The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Rules.

Interior. John Quincy Adams history class. Everyone is sitting at their desk waiting for Cory.
Lucas: Alright,where's your father?
Farkle: Are we getting a sub? I don't want a sub. You never know where they've been.
Riley: Will you calm down? He's one minute late. Stop overreacting.
Farkle: What if he never shows up? What if I never learn anything else? I'm going down, sir! Oh, he's not even here. (Falls on floor)
Riley: (Stands up to help Farkle) We lost Farkle. A little help, Maya?
Maya: (Standing at Cory's desk) Matthews is out, Farkle is down, it's Maya time.
Riley: Farkle's fixed. No Maya time.(Farkle falls again)  You may proceed. (Sits down)
Maya: During Maya time, we open the confiscation drawer and take back all the stuff from the land of unfairly taken toys.
Riley: (Scoffs) Maya! I don't think anybody really wants. (Everyone claps)
Maya: (Takes Frisbee out of a drawer) All right, whose is this? (Student in the back raises their hand) 
Farkle: (Stands up) What'd I miss? (Falls again by the Frisbee Maya threw)
Riley: Maya! He is going to walk in and catch you and you're going to be in trouble and I am here to keep you out of trouble, and I will have failed. Do you want me to fail? 
Maya: Do you want me to show you how to have fun?
Riley: Behaving is fun.
Maya: Come here!
Riley: I really don't want to.
Maya: You come here right now. Ring power! (Holds up hand)
Riley:  (Walks over to Maya) When we say "ring power" you have to. It's a rule.
Maya: Tell me this isn't fun. (Throws ping pong balls with a hand toy)
Riley: Yeah, that seems like fun, but now you did it, so I don't get to do it, so are we sitting down now? (Maya hands Riley the hand toy) Of course there's another one!
Maya: Do it!
Riley: There is nothing in this world that can make me do it.
Maya: Ring power. (Holds up hand)
Riley: (Screams)
Farkle: (Gets up) What'd I miss? (Farkle gets attacked by ping pong balls from Maya and Riley)
Students: (Screams and goes crazy)
Cory: When did you guys decide there are no rules in here? (Class quiets down and sits) When did my generosity in allowing you express yourselves make you think you could turn my class into a zoo?
Riley and Maya: I'm sorry. (Sits down)
Farkle: (Blows ping pong out of his mouth) I'm sorry.
Students: I'm sorry.
Cory: Lucas. Why are you the only one here that didn't say i'm sorry?
Lucas: Because I never do anything.
Cory: No. Because you respect the rules. Because you know without them, civilization becomes chaos. The rest of you are gonna spend the afternoon thinking about that, with the exception of Lucas the good.
Lucas: Oh, boy! Is that gonna stick?
Maya: I'm already making t-shirts. (Smiles)
Lucas: (Walks up to Cory) You put me in a real bad position here, sir. (Turns around to see everyone wearing 'Lucas the good" t-shirts) I gotta do something.
Cory: You can fight this, Lucas.
Lucas: No, I can't, sir. Everyone's looking.
Cory: Okay. Do what gotta do what you gotta do.
Lucas: (Texts Cory)
Cory: (Phone rings) Detention.
Lucas: Oh, thank you, sir.
Maya: Feel better, Huckleberry?
Lucas: I'm just like you now.
Maya: Yeah, we're exactly the same.
Cory: Yeah, you're all the same. Detention, all of you!
Riley: (Raises hand)
Cory: What do you want?
Riley: I'm going to be home late today, daddy.
Cory: I know, honey.
Title Sequence. Interior. John Quincy Adams history class. Everyone is walking in.
Cory: I've always allowed you to bend the rules. But the best of students know just how far they can push before those rules are broken. Today you are not the best of students.
Riley: But you know we're good people most of the time, don't you, daddy? Daddy? You'e my daddy.
Maya: Why do we need rules at all?
Cory: You think you could make it in a world without rules?
Maya: I think I could do fine in any world.
Cory: The rest of you believe that? (Everyone nods) Okay. School's out. You've got the whole place to yourselves. No rules. One hour to behave however you want. Let's see what becomes of you. 

