How am I supposed to feel, Maya? I like Lucas, don't I?
Riley to Maya

Girl Meets Semi-Formal is the thirteenth episode in season 2 of Girl Meets World and the 34th episode overall. It aired on August 14, 2015 as a part of the Disney's Sounds of Summer event to 2.2 million viewers.


Riley is torn when another boy, instead of Lucas, asks her to a big school dance. Meanwhile, Eric is visited by an old friend who seems lost.


Riley's Folder

The front of Riley's notebook: "Riley & Lucas 4-Ever"

Other Side

The back of Riley's notebook: "Riley & Lucas: We're Just Friends"

In the school hallways, Riley tells Maya the Semi-Formal dance is this weekend and Lucas still hasn't asked her. Maya points out that Riley has been obsessing about this for the past ten months. After Maya has been slamming her locker shut every day for ten months, Riley wonders why Cory always yells after Maya's locker slams shut. Maya explains that her locker backs on to the wall holding the blackboard in Cory's classroom; the force of the slamming locker door kicks up a cloud of chalk dust startling Cory. After Maya tells Riley she will keep doing it until Cory comes out, Cory emerges from his classroom covered in chalk dust and chases Maya down the hallway.

In class, Cory talks about the concept of etiquette. When Lucas mentions the upcoming dance, Riley asks him if he's planning to attend the dance which he has failed to talk to her about in the last ten months. Cory interrupts Riley and Lucas' conversation to show the class an old-timey safety film. Riley tells Farkle she just wants to be invited to the dance, but she turns down his invitation.

Enter Agent LaChance

Senator Matthews and Agent LaChance

At home, Eric, now a senator, enters the Matthews' apartment dressed as a secret service agent. He tells Cory (whom he gives the code name "Undapants") that he has been stalked by some guy ever since he became a senator. When Cory lets the stalker in, the man identifies himself as Agent LaChance, Eric's Secret Service detail, and also remarks that Eric is the smartest person he ever worked for. After the agent tells Eric to reveal why he's in town, Eric says he's in New York to meet a representative from an evil business that is trying to buy his vote over an oil pipeline.

The next day at school, Riley tells Maya she thinks Lucas is waiting until the last minute to do "The Big Ask". As Maya lists all the extravagant gestures she thinks Lucas won't do, they each come true and happen to Riley: She finds balloons in her locker, a line of students walk by each handing Riley roses until they become a large bouquet, a disco ball then drops down from the ceiling, a music fanfare starts playing, a banner unfurls, and Yogi skates by. Just as Maya thinks it might actually be happening, Riley excitedly accepts the dance invitation before realizing it is not Lucas asking her, but Charlie Gardner!

Riley In A Pickle

"What will she do? What will she do-o-o??"

After Riley's surprise invitation, Maya gives a running commentary in an old-timey voice similar to the narrator in the film they watched in class. Charlie can't believe Riley said yes; he says he waited ten months for Lucas to ask Riley out, but when Lucas never did he decided to take a chance. Charlie tells Riley she's the kind of girl who deserves to get swept off her feet, hence the surprises. Riley tries to get out of going to the dance with Charlie by saying she can't go because she has to babysit Auggie. At that point Lucas appears behind her and is disappointed to hear she can't go to the dance, but he is more dismayed that Charlie asked her out, saying he and Riley have an unofficial thing going on; in other words, Lucas didn't ask Riley to the dance because he assumed he and Riley were already going together.

GMW Eric & Jack

The Return of Jack Hunter

At Topanga's, Eric waits for the businessman. When his old friend Jack Hunter walks up behind him, Eric is happy to see him for the first time in ages. When Eric sits Jack down and explains how he's waiting for the evil corporate representative, he slowly realizes that Jack is that representative. As an "idiot genius", Eric already knows Jack and Rachel both joined the Peace Corps at the same time, but then Jack left (while Rachel stayed) to join the evil company and hasn't been the same since. When Eric wonders why Jack is now working for an evil organization, Jack recalls how when they were younger the biggest decision they had to make was who should be with Rachel. Jack says he didn't realize that life was preparing them to make the right decisions later, but then you get a little older, face another choice and make the wrong decision. Now, they're both in a position to influence the world, but who will influence who?

