There's a girl at school who doesn't like me.

Girl Meets She Don't Like Me is the fourteenth episode in season 3 of Girl Meets World and the 65th episode overall. It aired on September 23, 2016 to 1.8 million viewers.


Riley tries to make new friends in high school but everyone acts less friendly than she expects. The students learn a new lesson in health class.


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  • This episode features a callback to the second episode of Season 2, Girl Meets the New World. Page 73 of the students' health book was first mentioned by Riley when she accidentally opens up the book in order to avoid talking about the kiss and Farkle says it doesn't make sense and it's impossible, In this episode, when the teacher has them turn to page 73, Farkle faints once again.
  • Originally Coach Campagnola was to be the Health teacher, but the new character of Mr. Fanucchi was introduced instead.
  • Auggie is revealed to have a middle name, although it was not mentioned.
  • Auggie's Second Grade teacher is Mrs. Pigsniffle.  On BMW during her Katonka honeymoon, Topanga met an older married woman whose maiden name was formerly Pigsniffle.
  • Riley mentions "all the new students," implying a new school year, or perhaps a switch up due to a new semester.
  • The Cyber-Bully from Girl Meets Rileytown, is indirectly mentioned. 


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Girl Meets World - Girl Meets She Don't Like Me (Season 3 Episode 14) Promo

Girl Meets World - Girl Meets She Don't Like Me (Season 3 Episode 14) Promo