The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Rah Rah.

Interior. The Matthews' Apartment.
Cory: You know what Today is, don'tcha?
Topanga: Oh, I know what Today is. How much do you dread this day?
Cory: This is the day I dread. Maybe the friend can save us. (Maya enters)
Topanga: Were you able to talk her out of it?
Maya: No.
Auggie: Then what good are you, lady?
Maya: I'm no good.
Riley: (enters while wearing cheerleading uniform) Cheerleading tryouts Today! (nearly stumbles) I have better control of my body now, and when my brain tells my arms and legs what to do, they try real hard now. This is gonna be my year, guys. (gets up on sofa) Give me a "Q"! Give me a "U"! Give me an I-N-C-YYY! (falls off sofa)
Theme song.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Gymnasium. Cheerleading tryouts. Riley is with Maya. One of the girls, Samantha, has done a somersault.
Riley: (claps) Great job, Samantha.
Samantha: Thanks!
Riley: You're the best. (high-fives Samantha, then says to Maya) She's the worst one here.
Maya: She's the worst?
Riley: Samantha's the one I gotta beat to make the team. I'm better than her, right?
Maya: Explain to me what's the matter with you.
Riley: I'm for your entertainment pleasure.
Maya: How many years you're gonna do this to me?
Riley: What am I doing to you?
Maya: Every year I have to tell you that you're good. You know what? You're not good. You're not as good as Samantha. You're not as good as Heather. You're not as good as any girl with any name, or doesn't have a name, or doesn't exist, or is a rock.
Riley: Well I don't like that she doesn't have a name. I would call her Roxie.
Maya: Every year, you try out. Every year, Coach Kelly tells you not to come back because she hates you.
Riley: Coach Kelly does not hate me.
Coach Kelly: Matthews, I hate you. Why would you come here? Why are you wearing that? Why would you come here?
Riley: This is the year I'm going to make the team.
Coach Kelly: It's really not. You've been trying to make this team since third grade pee wees, and they don't let me reject anybody in third grade pee wees. It hurts their self-esteem.
Riley: Then why did you get to reject me?
Coach Kelly: 'Cause that's the year we passed the Riley rule.
Riley: (gasps) I have my own rule. (Maya gives her a thumbs up)
Coach Kelly: How much rejection can you take?
Riley: Hey, LeBron James was cut from his high school basketball team.
Coach Kelly: LeBron went straight to the NBA from high school.
Riley: I knew it was something. Coach Kelly, I'm gonna win you over.
Coach Kelly: Stay out of sports.
Riley: Oh, you.
Maya: (reads from note) "Cheerleading tryouts will span three days after school. On day one, applicants will be judged on coordination."
Riley: Do I have that?
Maya: No. (reads) "Day two. Tumbling."
Riley: I tumble.
Maya: Not on purpose. (continues reading) "And if you make it to Day Three, we will see how you dance with the team."
Riley: That I can do.
Maya: If you make it to Day three.
Cheerleaders: Give me a "Q"! Give me a "U"! Give me a I-N-C-Y, Quincy! Quincy, we can fly! Whoo!
Coach Kelly: (blows whistle) All right, ladies, I've got 13 trying out. I need 12. Matthews, why don't you make it easy on all of us and quit right now, so we don't have to go through three days of torture?
Riley: No, thank you.
Maya: Riley. Know why nobody else is even trying out? She already has her team. These girls are the same girls since pee wees. These girls are the reason you don't make the team.
Riley: May we get started, please?
Coach Kelly: You heard her. (blows whistle) Launch, fly, catch. Team, launch. Jenkins, fly. Matthews, catch. (drags Riley to the exact spot) Catch! (puts her arms in a catching position; Jenkins flies)
Riley: (waves to Jenkins) Hi. (Jenkins falls; realizes) Oh, catch.
Coach Kelly: You alive, Jenkins?
Jenkins: I'm fine, coach.
Riley: I'm fine, coach!
Coach Kelly: All right, let's try that again. Matthews, you fly. Jenkins, you catch.
Riley: Can I trust you?
Jenkins: Oh, yeah. I know exactly what I'm gonna do.
Riley: I'm gonna die!
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom.
Cory: (points to drawing of light bulb on blackboard) Who invented this?
Farkle: Thomas Edison, the Wizard of Menlo Park.
Cory: After how many tries?
Lucas: Six!
Cory: No! Anybody here think he invented it after his first try?
Lucas: I do!
Cory: No!
Lucas: All right, I was trying something, and now I'm going back to the way things were.
Farkle: Why didn't he invent the light bulb on his first try?