At The Bay Window, Riley needs Maya's help with her semi-formal double booking, but Maya's all out of advice. When Cory and Topanga come to check on them, they're disappointed to learn Riley lied to Charlie to get out of the date with him. After Riley explains she had a vision in her mind of how the semi-formal would go with Lucas asking her, Maya says that Riley did nothing wrong, that she's just confused, but when Riley again asks Maya what she learned about her relationship with Lucas when she was pretending to be her, Maya is evasive and simply tells Riley to go to the dance; Cory and Topanga agree, saying it will be punishment enough for lying as Riley will have to face both Lucas and Charlie.


RILEY: "Ohh-ho, this is my punishment.."

When Riley and Maya arrive at the dance, Riley's hopeful the big turnout means she won't run into either Lucas or Charlie, but they're both already there. After Farkle asks Riley for a dance, Maya cuts in and dances off with him instead to give Riley time to talk to her would-be suitors: Charlie said he knew he had to "bring it" after Lucas rode Riley out of the gymnasium on a white horse, and then Lucas conceded points to Charlie for his belief that the semi-formal deserved a little extra effort. They both admit they now like each other and, thanks to Riley, have formed a new friendship. When Riley asks what she's supposed to do next, Lucas and Charlie leave it up to her and go mingle with the others.

Niche Has A Problem

RILEY: "Adults have it easy, Dad.."

Eric brings Jack to the school dance, saying he's taking Jack back in time to their own school days; Eric then points out Cory to Jack, and he goes over to say hi, just as Riley comes up and asks for advice about her dilemma. Jack is astonished that Cory has a daughter and asks what fatherhood is like; Cory says he can find out by taking care of Riley's question. Jack tells Riley about how he and Eric competed for Rachel's affections; Rachel liked Jack like a boyfriend and Eric like a brother. Riley asks if they still see each other, and while Jack replies he hasn't seen her in years, Eric says he talks to her all the time. Jack advises Riley to keep her friends around as long as she can. Now with a lot to think about, Riley goes back to dance with her friends.


Sheppard performs at the Semi-Formal

After Jack says keeping Eric around was always the best choice he ever made, Eric excuses himself and goes on stage to introduce a special treat for the kids after their work to get him elected: the Australian band Sheppard, who performs their hit song "Geronimo". As the kids dance, Lucas and Charlie are both dancing around Riley. When Lucas spins around, he is suddenly dancing with Maya, while Riley keeps dancing with Charlie. After Riley apologizes to Charlie that things didn't work out as planned, he forgives her since they're there together anyway. Farkle says they're all dancing and Lucas says they're all friends. What else is there to figure out?

From His Heart

PSA from the Senator's heart

Back home, Eric records a public service announcement with Riley (whom he calls his niche) and Maya (whom he calls 'Mayonnaise') about global warming.


Main cast

Special guest cast

  • Sheppard as Themselves
    • George Sheppard 
    • Amy Sheppard 
    • Emma Sheppard
    • Michael Butler 
    • Jason Bovino 
    • Dean Gordon 