Well, I think we'll be perfectly behaved ladies and gentlemen.

Cory And I think within one minute you'll be eating each other. (Walks towards door)
Riley: Where are you going?
Cory: I'm locking you in. The best punishment I can give is to force you to spend some time with yourselves. I'll see you in an hour. Whoever's left. (Closes door and locks it)
Riley: I can't believe it. He locked us in.
Farkle: That's fine. I don't have a problem with that. I'm not claustrophobic or anything. We're trapped. (Gasping) I can't breathe.

There's more carbon dioxide than oxygen! The ratio is all wrong!

Maya: Okay, Farkle gotsa go.
Farkle: I gotsa?
Riley: Stop. (Stands up)This is exactly what my father wants. He wants us to panic and fall apart. We have to show him that we can get through this without turning into a pack of wild animals.
Lucas: I'm hungry. (Looks at Farkle)
Farkle: What do you mean by that?
Lucas: Noting (Stands up) I'm just really hungry (Stands behind Farkle)
Farkle: Because we're best friends.
Lucas: Yeah, you know what else? I don't think I've ever been this hungry.
Maya: I feel ya, Ranger Rick. (Stands up) I'm kinda hungry, too. 
Lucas: And it's not like a regular kind of hungry, right?
Maya: No, no. This one's deep. It must be attended to.
Riley: (Walks over to Lucas and Maya) Oh, guys, can we just show a little discipline?I mean, how much more time in here could we possibly have? (They all look at the clock, the clock changes to 12:01) (Looks at Farkle) You know I could eat, too.
Farkle: (Stands up and backs away from Riley, Maya, and Lucas who walks towards him) What? What are you looking at? Guys! What are you seeing right now?
Lucas: Stop talking, chicken.

All right, come on! Let's prove my father wrong. (Walks to the front of the class) Let's form our own perfect society. Rileytown is a land of goodness and rainbows where everyone folds their hands nicely like so. (Folds hands) Who wants to live in Rileytown?

