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The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Texas (Part 3).

Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School.
Maya: Here's what happened on Girl Meets World.
Lucas: Brother and sister? Riley and I are brother and sister now? What does that even mean?
Riley: Maya likes you.
Maya: Look, if I had feelings for you, don't you think I'd just come right out and say it? Well, I don't. So what I do say is har-har Riley, I have to tell you something.
Riley: I don't want to know.
Maya: Riles, something happened.
Riley: I don't need to know what happened.
Maya: No, I need to tell you. You need to know.
Riley: Maya, I know a lot of things are going to happen. You know what else I know? I liked the new boy and you stepped back for me And then I saw how scared you were for him. You need to feel whatever you feel. How could I ever keep that from you? Whatever happens, happens. My brother! Hey!
Lucas: Hi. Hey, Riley. You know, um I want to thank you again for believing in me and giving me the confidence that I would be okay.
Riley: I will always believe in you. And I will always be here.
Lucas: Thank you, Riley. Hi.
Maya: Hey.
Lucas: Hey.
Riley: Hi.
Lucas: Wow.
Charlie: Hey, Riley.
Riley: Hi, Charlie.
Maya: Charlie Gardner!
Riley: Stop it.
Maya: Cheese souffle!
Riley: Maya, we just got back. What could he possibly know? Who could have possibly said anything?
Zay: He made me.
Riley: How did he make you?
Zay: I was like, "you wanna hear a great Riley story?" He said, "yes."
Charlie: I heard you and Lucas are just gonna be friends.
Riley: Yeah, actually, what we're doing is-
Charlie: I heard you're free. Are you free?
Theme song.
Interior. The Matthews' House. Riley's Bedroom.
Interior. John Quincy Adams Middle School.

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