Guest cast

Absent cast


Jack: "Dad"? This is your daughter?!
Riley: Hi, I'm Riley.
Jack: Hi, Riley. It's a pleasure to meet you. What is it like having a daughter, man?
Riley: How do you love two people, differently?
Cory: Jack, you want to know what it's like having a daughter. Why don't you take this one?
Jack: Oh, buddy. Well, there was once this girl who had to make a choice between Eric and me. She liked me as a boyfriend-
Eric: And she liked m-
Riley: How? How did she like you?
Eric: She liked me as a brother.
Riley: Are you two still friends?
Jack: You know what, I haven't seen her in a really long time.
Riley: Are you two still friends?
Eric: Yeah, we talk all the time. She and I are still great friends.
Jack: Keep your friends around as long as you can. That's the best choice you can make.
Eric: Here we are.
Jack: Are you kidding me? You brought me to a school dance?
Eric: No, Jack. I brought you back in time. See look, there's Feeny.
Jack: Cory!
Cory: Jack?
Jack: 'sup, buddy.
Cory: How's life treating you?
Jack: Well, you know, I'm at a middle-school dance and your brother's my date.
Cory: So nothing's changed.
Farkle: Riley, dance?
Riley: Absolutely-
Maya: No, no, no, no, no, no. Riley's busy. I'll dance with you.
Farkle: That works for me. You're Riley or Maya.
Cory: You've been in here six hours.
Topanga: We don't hear any talking.
Riley: The bay window's broken.
Jack: Remember when we were kids and the toughest choice we had was which one of us was going to end up with Rachel?
Eric: Rachel!
Jack: You know all about me, huh?
Eric: I know what all my friends are doing.
Jack: You're still an idiot genius, aren't you?
Eric: Jack Hunter joined the Peace Corps with Rachel McGuire. She stayed, you left and joined an evil company, and you haven't been the same since.
Jack: What's up, buddy?
Eric: Jack!
Jack: How you doin'?
Eric: I'm a senator, now. Did you hear?
Jack: Yeah, it's the end of the world!
Eric: Probably.
Eric: Stand aside, undapants.
Cory: Undapants?
Eric: You're the brother of a senator now. There's security issues. That's your code name.
Cory: Undapants!
Maya: There's nothing but time. If he doesn't ask you by the week before, I'll look at you like this and say, "you've got a problem".
Riley: You know, you look at me like that a lot.
Maya: Well, you got a lot of problems.
Riley: I do.
Maya: Stop planning your life so far in advance.
Riley: I'm not. When the time comes, I want my ashes scattered over-
Maya: Lucas? Is it Lucas?
Riley: It's this weekend. Lucas hasn't asked me to the semi-formal. We're Riley and Lucas, aren't we, Maya?
Maya: I don't know any more. Just tell me what to say.
Riley: It's all over the front of my notebook. Riley hearts Lucas forever.
Maya: What's on the back of your notebook?
Riley: Riley and Lucas are just friends.
Eric: Hi, I'm Senator Eric Matthews, and this is my niche, Riley, and her friend, Mayonnaise.
Maya: You're not even trying any more.
Eric: When I was a kid like them, there used to be polar bears all over New York City. But now because of, uh-oh we broke the earth, these bears have been forced to move to places their travel agents told them were colder, but aren't any more. Help me make the right decisions. Let's make the world cold where it's supposed to be. It's the warm thing to do. This message is brought to you by my heart.
Maya: Why would you be dancing with me if you're officially a huckleberry?
Lucas: No, I'm not dancing with you.
Jack: Man, keeping you around was always the best choice I ever made, wasn't it?
Eric: Yeah, I gotta go.
Eric: 92! That's why all the polar bears left. I am the one who global warmed them.
Jack: Guys, do you remember? We used to be just like them.
Cory: I remember us every day.
Riley: All right, I'll go. What color goes with shame?
Maya: Riley didn't do anything wrong.
Topanga: No?
Maya: I think she's just confused about how she's supposed to feel.
Riley: How am I supposed to feel, Maya? I like Lucas, don't I? You were me. How did I feel when you were me? What are me and Lucas?
Maya: Just tell me what to say.
Riley: You know something. Tell me.
Eric: You know what I'm doing right now? Come on, sit down. I'm actually senatoring right now. I'm waiting for some evil guy from some evil company who's going to come in and try to sleaze his way into my pocket to buy my vote.
Jack: Really? Why would he do that?
Eric: Because the other company is really environmentally conscious and they save the polar bears. But the evil company is scum who turns clean water into dirty water and hires good looking employees with pocket squares and hair that goes 'swoosh' to hide their company's evil faces.
Eric: So, what are you doing here?
Jack: What, I need a reason to see my friend?
Eric: So we're still friends? Because I haven't seen you in a really long time.
Jack: Not a day goes by that your voice still isn't inside my head. No matter what I do.