Zay: 'Cause it was dark! (to Lucas) Got your back. Got your back.
Nurse: (enters with Riley who's holding a bag of ice) Did the best I could.
Riley: I'm fine. Nothing to see, here. Go on with your business.
Maya: Uh, but wouldn't the ice work better if you put it on something? (Riley puts bag of ice on her chair, then sits on it) I see.
Lucas: You were supposed to talk her out of this.
Farkle: Every year, Riley tries out for cheerleaders.
Zay: Oh, Riley, you are no cheerleader.
Riley: That is a terrible thing to say to me, Zay.
Zay: I meant it as a compliment.
Lucas: Back in Texas, Zay had a little incident with a cheerleader.
Zay: It wasn't just a little incident. It was true love, but I'm over it now. (screams) VANESSA!
Maya: Matthews, you're her father. It's your job to talk her out of this.
Cory: Thomas Edison saw the need for a new kind of light source for the home. See, people relied on kerosene lanterns, and he tried a lot more than six ways to come up with an electric light without success. You know what he said?
Lucas: "I have failed!"
Cory: No!
Lucas: Yeah!
Cory: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that will not work."
Farkle: But Edison finally succeeded. That's why we have light in here.
Cory: Because he never gave up.
Riley: And neither should I.
Maya: Mmm, way to put her back on track, Matthews. Why'd you have to pick Today to teach us about Edison?
Cory: Yeah, that's something, isn't it?
Maya: Okay, when we were at home, you didn't want her to do this. Nobody did.
Cory: Yeah, because as her father, I've gone through this with her half a dozen times. And it kills me every year.
Maya: Then what are you doing?
Cory: In this room, I'm your teacher.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Gymnasium.
Coach Kelly: (to Riley) You've made it to Day Two?
Maya/Lucas/Farkle/Zay: Yeah! Whoo!
Coach Kelly: And you brought your own cheering section?
Maya: I'm just here to pick up the pieces.
Lucas: I'm here because I wanna see this.
Farkle: I'm here because I believe in Riley.
Zay: I'm here because I need to show my cheerleader enemies they have no hold on me.
Samantha: Hi, Zay.
Zay: (giggles) You know my name.
Coach Kelly: I hold in my hand, a bell. This is the Riley bell.
Riley: I have my own bell. (Maya gives her a thumbs up)
Coach Kelly: When you quit, and you will, you will ring this bell, and this travesty will be over.
Riley: I will never ring that bell.
Coach Kelly: Uh-huh. Day two, tumbling. This is the day we learn what kind of control you have over your bodies.
Maya: (rings the Riley bell)
Riley: Maya.
Maya: I want you to live.
Coach Kelly: All right, ladies. Round off, back handspring, yamashida. Stick the landing.
Lucas: (rings the Riley bell)
Riley: Lucas!
Lucas: Yamashida, man.
Coach Kelly: All right, ladies. Show her how it's done. (one girl tries) Fair. (Jenkins tries then starts to wince) What was that? Hi, there. Did I see a little something?
Jenkins: No.
Coach Kelly: You sure, Jenkins? You sure I didn't see a little-
Jenkins: No, no, no, no, no, no.
Coach Kelly: Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh. Give me your foot.
Jenkins: I don't want to give you my foot.
Coach Kelly: (yells at Jenkins in Russian)
Jenkins: I'm sorry.
Coach Kelly: Matthews.
Farkle: (rings the Riley bell)
Riley: Farkle!
Farkle: Nyet!
Riley: (goes to a powdered donut on the podium and rubs it on her hands like a rosin bag)
Coach Kelly: What are you doing? That's my donut! Tumble. (Riley tumbles) Okay. You ready for me now, champ?
Riley: Yeah.
Coach Kelly: You get two attempts.
Riley: That wasn't twice?
Coach Kelly: Wanna show us what you can do, or you wanna ring that bell?
Riley: (walks to her friends) Goodbye.
Maya/Lucas/Farkle/Zay: Goodbye.
Riley: (yells while attempting her second try but takes a fall while doing so)
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley's Bedroom.
Maya: (enters through the bay window) All you had to do, was ring the bell. Did you ring the bell? No. We rang the bell for you. Was that good enough? No. (goes to Riley's bed, assumes Riley is under the covers) Well, I have never been more proud of you. You made it through Day two without ringing the bell. No one expects you in school Today, okay? So we'll see you when you're back in one piece.
Farkle: (enters) What's the matter with you? Ring the bell. Ring any bell. Ring the doorbell. I'll go tell Coach Kelly you rang the bell, and we can all wake up from this horrible nightmare.
