The following is the transcript for Girl Meets She Don't Like Me.

Interior, Abigail Adams High School hallway. Riley and Maya are looking over a banister at the students.
Riley Look at all of these new people.
Maya No.
Riley Why no?
Maya Because you're getting all interested in everybody, aren't you?
Riley What's wrong with getting interested in people?
Maya No.  
Riley Why no?
Maya Because you're only supposed to be pretend interested in however many people we already know.
Riley You're only pretend interested in people?
Maya Yeah, everyone's more comfortable that way. Watch. [they start walking down the stairs] Hey, you.
Student Hey, you! [they continue walking]
Maya [to Riley] Now watch this. [to another student] How are you?
Student How are you?
Maya No, I really mean it, how are you?
Student Back off.
Maya Yeah, get out of my life.
Riley I look out at the sea of new students and would like to explore the potential of new friendships for us. What would you like?
Maya I would like everyone to mind their own business.
Riley Don't you think that somewhere around here could be a wonderful new friend for us?
Maya I would have to learn names? [whiny] I'm still learning "Zay"! It's "Zay", right?
Riley We are going to make one new friend. If we make one new friend every day for the rest of the year, you know what we'll have?
Maya Lice. We'll have lice, I guarantee you. 
Riley It's great to have you back, Maya.
Maya Thanks. My hair is way too long to make new friends. 
Riley So, [twirls] who's it gonna be?

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