Eric: Why, Agent LaChance, this might just be the start of the best friendship since - Jack, who was that guy I used to know?
Lucas: Oh, Charlie, you may not know this, but Riley and I kind of have an unofficial thing going.
Charlie: Yeah, but I've been tracking this thing all year. And I've seen both sides of her notebook.
Lucas: You let him see your notebook?
Riley: It was only one time.
Maya: I'm so proud of her. She's obviously had a good bad influence. Well, Riley's gotten herself out of this mess. What could possibly go wrong now?
Cory: I'm sorry you got stuck with him.
Security Guard: Actually, he's the smartest senator I've ever worked with. Ask him why he's here, Undapants.
Security Guard: I've told you several times, senator. I keep saying secret service, and you keep saying "I'll have the hummus."
Eric: And I never got my hummus.
Security Guard: I'm not room service. I'm secret service.
Eric: I haven't eaten in three days!!
Eric: Plus, ever since I was elected, some guy's been stalking me. Oh, he's walking through oorway-day.
Eric: Not sure you're aware of this, but there's a lot of people out there that'd like to do me harm.
Cory: And in here.
Riley: (to Lucas) Time to make some choices, "Billy". Simple enough for you, "Billy"?
Video Narrator: Look how Billy holds the door open for Sally, so she won't develop unsightly arm muscles. Now that's etiquette.
Maya: How you enjoying the picture show, Sally?
Riley: Life is so much simpler in black and white.
Riley: You and me, Sally, front of the notebook, baby!
Riley: I just want to be asked to the dance.
Farkle: You want to go to the dance?
Riley No.
Farkle: Oh, you've seen my play.
Video Narrator: But today we're here to talk about the biggest night in a young person's life, the semi-formal. Billy's been looking forward to this all year. Isn't that right, Billy? Woah, woah, woah. Slow down, Billy. Because you know who hangs out at dances? Your old friends polio, typhoid and the devil.
Cory: Argh!
Riley: Why does he keep doing that?
Maya: Lockers, blackboard, chalk, chalk dust, your daddy.
Riley: How long are you gonna keep doing it?
Maya: Till he comes out.
Cory: Puh.
Maya: Okay, I'm done!
Eric: So, ladies and gentleman, all the way from Kangaroo Town, Sheppard.
Eric: I wanted to bring him back to a time when life was a little less complicated.
Riley: I thought it was either going to be the front of my notebook or the back of my notebook, but now there's another guy so I think I'm gonna need to get a whole new notebook, because Maya won't tell me how I feel. Adults have it easy, Dad, all you have to decide is what to have for dinner and what to put the thermostat at.
Riley: Wait a minute. What do I do here?
Lucas: Oh, well, that's up to you, Riley.
Charlie: Yeah, why make it easy for you?
Riley: Oh, this is my punishment. My parents are smart.
Maya: Go to the dance.
Riley: I can't. They're going to punish me.
Topanga: Go to the dance.
Riley: They're not going to punish me.
Cory: Actually, we kinda are.
Riley: How?
Topanga: Well, Lucas and Charlie are both going to be at the dance.
Cory: You need to face them, Riley. You've got choices to make.
Riley: I got asked by Charlie.
Cory: Gardner? I like him. Little quiet so far.
Lucas: I just naturally assumed we were going together.
Riley: What?
Lucas: I thought we were going together. I should have asked.
Riley: What?
Lucas: I'm sorry you can't go.
Maya: What Riley will realize immediately is that her father is one of the chaperons of the dance.
Riley: Charlie, I want to thank you for the flowers, and the banner, and Yogi on skates.
Charlie: Yeah, I had to teach him.
Yogi: Ow!
Charlie: But there's only so much time in the day.
Maya: When we last left our hero, she said she'd go to the dance with Charlie Gardner.
Charlie: That's me.
Maya: Oh, Charlie.
Maya: Meet Riley, a swell gal who finds herself in quite the pickle. What will she do? What will she do?
Riley: Keep making things happen, Maya.
Video Narrator: Now, let's meet your best gal, Sally, who, since you're a gentleman, you asked to the dance at least ten months in advance.
Riley: Billy gets it!
Maya: Billy's dead and all of his friends are dead, too. Except one. No, wait, now he's dead, too.
Cory: Psst, talk after class.
Riley: Have you no sense of anything?
Cory: Nope, let's watch.
Riley: Oh, there's a dance and you're planning to attend this dance that you never mentioned in my general vicinity. That dance?
Lucas: Well, actually, I want to talk to you about that.
Riley: Go on.
Cory: So the school board sent me this film. It's called "He asked me, he asked me, he really asked me.
Lucas: This is supposed to teach us how to act at the dance?
Cory: They sent it. I'm showing it. You're animals.
Cory: Can anyone here tell me what etiquette is? [Maya raises her hand] No, you can't.