Lucas: (enters) Is she alive? Did she make it through the night? Riley, we are so proud of you. Is she alive? Please, stop now. We all want you to stop. Is-- Is she alive? Tell her, Zay. Zay?
Zay: (through window) So, what? You guys just break into her apartment, and that's appropriate?
Topanga: (enters with Auggie) Riley, are you alive?
Lucas: No one can get an answer.
Cory: All of you? All of you just come in here?
Zay: That's what I'm saying.
Maya: She can't even move. This is on you, Matthews.
Cory: Why is that, Maya?
Maya: 'Cause you're talking out of both sides of your head. At home, you tell her to quit, at school, you teach her to never give up.
Topanga: What? Her teacher and her father disagree?
Cory: Well, maybe it's that they both want what's best for her.
Auggie: Wait, which one of you do you hope she listens to?
Cory: Here? I want her to listen to her father. Her father wants to protect her. Her father wants her in this bed all day where nothing bad can happen to her. Quit, Riley. Your father doesn't want you to get hurt.
Farkle: What does her teacher want?
Cory: Her teacher wants the same thing everyday. He wants her to have an education. To learn about the world. To find out who she is.
Lucas: And her dad doesn't want her to find out who she is?
Cory: (shakes head) No, no!
Topanga: Zay, I don't blame you for not wanting to be a part of this insanity.
Zay: Thank you. It's much worse than you think, actually.
Topanga: Why?
Zay: Well, I wouldn't do this without an invitation, but, uh... (climbs through the bay window) I was raised better than you, and apparently smarter than you, but this could go on all day. (pulls the covers off Riley's bed to reveal a bunch of pillows propped up to look as if Riley was really underneath) Looks like she listened to her teacher.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School.
Riley: Coach Kelly!
Coach Kelly: Matthews, still standing?
Riley: I came early. It's just you and me. Give me the inspirational speech.
Coach Kelly: Give you the what now?
Riley: The team isn't here. Show me who you really are, Jackie.
Coach Kelly: Jackie?
Riley: Give me my speech. Help me do better.
Coach Kelly: Matthews, these girls are finely tuned precision instruments who have dedicated their entire lives to this. You are a pineapple.
Riley: I'm going to hug you now.
Coach Kelly: Don't you come near me. Do you think these girls think of anything else? (Samantha does a somersault) What is this, Samantha? Sloppy day?
Samantha: I'll do better, coach. (does a somersault, cartwheel and a handstand)
Coach Kelly: (to Riley) You have invaded my personal space.
Riley: (hugs Coach Kelly) And you have invaded my heart, Coach Kelly. You and I both know that I am going to be a cheerleader. That is what you want from me, and I know your true soul. (Coach Kelly lifts Riley) What's happening?
Coach Kelly: Coach Kelly, launch. Matthews, fly.
Riley: Who's catching?
Coach Kelly: It's a surprise!
Riley: Oh, I love surprises. (Coach Kelly throws her) I'm gonna die!
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Gymnasium.
Coach Kelly: Incredibly, welcome to Day Three.
Lucas: I can't believe this, but how much are you rooting for her right now?
Farkle: As much as always.
Maya: Guys, you know how this ends. How could we let it get this far?
Zay: Don't you even know your best friend? There's no stopping her.
Maya: Yes, I know my best friend, and I don't want my best friend to get hurt.
Farkle: Well, Maya, she's always there for us. It's our turn now.
Lucas: Yeah, we shouldn't stop her from doing what she wants. We just need to be here when she needs us.
Maya: You're right. I know you're right. I just... I don't want her to fail.
Farkle: And if she does, you'll be the first person she wants to put an arm around her.
Maya: Okay, I'm not going anywhere.
Coach Kelly: This is our choreographed routine that we have perfected over all our years together. (to Riley) Newcomer. Have you learned the steps?
Riley: (very loudly) Yes, Coach!
Coach Kelly: Wow. I was about to say, "I can't hear ya," but you got me. Okay, places, everybody. (plays music; the cheerleaders perform their routine while Riley tries her best to keep up) Okay. (posts her cut list on the bulletin board; only Riley's name is on it)
Riley: "Riley Matthews?" I'm the only one who made the team?
Maya: No, Honey. That's not what that means.
Riley: Oh. I'm really tired, Maya.
Maya: I know you are, Riles. You did great. Wanna go home?
Riley: Yeah. (Maya has her arm around Riley as they walk out; Lucas, Farkle and Zay also have their arms around each other in solidarity as the other cheerleaders look on)
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment. Riley's Bedroom. Topanga is comforting Riley in the bay window.