Maya: Nobody wants to live in Riley-town! It's too lollipop!
Riley: You're too lollipop!
Maya: Sister, i'm alot of things, but I ain't no lollipop. 
Riley: Riley-town has order, structure and our hands folded like so! (Folds hands) What do you got?
Maya: (Stands on desk) I got Mayaville! No rules, no laws, no hand folding and nobody says no! (Farkle looks up at Maya) No.
Riley: You got chaos is what you got! I got order, you got chaos!
Maya: You got lollipop, I got whoo!
Riley: Okay, detention may be bringing out the worst in us, but at least we're making the time pass. (All looks up at clock, clock ticks to 12:02)
Maya: Eat Riley!
Riley: Okay. (Holds out hand and covers her eyes) But no biting.
Interior. Matthews' apartment. Topanga is sitting on the couch.
Topanga: (Door bell rings) (Opens door)
Ava: (Enters and heads for the fridge)
Topanga; Oh, yay, it's you.
Ava: Go easy on me, Topy. I'm vulnerable today.
Topanga: Ava? What happened?
Ava: What happened? (Takes out whip cream from the fridge) Emma Weathersby happened! (Takes out chocolate cake) She's makin' inroads, man! Auggie! (Puts a lot of whip cream on the cake)
Topanga: Ava, whatever's going on, it's not worth shoving your face in the cake.
Ava: Dude, why would I do that? This face took hours. (Takes a couple bits of the cake) Join me?
Topanga: No, I couldn't possibly- Oh! There's actually not gonna be any left, is there? Okay, Shove over. (Sits next to Ava)
Ava: Emma Weathersby does this thing that I can't even begin to compete with. 
Topanga: What does she do?
Ava: (Screams) Oh, It's all just obvious and your dopey son is falling for it. (Stands up)
Topanga: Okay, what does Emma do?
Ava: She's nice. She's polite. She says "Please" and "thank you" and (Screams) I don't want to live in this kind of world!
Topanga: Okay, Ava what do you want me to do for you?
Ava: Could you make me likable?
Topanga: Honey, I don't see how?
Ava: (Crying) Topanga, I know how I come across. But I also know that if you just give me a chance, deep inside you, in your beautiful, shining soul, you actually see the good in me.
Topanga: Oh, honey!
Ava: How was that?
Topanga: Oh,  (Scoffs) you just want me to help you be fake nice?
Ava: I ain't lookin' for miracles. I just want your kid back. (Sits on Topanga lap)Here's what I know, deep down inside you, in your beautiful, shining soul, you actually see the good in me.
Topanga: Aw, honey.
Ava: How was that?
Interior. John Quincy Adams middle school history class. The desk are moved and the students are in two different groups. Maya and her group is stacking the desks.
Riley: Why are you guys over there? Why can't we just be one happy society that runs the way I think it should? 
Maya: Because you want us to be all you.
Farkle: We're not all you, Riley. I mean, you know the only reason I've never been able to choose between you? Because if it was you all the time, life would be like, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.
Farkle and Riley: La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.
Farkle: (Walks over to Maya) And if it was you all the time, life would be like (Growls) Descensus in cuniculi cavum! (Screams)
Maya: (Snarling)
Farkle: I need to be both of you guys.
Riley: But who are you going to be with right now, Farkle?
Maya: Before you answer that, (Walks over to the back door) You may want to consider a little thing I call this. (Opens back door)
Lucas: He forgot to lock the back door? 
Riley: Maya, we're in detention. You can't leave.
Maya: Hey. School's out. He said we get the place to ourselves. He said to make our own rules. Rule number one: See you around, Suckers. (Walks out and so does the other classmates)
Riley: Farkle?
Farkle: Hey. What part of "descensus in cuniculi cavum" do you not understand?
Riley: All of it.
Farkle: It means we drop down into the rabbit hole, man. (Exits)
Riley: Lucas?
Lucas: I never do anything, Riley. (Exits and screams) Yeah.
Riley: Okay. (Looks at the clocks that strikes 12:04)
Interior. John Quincy Adams middle school history class. Rileys' group is sitting.
Riley: We don't need them. We can just be in here, hands folded like so. (Folds hands and classmates too) So, what do you guys want to talk about? Oh, that's right. You guys don't talk, do you? Well, the first rule of Riley-town is that everybody in here gets to talk. You there. (Points at Dave) What do you have to say?
Dave: Hi. My name is Dave. I like corn chips and i'm sorry I didn't go with the other group.
Riley: Dave!
Student #4: I mean, don't get us wrong. 
Sarah: We really do respect you and everything.
Riley: You do?
Sarah: You're one of the good ones and we'd follow you anywhere.
Riley: Thank you.
Dave: It's just that without the others, we're kinda bored out of our minds.