  • August Maturo (Auggie Matthews) does not appear in this episode, but he is mentioned by Riley.
  • First, and only, appearance of Jack Hunter, last seen in the BMW finale "Brave New World, Part 2."
  • Jack Hunter is the fifteenth BMW character to appear in GMW
  • First appearance of Charlie Gardner, whom Cory likes, and notes has been "a little quiet so far."
  • This marks the only time a reel film projector (and screen) is used in the History classroom.
  • Will Friedle both wrote and guest starred in this episode, as well as providing the voice of the film narrator, which Maya mockingly mimics while describing Riley's dilemma throughout the episode.
  • The name of the 1950's film featuring Billy and Sally was He Asked Me, He Asked Me, He Really Asked Me.
  • The band, Sheppard, guest starred in this episode and performed their hit song "Geronimo".
  • This episode was a part of the "Sounds of Summer" event.
  • Flashbacks from ten and five months before are depicted.
  • In the present and the ten and five months flashbacks, Charlie can be seen in the background watching Riley.
  • Charlie attempted to teach Yogi how to roller-skate in a single day.
  • Maya has the lyric sheet for Frank Sinatra's "The Girl From Ipanema," on the inside of her locker door.
  • Maya has made a daily habit of slamming her locker door to cause chalk dust to fly out at Cory.
  • Rachel McGuire is mentioned.
  • First appearance of Eric's Secret Service protector, Agent LaChance .
  • Eric refers to Cory as Feeny when he takes Jack to the Semi-Formal.
  • References from Girl Meets Yearbook and Girl Meets Friendship are made.
  • Actress Haley Hauser debuts as Sally, but later returned in a new role as Haley, a contemporary JQA student in Girl Meets Creativity.
  • When Jack mentions Rachel, Eric yells out "RACHEL!" in a callback to two season 6 Boy Meets World episodes: Bee True and State of the Unions.
  • Eric's codename for Cory, "Undapants", is a callback to the season 6 Boy Meets World episode "Hogs and Kisses".
  • Eric sneezes after reciting information about the pipeline and about Jack, which may be a callback to the Boy Meets World season 7 episode "How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back", in which Eric's sneezes allow him to get glimpses of the future.
  • Eric mentions Jack's history since he and Rachel joined the Peace Corps in the Boy Meets World finale, "Brave New World". Jack left the Peace Corps while Rachel stayed, then he took a job at an evil corporation. Eric mentions that he hadn't seen Jack in years and Jack tells Riley he hasn't seen Rachel in years.
  • Eric tells Riley that he is still great friends with Rachel and they speak all the time.
  • Riley realizes that she'll want Lucas in her life no matter what, boyfriend or just a friend. She matured greatly in this episode.
  • There is no mention of the fact Jack is Shawn's half-brother in this episode, and the only mention of Jack's surname is by Eric and again within the episode's credits.
  • It would appear that Jack and Shawn have fallen out of touch since the end of Boy Meets World. It was revealed in Girl Meets Home for the Holidays that Shawn was present at Riley's birth, yet Jack seems surprised to learn that Cory has a daughter.

International Premieres

  • February 23, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)
  • March 7, 2016 (Israel)
  • March 11, 2016 (Portugal)
  • March 25, 2016 (Spain)
  • April 15, 2016 (Philippines)
  • May 16, 2016 (Poland)
  • July 15, 2016 (Italy)
  • September 17, 2016 (Hungary)


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