Auggie: (knocks on door)
Riley: Come in.
Auggie: I'm very sorry for what happened to you, Riley, and I'm proud of you for trying your best. And I'm glad that you're still alive.
Riley: Thanks, Auggie. And thank you, Mom, for sitting with me.
Topanga: Aw, thank you for being who you are.
Riley: Where's Dad?
Topanga: He left for school a long time ago.
Riley: Is he disappointed in me?
Topanga: Of course not. I think he just really wants to be your teacher right now. (leaves the bedroom with Auggie)
Maya: (enters and sits next to Riley) New day?
Riley: Absolutely.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Mr. Matthews' History Classroom.
Riley: Mr. Matthews?
Cory: Yes, Ms. Matthews.
Riley: You got something for me? Because I'm asking my teacher. 'Cause I've had a rough few days.
Cory: "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that will not work." (turns off the light in the classroom) Thomas Edison couldn't hold a job when he was young, and no one thought he would amount much to anything. Thomas Edison never made it as an inventor... until he did. Only you get to decide when you quit. No well intended friend, no parent who's only trying to protect you, and no teacher, who's supposed to bring out the best in you, can make you turn your back on something you're passionate about. Because a teacher who brings you to failure, who wants you to quit, who hasn't taught you anything, is... no teacher at all.
Riley: But my name was on the paper.
Cory: Did you quit?
Riley: I didn't ring the bell. I couldn't. It was gone.
Maya: I stole it.
Riley: Maya, you stole the bell?
Maya: (shows Riley the bell) Did you think any of us were gonna let you ring this bell?
Cory: Riley, if you let somebody make you quit, no matter what position of power that person is in, if you only try 9,000 times, you just end up sitting in the dark. Do you want to sit in the dark, Riley?
Riley: (walks to the light and turns it on) Thank you, Mr. Matthews.
Cory: Anytime. (Riley walks out of the classroom) Oh, my poor, little girl.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School. Gymnasium.
Coach Kelly: Matthews. What are you doing here?
Riley: I want to be on the cheerleading team.
Coach Kelly: You didn't make it.
Riley: Just because you say I didn't make the team, doesn't mean I didn't make the team.
Coach Kelly: Yeah, it does. It actually determines who's on the team, and you. Because I say, "You're not good enough."
Riley: I want to be on the cheerleading team.
Coach Kelly: As what?
Riley: You need 12. What if one of your girls gets hurt? I could be an alternate.
Coach Kelly: My girls don't get hurt. They're machines.
Jenkins: (lifts her left leg pretending to be hurt) Ow.
Coach Kelly: 'Scuse me?
Jenkins: Ow.
Coach Kelly: Put that one hop little leg back on the ground, Jenkins.
Samantha: (lifts her right leg pretending to be hurt) Ow.
Coach Kelly: What? Cut it out, Samantha. Jenkins, she didn't even know how to catch you.
Jenkins: She hasn't been coached like we have.
Samantha: Yeah, maybe if you coached her.
Coach Kelly: Why are you doing this? Why would you encourage her like this?
Jenkins: We're cheerleaders.
Samantha: We know spirit when we see it.
Maya: (offers Coach Kelly the Riley bell) I think you're gonna need this.
Coach Kelly: Matthews... You finally broke me. (rings the Riley bell; Riley and the other cheerleaders celebrate; they try a group hug but Riley clumsily made them fall down)
Interior. The Matthews' Apartment.
Auggie: (to Cory and Topanga) Uh, you guys may want to see this.
Topanga: Oh, whatcha got there, Aug? (Cory and Topanga join Auggie and watch the video)
Perez: This is Perez Hilton. Mostly, I write about the rich and famous, but Today I think you'll find inspiration in the talentless and clumsy.
Riley: I'm both.
Perez: How long have you been trying to make the cheerleading team, Riley?
Riley: All my life, Perez.
Perez: And where is the coach who finally caved in?
Coach Kelly: (walks while shielding her face) Outta my face, Hilton.
Perez: Feisty. This is a story about a little girl who wouldn't give up, and won the admiration of her teammates.
Riley: (performs a successful routine with Samantha and Jenkins)
Perez: Okay. I think I see what we got here.
Riley: I couldn't have done this without my old friends (the kids are on the bench holding up signs; in order, Maya's read "Go!", Lucas' read "Riley", Farkle's read "Go!', while Zay's read "Vanessa, call me!") or my new friends (the cheerleaders gather around Riley)
Perez: So, dream your dreams, little ones, because this is a world where nothing is impossible. And isn't that the kind of world you want to live in?

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