Riley: Dave! We're safe and sound and not getting into trouble.
Student #4: Yeah, but with the problem with that is, all the good kids are in here.
Sarah: We just know that they're having a lot more fun out there.
Harley: (Enters) What are you doing in here? They're having a lot more fun out there.
Riley: We're in detention, janitor Harley.
Harley: How 'bout that? Little zippy crossed the line.
Riley: Maya influenced me.
Harley: I've noticed that over the years. You do realize the back doors open don't you, Zippy?
Riley: We're aware.
Harley: And yet this group stays in here, while the other group is rampaging down the hallyway.
Riley: Well, what do you make of that?
Harley: I'm sure we'll find out. This lesson has your father written all over it.
Riley: You're supposed to lock the front door
Harley: Actually, I'm not. It's time to find out what Maya is up to. Goodbye. (Exits and closes the door)
Riley: Maya will be fine. Lucas and Farkle won't let her get into trouble.
Dave: She's stronger than them.
Sarah: She's better when you're with her.
Riley: Oh, please. Fourteen years of good influence can't possibly come apart in (Looks up at the clock as it stikes 12:05)
Interior. John Quincy Adams hallway. It's quite, dark, and nobody's there.
Everone in Mayas' group:  (Screams and pushes the door to the hallways open) (All have their face painted)
Lucas: Well, this is less fun when there's no one to chase.
Farkle: Everybody else is in detention. I'm finally cool and nobody notices.
Maya: Okay, okay. Watch this. (Walks up to the vending machine, backs up, kicks it) Huh! Also, ow!
Lucas: Maya, if there's no good kids out here noticing us, then, what's the point?
Maya: (Pulls Lucas closer by the collar) You questioning my leadership, hop-along? 
Lucas: Okay, these names you're calling me are killing my street cred.
Maya: Aw. And what would you like me to call you?
Lucas: I'd like you to call me "Mad dog"
Maya: You don't seem like a mad dog to me.
Lucas: What do I seem like to you?
Maya: You know that lamb that Mary had?
Lucas: I don't like the way that this is going. (Maya lets go of Lucas)
Farkle: I think what mad dog is saying is what good is being bad if there's no other kind of people around?
Maya: (Pulls Farkle closer by the collar)
Farkle: I'm Batman. 
Maya: (Lets go of Farkle) (Wheels squeal) (Everyone ducks down)
Darby: Who's that?
Harley: I agree with mad dog and Batman. (Everyone stands up) For me, it was very important for us to be among the good.
Maya: Why?
Harley: Because even the good kids, you may never find out what they are.
Farkle: You told us you were one of the bad kids when you were younger.
Harley: Well, you know, I used to intimidate people. Make 'em see things my way.
Maya: Did they?
Harley: For a while.
Maya: What happened?
Harley: I met a good kid.
Lucas: But you seem like such a nice guy. It's hard for me to think you ever intimidated anything.
Harley: Oh, yeah? (Walks up to vending machine, touches it, backs up, tilts head, everything falls out onto the floor, grabs orange and exit)
Maya: Okay. Maybe he's right. Maybe we need a good kid around.
Darby: To find the good in us.
Maya: Yeah. Let's go steal one. (All of them walks toward the classroom)
John Quincy Adams middle school history class. Riley and her group is playing duck duck goose.
Riley: Duck. Duck. Duck.
Dave: She's actually too nice to make someone the goose.
Sarah: Without Maya around, she's actually getting worse.
Riley: Duck.
Mayas' group: (Runs in screaming with a giant net) (Puts net on Riley)
Riley: Wait! (They stop) Duck. Okay. (Picks up Riley and carries her out of the classroom)
Rileys' group: (Stands up and stares at Maya)
Maya: Why are you guys lookin' at me like that?
Sarah: Help us.
Dave: Make us more like you.
Maya: Okay. (Walks towards the door, stops, closes the door) You guys want to have some fun? 
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle school hallways. Mayas' group is putting down Riley.
Riley: (Pulls out wipes) Everybody clean off your faces, you look ridiculous. (Hands one to Farkle who hands it to Darby) Lucas, i'll get you. (Walks  towards Lucas and wipes his face)
Lucas: Thank you. You know, they call me "mad dog".
Riley: Of course they do.
Lucas: Would you call me "Mad dog"?
Riley: Would you call me "princess dancing sunshine"?
Lucas: No, I would not.
Riley: Well, there you go.
Interior. Matthews' appartment. Topanga and Ava is waiting for Auggie.
Auggie: (Enters) I'm home. (Groans) What a day. (Falls onto the couch)
Ava: We all have bad days, Auggie. (Stands up wearing a dress and a hat) Please. I'm sure you did your best. Thank you. May I?
Auggie:  What the? (Stands up) 
Topanga: I told you I didn't think I could do this.
Auggie: What did you do to her?
Topanga:  (Stands up) Honey, she asked me to!

