
Cory: (To Riley) Ms. Matthews, your word is harajuku.
Riley: Excuse me?
Cory: Harajuku.
Riley: Uh, may I have the meaning of the word?
Cory: Oh, you don't know? Then let me tell you. It's a real neighborhood in Japan, where authentic Japanese girls have created an authentic look and life for themselves that is unique to them.
Riley: Country of origin?
Cory: Are you kidding me?
Riley: Can I hear it in a sentence?
Maya: Yeah. "Stop pretending to be a harajuku girl, because you're not; you're Riley." R-i-l-e-y.
Cory: (To Riley) Five seconds, Ms. Matthews, or you're eliminated.
Riley: What do you mean "eliminated"?
Farkle: It means you won't be a part of the group anymore.
Riley: (To the audience) Harajuku, (Taking a pair of glasses off) something I am n-o-t. (Turns to Farkle and says to him) Sorry, Farkle. It was a lovely party and your friends are really cool.
Academic Bottom Half: We are?
Academic Top Half: (To Riley) We've never been called that before.
Farkle: (To Riley) Thanks, Riley. We feel the same way about you.
Cory: (buzzes)
Riley: (walks to a couple of chairs and sits on one when Maya sits on the other and she says to her) Well, I guess we're back to where popular is gonna be kind of hard, huh?
Maya: I wouldn't know. And let's not try so hard to find out. (Puts her arm around Riley's neck as she puts her head on Maya's shoulder and she puts her head on her head)
Interior. Svorski's Bakery.
Topanga: You miss her?
Cory: Who?
Topanga: The other Topanga.
Cory: No. I've always known where she is.
Riley: (To Maya) You know what the best thing is about being yourself?
Maya: What?
Riley: You're always popular with your best friend.
Maya: (smiles)
Svorski: (To Auggie) Ready for new joke?
Auggie: Is not Ukrainian bakery.
Svorski: Is our-krainian bakery.
Auggie: [Laughing] Oh man, that's good. I don't get it.

Transcribed by Wc12271991