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We should have our Sweet Sixteen now!
Happy Sweet Sixteen, everybody. Your assignment is to tell me what's gonna happen next.
Cory to his class

Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen is the twentieth episode in season 3 of Girl Meets World and the 71st episode overall. It aired on January 13, 2017 to 1.3 million viewers.


Riley’s 16th birthday approaching, the kids contemplate the future and how rapidly their relationships will change in a few short years.




Main cast

Recurring cast

Memorable Quotes

Isadora: Riley's confidence in her relationship with Maya is far stronger than her confidence in Lucas.
Farkle: Well, what can we take from this?
Isadora: I end up with Lucas.
Farkle: Smackle!
Isadora: Yeah, like yelling at me is gonna change the course of destiny.
Riley: Maya? What if we don't care about our boyfriends as much as we care about each other?
Maya: No, we'll just care for them in a different way.
Riley: What different way?
Maya: Less.
Farkle: I just want you to know that if Smackle has feelings for you
Lucas: Farkle.
Farkle: Shmeh. I would step aside.
Lucas: Farkle–
Farkle: Shmeh! It's true. Smackle and I are people of science. We don't do well with feelings. If it's you she wants, I would step aside.
Isadora: How do you know the theory of evolution?
Maya: Because I failed it. I know it, because I failed it, but he made sure I knew it, because he knew I'd need it someday. He's a great teacher. He's the best there is.
Topanga: I was a unique, young girl, I met a boy named Cory Matthews...I kept some of my friends, some I don't see so much of anymore. I'm an excellent attorney, my husband is an excellent teacher; we have two children that we love. What we do and who you are in how we contribute to society.
Lucas: [sitting next to Isadora] Hi.
Isadora: Hello. There are lots of empty seats around, and yet you are sitting very close.
Lucas: Oh. Does that bother you?
Isadora: Well, as you know, I don't like to be sat right next to except for Farkle.
Lucas: You have very nice eyes.
Isadora: Okay. They formed in utero, starting with my optic nerves and then my retinas.
Lucas: So it's okay with you if I just stay right here, right?
Isadora: Well, you know, Farkle's not here and you're invading my personal space like a Hun.
Lucas: If Farkle was here, you would be making a joke like I was hitting on you.
Lucas: And now, here we are. Finally alone. And there is something I want to admit to you.
Isadora: You're hot for my mind?
Lucas: No.
Isadora: You mean you only see me as a steaming cauldron of woman?
Lucas: Okay.
Isadora: Lucas Friar, my heart belongs to someone else.
Lucas: Say it louder.
Isadora: Must I torture you?
Lucas: Would you please?
Isadora: I just always say those things because I guess I'm a little insecure that Farkle doesn't really, really like me as much as he says, so I guess I'm just trying to protect myself.
Farkle: You don't have to, Isadora. I like you exactly as much as I say. It's possible I might even like you more than "like you". I don't know, right now that's just a hypothesis.
Farkle: I think we're a perfect match.
Isadora: You do?
Farkle: Yeah.
Isadora: Define "I might even like you more than 'like you.'"
Farkle: I like you so much that when I'm 16, I'll tell you to go study in Sweden if you really want to.
Isadora: No. I'm going to stupid Princeton with you.
Cory: So, I'm guessing you've managed to remain friends.
Zay: That'll never change.
Lucas: I used to have a little red wagon.
Zay: You used to pull me around in it.
Lucas: Hey, if things ever do go bad...
Zay: I'll be there.


  • This was the fourth episode directed by Danielle Fishel.
  • Cloris Leachman attended the taping.
  • It was the penultimate episode of the season and series.
  • This was the first part of the two part series finale, followed by Girl Meets Goodbye.
  • Topanga is offered a full partnership in Brown, Elliot, and Montgomery, and the chance to head the London branch of the firm.
  • Smackle expects that she and Farkle will have cured the common cold by the time they have become Juniors 


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