(Walks over to Auggie) I would change myself completely if it meant not losing you to miss Emma Weathersby.

Auggie: Ava. You're not Emma. Be you. I don't want two Emmas. I can't stand being polite all day.
Ava: You can't?
Auggie: No. It makes me want to draw with a black crayon.
Ava: You want two Avas?
Topanga and Auggie: No!
Auggie: "Please" and "Thank you" are all right, but sometimes a guy's gotta hear "Give me" and "Iwant!"
Ava: Well, I want to take off this stupid hat! (Throws hat on the couch) And I want to take off this stupid dress! (Takes off dress) And I want cheese!
Topanga: Ava, we're having tea right now.
Ava: Let me tell you what I think about tea-
Topanga: No! I will get you some cheese. (Stands up and waks over to the fridge)
Ava: Topanga.
Topanga: (Stops) Yes?
Ava: Thank you.
Topanga: Wow, Ava. (Bends down) You know, inside there, (Points at her heart) there really is a sweet little girl after all.
Ava: Aw, Topy-
Topanga: How was that?
Ava: Pretty good.
Interior. John Quincy Adams middle school history class. Mayas' group is with Riley sitting inside. Riley's' group is with Maya outside.
Quite kids and Maya:  (Enters chanting) (Sits down)
Riley: You have fun?
Maya: I did. It was quite enjoyable. And you?
Riley: Someone had the idea to put me in a bag. Did you hear about that?
Maya: Really? Well, you know, there's some bad kids out there.
Cory: (Enters) Okay, guys. Detention over.
Riley: Dad?
Cory: Yeah?
Riley: Remember how you told us that people change people?
Cory: Secret of life.
Maya: Well, when you're not with those people, how do you keep from changing back?
Cory: You went a little wild, did you?
Maya: Whatever I got is strong in me, Matthews.
RIley: Yeah, me too, but the other way.
Cory: Harley!
Harley: (Enters) Right here.
Cory: You watched them?
Harley: Like a hawk.
Riley: What?
Maya: You're with him?
Harley: Yeah. He's my good kid.
Cory: What do you got?
Harley: Everyone went nuts, except for Zippy. Why didn't you go nuts, Zippy?
Riley: I was without Maya. Without Maya, I don't think i'd ever unfold my hands.
Cory: What about this one here? (Points at Maya)
Harley: Maya was the ringleader. Maya was the first one out the door.
Maya: I was without Riley. Without Riley, I may never come back.
Cory: Okay. Well, detention over, guys. Everyone out.
Riley: Dad.
Cory: Everyone out. (Everyone stands up and leaves)
Maya: So, you were like me? What changed you?
Harley: Well, it turns out there is always two doors. He showed me the other one. It's good to know there's someone like that around. (Exits)
Cory: Okay, so, how long did it take for you to go full-blow Maya?
Maya: Five minutes.
Cory: Five minutes. That's four more minutes than last time.
Maya: So, you weren't there this morning?
Cory: Yeah, the subway was late or something.
Maya: Or something.
Cory: You know, Maya, it's a good thing to know, I don't always have to be in this room to give my students a test.
Maya: And it's a good thing we got people who check up on us every once in a while.
Cory: Yeah. Okay. So, what's next?
Maya: I sit here another hour.
Cory: Maya, whatever you end up deciding to be, the best thing I can teach you right now is that there are consequences to our actions. The rules are there to help us.
Maya: I'll try harder next time.
Cory: I know. (Walks toward the door)
Maya: Hey, Matthews.
Cory: Yeah?
Maya: Next time i'm gonna put some war paint on Riley's face.
Cory: Yeah. I'm sure she's counting on it. (Exits and closes door)
Maya: Riley!
Riley: (Behind the door looking through the window) Right here. (Sits down on the floor)
Interior. Matthews' apartment. Ava is about to leave.
Auggie: Thanks for coming over, Ava. I had a real good time.
Ava: Me too, Auggie. Tomorrow, I want to talk about me more and I want to watch my TV shows and I want to walk more about me.
Auggie: Sound good. See you tomorrow.
Ava: Topanga!
Topanga: Yes?
Ava: Throw me out!
Topanga: (Gasps) I had the same idea.
Topanga and Ava: Wheee!
Ava: Thank you!
Topanga: My pleasure. (Walks over to Auggie) I never thought i'd say this, but she is really starting to grow on me.
Auggie: Really? because I decided that if you still didn't like her I was never going to see her again, because your happiness is more important than anything to me.
Topanga: Aw, Honey.
Auggie: How was that?

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